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Throwball News 120 PG Cam Beck signs with Jones College

Throwball News 120 2018 Point Guard Cam Beck (22PG,91OV) signs with Jones College over Arkansas,and OBU.Beck,the Memphis native,flips from Arkansas to Jones College.

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Top 25 going into Week 4

1.Arkansas Week 3 Result:Win against LSU Record:3-0 (1-0) Next Week:Kentucky 3-0
2.UNC Week 3 Result:Win against NC Central Record:3-0 (0-0) Next Week:at.Miami 2-1
3.UALR Week 3 Result:Win against Appalachian State Record:3-0 (1-0) Next Week:UL-Monroe
4.Huff College Week 3 Result:Win against UM-Springfield Record:3-0 (1-0) Next Week:Northern Oklahoma 1-2
5.Naples Week 3 Result:Win against Texarkana (TX) Record:2-1 (1-0) Next Week:at.11.Ft.Lauderdale 3-0
6.Ole Miss Week 3 Result:Win against TAMU Record:3-0 (1-0) Next Week:at.Florida 2-1
7.Virginia State Week 3 Result:Win against Washington D.C. Record:2-1 (1-0) Next Week:at.ABU 3-0
8.Georgia Baptist Week 3 Result:Win against SNC Record:2-1 (1-0) Next Week:at.Coastal 2-1
9.SLM Week 3 Result:Win against SNY Record:3-0 (1-0) Next Week:Oreg-Cal 2-1
10.Duke Week 3 Result:Win against Wake Forest Record:3-0 (1-0) Next Week:at.Virginia Tech 2-1
11.Ft.Lauderdale Week 3 Result:Win against Miami Record:3-0 (0-0) Next Week:5.Naples 2-1
12.Georgia Week 3 Result:Win against Alabama Record:3-0 (0-0) Next Week:at.Tennessee 0-3
13.Texas Week 3 Result:Win against Oklahoma State Record:3-0 (1-0) Next Week:at.Kansas 1-2
14.Missouri Week 3 Result:Win against Arkansas State Record:2-1 (0-0) Next Week:at.TAMU
15.Atlanta Week 3 Result:Win against Coastal Record:2-1 (1-0) Next Week:Western Miss 2-1
16.Auburn Week 3 Result:Win against Vanderbilt Record:2-1 (1-0) Next Week:FIU
17.AGCU Week 3 Result:Win against Alabama State Record:2-1 (0-0) Next Week:at.Dallas 2-1
18.Jones College Week 3 Result:Win against Southern Coastal Record:2-1 (1-0)
Next Week:Nashville State 0-3
19.Harvard Week 3 Result:Win against Princeton Record:3-0 (1-0) Next Week:Dartmouth
20.Michigan Week 3 Result:Win against Maryland Record:2-1 (1-0) Next Week:at.Penn State 1-2
21.Denver Week 3 Result:Win against Northern Cal Record:3-0 (1-0) Next Week:at.Delaware 2-1
22.Northwestern Week 3 Result:Win against Michigan State Record:3-0 (1-0)
Next Week:Rutgers 0-3
23.SEMO Week 3 Result:Win against Murray State Record:2-1 (1-0) Next Week:Tennessee State 2-1
24.UT-Arlington Week 3 Result:Win against Dallas Christian Record:2-1 (0-0) Next Game:at.Eastern Miss 2-1
25.NC State Week 3 Result:Win against Virginia Record:3-0 (2-0) Next Week:Delaware State 0-3

High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting

Texas adds another gem to their class getting Top 2018 Center Jackson Allen

Jackson Allen (1C,5OV) for 2018 chose Texas over LSU,Arkansas,and Alabama.Allen was committed to LSU,but flipped to Texas.Texas is getting another top-notch signee to their class.

High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting

Top 2018 Center Jackson Allen to make final decision tonight

Jackson Allen,(1C,5OV) player in the class of 2018,an LSU commit,will make his final decision tonight.Jackson Allen will be deciding between his final list of LSU,Texas,Arkansas,and Alabama.Allen has averaged 23.2 GPG,and 11.2 RPG for his nationally ranked MUS high school team.

