Headquarters:Little Rock,AR
Regions:South Central, South Atlantic, Southeast,
Former Names:Big South,American South
Commissioner:Carter Huff (7th Year)

The Big South days
Naples, FGCU, Atlanta, Georgia Baptist, Ft.Lauderdale, Dallas, Coastal (now Asheville State) left the Big Southeast (now the AtlanticWest) to join the Big South. Here were the charter members split up into divisions:East:Atlanta, Coastal (now Asheville State), Georgia Baptist, FGCU, Ft.Lauderdale, and Naples.West:Dallas, UT-Arlington, Eastern Miss, Western Miss, Texarkana (AR), Texarkana (TX),and Northeast Arkansas (Now UM-Springfield).

FGCU leaves the conference after just three years because of disputes with rivals in the conference.They joined the Atlantic Sun,and after three years in the conference, FGCU was ready to re-join the conference.

FGCU rejoins the Big South in 1996,and would start playing in the Big South again effective in 1997.

Southern Coastal (now Charleston State) joined the conference after being in the AtlanticWest, and join their archrival Coastal (now Asheville State).

The Big South renames the conference the American South, and rebrands.Huff College (Little Rock,AR) joins the West division to make the conference even again. AGCU leaves from the Independents to join the American South,as well.

After a short stint in the AtlanticWest, Jones College (Nashville,TN), rejoins border rival Huff College (Little Rock,AR).

Southern North Carolina, Northern Oklahoma, and Northern Louisiana join the conference. The conference is renamed,and rebranded again.The conference’s new, and present name is the Arkansas Valley Conference.

Virginia State and Crossett joined the Arkansas Valley from the AtlanticWest for all sports.

Coastal and Southern Coastal renamed Asheville State and Charleston State respectively.

Current Members:East:AGCU,Asheville State, Atlanta,Charleston State,FGCU,Ft.Lauderdale,Georgia Baptist,Jones College,Naples,Southern North Carolina,Virginia State
West:Crossett,Huff College,Dallas,Eastern Miss,UM-Springfield,Northern Louisiana,Northern Oklahoma,UT-Arlington,Texarkana (ARK),Texarkana (TX),Western Miss