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College Throwball Roundtable

Can Naples still Make a run for the AValley Regular Season Conference Champion,yet a National Championship?
Carter:Yes,I believe so because they have one of the best coaches in the country,one of the most talented teams in the country,and are still well in the race for an AValley crown.
John:I don’t know honestly.If Naples can go on a run,maybe,but if they stay only a top 20,mediocre team then I don’t think so.
Phil:No,I think since the emergence of Ft.Lauderdale,Jones College,and AGCU I don’t think so.I think top AValley East teams such as Georgia Baptist,and Atlanta will hold their ground.
Who has been a surprise team this year?
Carter:Ole Miss If Ole Miss can stay undefeated and hot for their remaining conference schedule then I believe they can compete in the NCAA Tournament.
John:Auburn Who ever thought a team led by two sophomores and one junior could play so well?Well,Auburn is led by guard Cam Jones,forward Nick Bull,and Center Tristan Thomas.Cam is averaging 25.7 goals a night.Their dfense is tenacious.That’s all you need to have to make a run in the NCAA Tournament.
Phil:Jones College They’re now in the mix for the AValley East division,and have a lot of swagger led by sophomore Kenny Lewis.
Who are our your picks to win each conference’s regular season title?
Carter:AValley:Atlanta,ANorth:SLM,SEC:Arkansas,Big 10:Michigan State,ACC:UNC,Ivy:Harvard
John:AValley:Georgia Baptist,ANorth:SLM,SEC:Arkansas,Big 10:Michigan State,ACC:UNC,Ivy:Harvard
Phil:AValley:Atlanta,ANorth:SLM,SEC:Ole Miss,Big 10:Michigan State,ACC:UNC

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