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Elite Eight Preview

South:6.Auburn (30-6) vs. 1.Arkansas (36-0) (New Orleans,LA)
1.Arkansas has wins over Sam Houston State,Texarkana (ARK),and Atlanta,as this team is the 1 overall seed in the tournament.6.Auburn has beaten Virginia Tech,SEMO,Baylor on its way to the Elite Eight.This is the fourth match up between these two programs this season.Arkansas Freshman forward Kelvin Robinson is leading 1.Arkansas in scoring during the tournament with 28.6 GPG and 15.9 RPG.6.Auburn is led in scoring by Junior Cam Jones who has averaged 28.2 GPG and 13.6 APG.This will be a great SEC rematch.
East:2.Virginia State (35-1) vs. 1.UNC (37-1) (Boston,MA)
After 1.Michigan State of the Midwest lost,1.UNC is now technically the number 2 overall seed.1.UNC has defeated UAPB,UT-Arlington,and Northwestern on its way to the Elite Eight. 2.Virginia State has beaten Iona,Georgia,and Ft.Lauderdale on its way to the final 8.Last year 1.Arkansas defeated the 10-seeded cinderella story of the tournament Virginia State.2.Virginia State doesn’t want to lose again back-back years.1.UNC is led in scoring in this tournament by Senior forward B.J. Johnson averaging 27.9 GPG and 16.2 RPG.2.Virginia State has been led in scoring in this tournament by Junior guard Emmanuel Randle who has averaged 28.9 GPG and 14.2 APG.1.UNC Junior guard M.J. Paige has major knee sprain in the Tar Heel’s Sweet 16 game against Northwestern.He is questionable for today.This may be the deciding factor,but during Paige’s absence Sophomore guard William Britt scored 28 goals,and will have to do the same,maybe better to beat the Woodpeckers.
Midwest:4.Harvard (36-0) vs. 3.UALR (35-1) (Chicago,IL)
4.Harvard eliminated 1.Michigan State last night,and they’re on a roll defeating Villanova,Northern Arkansas,and Michigan State.3.UALR has beaten Toldeo,Florida,and Huff College.This is expected to be a great match up in Chicago.3.UALR is led in scoring during the tournament by Senior (RS) forward Richard Woods who’s averaging 27.8 GPG and 15.6 RPG.4.Harvard Senior forward Ron James has averaged 27.3 GPG and 14.2 RPG.3.UALR has a lot of depth,but 4.Harvard can match that with its size.
West:7.Naples (27-8) vs. 1.Georgia Baptist (35-1) (Phoenix,AZ)
7.Naples has wins over Norfolk,SLM,and Dayton on its way to the Elite Eight.1.Georgia Baptist has defeated New Mexico State,Michigan,and Missouri.This is going to be the third match up between the two schools this season.7.Naples is led in scoring by Senior guard Abe Hicks who’s averaged 28.2 GPG during the tourney.1.Georgia Baptist has been led by Senior guard John Feland who’s averaged 28.5 GPG during the tournament.hicks is from the exact area where Georgia Baptist is in Sea Island,GA,and betrayed his area,and will get another chance to play his hometown school.With tensions running high this will be a great game.

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