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Thursday:7.Virginia State gets statement win over Washington D.C.,12.Georgia outlasts Alabama

Washington D.C.-Led by Jayden Durant’s triple double,7.Virginia State gets back on track with a win over Washington D.C. The D.C. native scored twenty-six goals,added twelve rebounds,and ten assist along with four blocks.Durant came in at the start of the second quarter because of a minor ankle injury.All-American Point Guard Emmanuel Randle scored twenty-four goals,and added twelve assists.All-American forward James Norfolk scored seventeen in the 78-69 win.Washington D.C. was led in scoring by Jeremiah Pruth who scored twenty-five in the loss.

Athens,GA-Even if Evan Brown scored forty-two for the Tide last night,it wasn’t enough.Georgia Freshman Guard Christian Thomas scored twenty-eight,and Georgia Junior Guard Mark Feland scored twenty-nine in the 73-69 win.

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Top 25 going into Week 3

1.Arkansas Week 2 Result:Win against Arkansas Tech Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:at.LSU 1-1
2.UNC Week 2 Result:Win against 7.Virginia State Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:NC Central 1-1
3.UALR Week 2 Result:Win against 13.Jones College Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:at.Appalachian State 2-0
4.Huff College Week 2 Result:Win against New Orleans Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:UM-Springfield 2-0
5.Naples Week 2 Result:Loss against USC Record:1-1 (0-0) Next Week:at.Texarkana (TX) 1-1
6.Ole Miss Week 2 Result:Win against Daphne Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:TAMU
7.Virginia State Week 2 Result:Loss against 2.UNC Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:at.Washington D.C. 2-0
8.Georgia Baptist Week 2 Result:Loss against 12.Georgia Record:1-1 (0-0) Next Week:SNC 1-1
9.SLM Week 2 Result:Win against Ohio State Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:at.SNY 1-1
10.Duke Week 2 Result:Win against SC State Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:Wake Forest 0-2
11.Ft.Lauderdale Week 2 Result:Win against Florida Atlantic Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:at.Miami 2-0
12.Georgia Week 2 Result:Win against 8.Georgia Baptist Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:Alabama 1-1
13.Texas Week 2 Result:Win against LSU Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:Oklahoma State 0-2
14.Missouri Week 2 Result:Win against Baylor Record:1-1 (0-0) Next Week:Arkansas State 2-0
15.Atlanta Week 2 Result:Win against Georgia Tech Record:1-1 (0-0) Next Week:at.Coastal 2-0
16.Auburn Week 2 Result:Win against 17.AGCU Record:1-1 (0-0) Next Week:Vanderbilt 1-1
17.AGCU Week 2 Result:Loss against 16.Auburn Record:1-1 (0-0) Next Week:Alabama State 2-0
18.Jones College Week 2 Result:Loss against 3.UALR Record:1-1 (0-0) Next Week:at.Southern Coastal
19.Harvard Week 2 Result:Win against Southern New York Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Week:at.Princeton
20.Denver Week 2 Result:Win against Colorado Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Game:Northern Cal
21.Michigan Week 2 Result:Win against Louisville Record:1-1 (0-0) Next Game:at.Maryland
22.Northwestern Week 2 Result:Win against Iowa State Record:2-0 (0-0) Next Game:at.Michigan State
23.SEMO Week 2 Result:Win against Kansas State Record:1-1 Next Game:Murray State
24.UT-Arlington Week 2 Result:Win against TCU Record:1-1 Next Game:Dallas Christian
25.NC State Week 2 Result:Win against NC Central Next Game:at.Virginia

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Alabama comes back down seventeen, dusting Northern Arkansas 71-57,knocking them out of any top 25 discussion

Led by two-former five-stars on Thursday night,Small Forward Evan Brown,and Point Guard Mitch McCaron both totaled over twenty-five goals last night.Brown’s stats were his best in his whole career putting up a triple double,scoring forty-three goals,adding ten assists,and grabbing twelve rebounds.McCaron had an awesome double-double last night scoring twenty-seven goals,and adding fourteen assists.It was in the second half when the comeback happened.For Northern Arkansas both Cannon Malloy,and Preston Althoff had over twenty-two goals a piece.Alabama never gave up,and now are 1-1,getting ready to to take on 14.Georgia not this,but next Saturday

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Breaking:USC’s upset of 3.Naples shows how good USC will be in future

