College Throwball

Opening Week College Throwball games

Top 25 based on the Final Pre-Season Top 25

22.Michigan at. 20.Texas

5.Georgia Baptist at. Florida State

Alabama at. 13.Duke

23.UT-Arlington at. 1.Arkansas

3.Naples at. 8.Missouri

11.Ole Miss at. 9.Atlanta

21.Auburn at. 6.UALR

4.Virginia State at. 18.Michigan State

10.SLM at. 15.Florida

12.SEMO at. LSU

Arkansas State at. 14.AGCU

Wichita State at. 7.Huff College

Georgia State at. 16.Ft. Lauderdale

17.Jones College at. Clemson

Eastern Miss at. FAU

Baylor at. 23.Denver

24.Harvard at. Syracuse


Led by Guard C.J. Brown, Little Rock defeats Birmingham 77-69 and lead the series 2-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals

The powerhouse #1 seed in the Birmingham Dragons have been beaten by the #2 Little Rock Bucks twice.Is this finally where Little Rock gets over the hump?The LR Bucks’ very own star guard scored 38 goals and added 16 assists to give the Birmingham Dragons their second loss.Counting the playoffs and regular season 41-2 this season.The Little Rock Bucks have gone 40-2.The Dragons’ star forward A.J. Jones scored 29 in the losing effort.

College Throwball

Breaking News:New College Throwball Tournament Format for next year

Example region
Fayetteville Regional
1.Arkansas (Region Host)
16.Sam Houston State


12.Wichita State

4.Florida State

Chapel Hill Regional
11.Texarkana (ARK)



2.UNC (Region Host)
15.Weber State
1.Top 2 seeds in each region host regional
2.Each “series” is best 2 out of 3 games.
3.The 2 teams to come out of each regional move on.
4.The higher seed gets home field advantage in the Elite Eight in Game 1,the other team in Game 2,and then the higher seed in Game 3.
5.The winners of the Elite Eight go to the Final Four.Same setup.
6.Note:Season will be condensed to ONLY 25 games this year
7.Conference Playoffs include the top two teams from the two divisions or the top four teams from each conference.

College Throwball High School Throwball

Looking Back:Jalen Arbor and DeVontae Christian

Jalen Arbor and DeVontae Christian both grew up in the same part of Africa.They both moved to Nashville,TN.Jalen Arbor on the Murphy side, DeVontae Christian on the Allison side.When DeVontae went to Allison Park for the first time in October of 2005,Jalen was walking across from Murphy to Allison he saw DeVontae practicing everyday on his Throwball skills.Jalen started playing one on one with DeVontae everyday.They started going to each other’s houses.Then it turned into other players showing up.Six on six.Everyday.When Jalen was at Murphy High School and DeVontae at Allison High they had many great games against each other.Most notably when the Allison Bearcats nipped the Murphy Tigers 92-90 in the conference championship.Arbor had 47 goals, Christian had 48.They became best friends.Jalen went to Michigan, DeVontae to Texas.They are now both headed into their senior seasons the NTBL.

College Throwball

College Throwball Pre-Season Top 25 3.0

1. Arkansas (40-0) in 2016-17 (30-0) (20-0) SEC (West)
2.UNC (35-2) in 2016-17 (29-1) (20-0) ACC (East)
3.Naples (32-8) in 2016-17 (29-1) (19-1) AValley (East)
4.Virginia State (35-2) in 2016-17 (29-1) (19-1) AtlanticWest (Atlantic)
5.Georgia Baptist (35-2) in 2016-17 (28-2) (18-2) AValley (East)
6.Huff College (33-4) in 2016-17 (28-2) (19-1) AValley (West)
7.UALR (36-2) in 2016-17 (29-1) (20-0) Sun Belt
8.Missouri (34-4) in 2016-17 (28-2) (19-1) SEC (East)
9.Atlanta (30-4) in 2016-17 (27-3) (18-2) AValley (East)
10.SLM (35-2) in 2016-17 (26-4) (18-2) ANorth (Atlantic)
11.Ole Miss (31-4) in 2016-17 (27-3) (18-2) SEC (West)
12.SEMO (34-3) in 2016-17 (27-3) (19-1) OVC
13.Duke (23-12) in 2016-17 (25-5) (18-2) ACC (Coastal)
14.AGCU (30-5) in 2016-17 (27-3) (18-2) AValley (East)
15.Florida (30-7) in 2016-17 (26-4) (17-3) SEC (East)
16.Ft.Lauderdale (32-5) in 2016-17 (28-2) AValley (East)
17.Jones College (27-6) in 2016-17 (26-4) (17-3) AValley (East)
18.Michigan State (35-1) in 2016-17 (25-5) (16-4) Big 10 (East)
19.Georgia (25-9) in 2016-17 (26-4) (17-3) SEC (East)
20.Texas (23-12) in 2016-17 (25-5) (19-1) Big 12
21.Auburn (30-7) in 2016-17 (26-4) (18-2) SEC (West)
22.UT-Arlington (23-12) in 2016-17 (25-5) (16-4) AValley (West)
23.Denver (23-12) in 2016-17 (25-5) (17-3) ANorth (Pacific)
24.Harvard (34-1) in 2016-17 (28-2) (20-0) Ivy League
25.Michigan (23-12) in 2016-17 (25-5) (17-3) Big 10


NTBL Draft Results

1.SF Josh Huff College:SLM Team:Eugene Coyotes
2.PG/SG Jonathan Williams:Arkansas Team:DC Hawks
3. PG/SG Abe Hicks:Naples Team:Des Moines Trojans
4. PG John Feland:GA Bap Team:Augusta Pumas
5. PG Joe Feland:Atlanta Team:San Diego Rockets
6. PF B.J. Johnson:UNC Team:Boise Stallions
7. PG/SG D.J. Valentine Team:Sacramento Hornets
8. C Murphy Hinson:Delaware Team:New Orleans Tigers
9. SF/PF Richard Woods:Dayton/UALR Team:Pittsburgh Grizllies
10. SF Rowley Irving:Florida Team:Cleveland Warriors
11. SF Billie Howell:Missouri Team:Phoenix Storm
12. PG Dre Thompson:Dayton Team:Richmond Eagles
13. SF Ron James:Harvard Team:Jefferson City Sabertooths
14. PF Austin Charles:Maryland Team:Minnesota Wild Dogs
15. PG Chris Johnson:UALR Team:Detroit Avalanche
16. PG Trevor Gresham:Florida Team:Kansas City Panthers
17. SF Duane Burge:Georgia Team:Tampa Bay Hurricane
18. PG Sam Peterson:SNY Team:Seattle Bears
19. PF Allen Baynes:Florida/Arkansas Team:Tulsa Thunder
20. PG Nick Frazier:Naples Team:Oklahoma City Pumas