High School Throwball Recruiting

New Throwball News 122

1.Jaylen Moore (1PG,1OV) Gainseville,FL Committed:Florida FInalists:FLA,NAP,FGCU,ARK,Ft.L *=Black Team
2.Carter Cook (1SF,2OV) Dallas,TX Committed:Florida Finalists:FLA,ARK,DAL,UTA *=White Team (Injured,but there will be a replacement if he’s still injured)
3.Evan Hurst (1SG,3OV) Cherokee Vlg.,VA Signed:FGCU *=Black Team
4.Dee-Dee Richardson (2SF,4OV) Los Angeles,CA *=Black Team Committed:USC,Finalists:USC,UT,ARK,FGCU,ATL,GAB *=White Team
5.Jackson Allen (1C,5OV) Memphis,TN Signed:Texas *=Black Team
6.Reed Michael (3SF,6OV) Dallas,TX Committed:Texas *=White Team Finalists:UT,DAL,UTA,ARK,LSU,UGA,FLA *=Black Team
7.C.J. Williams (2PG,7OV) Little Rock,AR Signed:UALR *=White Team
8.Henry Akers (1PF,8OV) Denver,CO Committed:Denver *=White Team
9.Austin Andrews (2SG,9OV) Boston,MA Signed:UNC *=White Team Finalists:UNC,DUKE,HAR,VAST,WD.C. *=White Team
10.Josh Williams (3PG,10OV) West University,TX Signed:Arkansas *=Black Team
11.Trevor James (4SF,11OV) Athens,GA Committed:Florida State *=White Team Finalists:FSU,UGA,ATL,GAB,FGCU
12.Jonah Little (2C,12OV) Oxford,MS Committed:Ole Miss F *=White Team
13.Manny Toliver (4PG,13OV) San Diego,CA Committed:USC,Finalists:USC,NAP,ARK,SLM,DAY *=White Team
14.Trayvion Jackson (3SG,14OV) Ft.Myer’s,FL Committed:Florida Finalists:FLA,FGCU,NAP *=Black Team
15.Theo Miles (2PF,15OV) Raleigh,NC Committed:UNC
16.Freddy Jones (5SF,16OV) Atlanta,GA Committed:Georgia Finalists:UGA,ATL,GAB,FGCU *=White Team
17.Jack Goodwin (6SF,17OV) Spring Lake,MI Committed:SLM
Finalists:SLM,DUKE,DAY,NAP *=Black Team
18.Greg Frazier (5PG,18OV) Miami,FL Committed:Florida Finalists:FLA,NAP,MIA,FGCU *=Black Team
19.Charlie Withers (4SG,19OV) Baton Rouge,LA Committed:LSU Finalists:LSU,MISS,FGCU *=White Team
20.Sedrick Wilson (7SF,20OV) Ft.Myer’s,FL Committed:FGCU Finalists:FGCU,NAP,FLA *=White Team
21.Quinn Wells (8SF,21OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas Finalists:ARK,MIZZOU,SEMO,WSU,UT
22.Anthony Thompson (5SG,22OV) Oakland,CA Signed:USC *=Black Team
23.Mitch Westcock (9SF,23OV) Columbia,SC Committed:NC State Finalists:NCSU,UNC,FLA
24.Sean James (6PG,24OV) Canton,OH Committed:Dayton Finalists:DAY,SLM,FGCU *=White Team
25.Gus Jaeavo (7PG,25OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas Finalists:ARK,NAP,TX *=Black Team
26.Ned Thomas (3C,26OV) Jonesboro,AR Committed:Arkansas State Finalists:ARKST,ARK,LSU,MIZZOU *=Black Team
27.Reynoldson Parker (3PF,27OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas
28.Allen Williamson (4PF,28OV) Columbia,MO Committed:Missouri
29.Antonio Pointer (10SF,29OV) Macon,GA Committed:Auburn
30.Kenny Allen (6SG,30OV) New York,NY Committed:Dayton
31.Justin Trevor (11SF,31OV) Houston,TX Committed:Texas
32.Kennedy Alexander (12SF,32OV) Columbus,OH Committed:Texas
33.Michael Casey (7SG,33OV) Naples,FL Committed:Naples
34.Greg Williams (4C,34OV) Birmingham,AL Signed:Alabama *=White Team
35.Thomas Pricker (8PG,35OV) Olympia,WA Signed:Missouri
36.Lee Patrick (8SG,36OV) Kirksville,MO Committed:Missouri
37.Hugh Sanders (6PF,37OV) Chicago,IL Committed:Texas
38.Ben Carter (9PG,38OV) Hartford,CT Committed:LSU
39.Russell Martin (9SG,39OV) Beaumont,TX Committed:Texas
40.Andre Moss (13SF,40OV) Odessa,TX Committed:Arkansas
41.Billy Malloy (10PG,41OV) San Francisco,CA Committed:Naples
42.Taylor Jennings (14SF,42OV) Boulder,CO Committed:SLM
43.Wesley Thompson (7PF,43OV) St. Simon’s Is.,GA Committed:Georgia Baptist
44.Christian Cain (11PG,44OV) Savannah,GA Committed:Atlanta