USC Head Coach Will Thomas has brought a USC program from a three win team when he took over in 2013 to a recruiting power,and a throwball program to respect.USC has gotten their first top three team upset since they were a poer back in the 2000s,and defeated 1.Atlanta,78-76.Even after getting five-star commits for 2018 Dee-Dee Richardson (2SF,4OV),and Manny Toliver (4PG,13OV),it was Freshman Darius Robertson who helped USC prevail over 3.Naples.His 6’9 frame helped him score forty-two goals,and a game winner in OT helped USC defeat 3.Naples.Robertson,a three star recruit in 2015,showed that he was very underrated.USC Junior Center Miller Jones scored twenty-three goals,and added ten rebounds to help Robertson in USC’s win.William Norfolk scored thirty-four in the loss for Naples.Mason Cook added twenty-nine for Naples.USC defeats Naples 88-87

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Top 25 going into Week 2

1.Arkansas Week 1 Result:Win against UT-Arlington Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Week:Arkansas Tech 1-0
2.UNC Week 1 Result:Win against Black Mountain Record:1-0 (0-0)
Next Week:at.4.Virginia State 1-0
3.Naples Week 1 Result:Win against 8.Missouri Record:1-0 (0-0)
Next Game:at.USC 1-0
4.Virginia State Week 1 Result:Win against 18.Michigan State Record:1-0 (0-0)
Next Game:2.UNC 1-0
5.Georgia Baptist Week 1 Result:Win against Florida State Record:1-0 (0-0)
Next Game:at.14.Georgia 1-0
6.UALR Week 1 Result:Win against 21.Auburn Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Game:at.13.Jones College 1-0
7.Huff College Week 1 Result:Win Against Wichita State Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Game:New Orleans 1-0
8.Ole Miss Week 1 Result:Win against 9.Atlanta Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Game:Daphne
9.SLM Week 1 Result:Win against 16.Florida Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Game:at.Ohio State 0-1
10.Duke Week 1 Result:Win against Alabama Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Game:South Carolina State 1-0
11.Ft.Lauderdale Week 1 Result:Win against Georgia State Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Game:FAU (Played in Atlanta,GA due to hurricanes)
12.AGCU Week 1 Result:Win against Tennessee Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Week:at.21.Auburn 1-0
13.Jones College Week 1 Result:Win against Clemson Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Week:6.UALR 1-0
14.Georgia Week 1 Result:Win against Nicholls State Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Game:5.Georgia Baptist 1-0
15.Texas Week 1 Result:Win against 22.Michigan Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Game:at.LSU 1-0
16.Missouri Week 1 Result:Loss against 3.Naples Record:0-1 (0-0) Next Game:Baylor 1-0
17.Atlanta Week 1 Result:Loss against 8.Ole Miss Record:0-1 (0-0) Next Game:Georgia Tech 1-0
18.Harvard Week 1 Result:Win against Syracuse Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Game:Southern New York 1-0
19.Denver Week 1 Result:Win against Colorado State Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Week:at.Colorado 1-0
20.Northwestern Week 1 Result:Win against Delaware Record:1-0 (0-0) Next Game:at.Iowa State 0-1
21.Auburn Week 1 Result:Loss against 6.UALR Record:0-1 (0-0) Next Game:12.AGCU
22.Michigan Week 1 Result:Loss against 15.Texas Record:0-1 (0-0) Next Game:Louisville 1-0
23.SEMO Week 1 Result:Loss against LSU Record:0-1 (0-0) Next Game:Kansas State
24.UT-Arlington Week 1 Result:Loss against 1.Arkansas Record:0-1 (0-0) Next Game:TCU 0-1
25.NC State Week 1 Result:Win against Notre Dame Record:1-0 (1-0) Next Game:NC Central 1-0

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5-Star Small Forward Quinn Cook reaffirms commitment to Arkansas,but reopens his recruitment

5-Star Small Forward Quinn Cook (8SF,21OV) 2018 reaffirms committment to Arkansas,but opens up his recruitment after visits to Missouri,SEMO,and Wichita State.Cook is committed to Arkansas,but has other offers from Missouri,SEMO,Wichita State,UALR,HCU,JCU,Ft.Lauderdale,FGCU,Arkansas State,and USC.