45.Russ Calloway (10SG,45OV) San Antonio,TX Committed:Texas
46.Wilson Parker (15SF,46OV) Atlanta,GA Committed:FGCU
47.Henry James (5C,47OV) Raleigh,NC Committed:NC State *=Black Team
48.William Jones (11SG,48OV) Santa Fe,NM Committed:Texas
49.Kris Justice (12SG,49OV) New Orleans,LA Committed:UNC
50.Victor Clemens (12PG,50OV) Bloomfield,IN Committed:SLM
51.Donavan Moore (13PG,51OV) San Jose,CA Committed:USC
52.Andy West (6C,52OV) Dallas,TX Committed:Dallas
53.George Westbrook (13SG,53OV) Seattle,WA Committed:Oregon
54.William Gordon (14SG,54OV) Boston,MA Committed:Duke
55.Thompson Willamson (15SG,55OV) Phoenix,AZ Committed:Dallas
56.Earl Watson (7C,56OV) Cedar Rapids,IA Committed:UNC
57.Noel Richardson (8PF,57OV) Oklahoma City,OK Committed:UALR
58.Quinton Walker (16SG,58OV) Durham,NC Committed:Duke
59.Dre Zeigler (16SF,59OV) Orange Beach,AL Committed:AGCU
60.Devin Mills (14PG,60OV) Dallas,TX Committed:UT-Arlington
61.Deatrich Miller (8C,61OV) Bentonville,AR Committed:Arkansas
62.Cole Givens (17SG,62OV) Santa Babara,CA Committed:USC
63.Marcus Wilcox (17SF,63OV) Stillwater,OK Committed:Dallas
64.Quin Cousins (9PF,64OV) Detroit,MI Committed:NC State
65.Anthony Richardson (18SF,65OV) Brandenton,FL Committed:Georgia
66.Sexton Collins (15PG,66OV) Miami,FL Committed:Naples
67.Donavan Reed (19SF,67OV) Coffeyville,KS Committed:Arkansas
68.Keenan Tuey (16PG,68OV) Memphis,TN Committed:Ole Miss
69.Andre Willis (18SG,69OV) Kansas City,KS Committed:Michigan
70.Justin Cooper (20SF,70OV) Salt Lake City,UT Committed:Atlanta
71.Anton McGee (19SG,71OV) Denver,CO Committed:Georgia Baptist
72.Kathlon Reed (21SF,72OV) Benton,AR Committed:Arkansas State
73.Zion Thomas (10PF,73OV) Columbia,SC Signed:Virginia State
74.Ben Freeman (17PG,74OV) Tulsa,OK Committed:HCU
75.Houston Hicks (20SG,75OV) Baltimore,MD Committed:Virginia State
76.Robinson Grayson (22SF,76OV) Nashville,TN Committed:AGCU
77.Zach Wilson (9C,77OV) Albany,NY Committed:Harvard
78.Ernie Powell (10C,78OV) Columbus,OH Committed:Texas
79.Duane Jones (21SG,79OV) Miami,FL Committed:FGCU
80.Carter Brown (18PG,80OV) New York,NY Committed:Georgia Baptist
81.Bernard Klein (23SF,81OV) Savannah,GA Committed:Georgia
82.Xion Christian (19PG,82OV) Jefferson City,MO Committed:Missouri
83.Rasheed Christmas (11C,83OV) Syracuse,NY Committed:Syracuse
84.Clark Haven (24SF,84OV) Richmond,VA Committed:NC State
85.Keith Hatfield (20PG,85OV) Little Rock,AR Signed:Northern Arkansas
86.Mor Johnson (21PG,86OV) Orlando,FL Committed:Florida State
87.Jaylon Westbrook (25SF,87OV) Augusta,ME Committed:Black Mountain
88.Klein King (11PF,88OV) New York,NY Committed:UNC
89.Malik Kiser (26SF,89OV) Louisville,KY Committed:Kentucky
90.Chevin Qualls (21SG,90OV) Dallas,TX Committed:UALR
91.Bam Davis (12C,91OV) St. Simon’s Island Committed:Georgia Baptist
92.Cam Beck (22PG,92OV) Memphis,TN Signed:Jones College
93.Antonio Walton (27SF,93OV) Happy Valley,PA Committed:Dayton
94.Johnny Williamson (11PF,94OV) College Station,TX Committed:Dallas
95.Quincy Porter (23SG,95OV) Hartford,CT Committed:Virginia State
96.Kevin Manning (28SF,96OV) New Orleans,LA Committed:Ole Miss
97.Christian McGee (23PG,97OV) Washington,DC Committed:Virginia State
98.Walt Benett (12PF,97OV) Las Vegas,NV Committed:Oreg-Cal
99.Wilson Andrews (29SF,99OV) Denver,CO Committed:Denver
100.Wesley Thompson (24SG,100OV) Cleveland,OH Committed:SLM
101.Tucker Thompson (25SG,101OV) Austin,TX Committed:Texas
102.Quinton Myers (30SF,102OV) Muskegon,MI Committed:Naples
103.Mike Johnson (24PG,103OV) Birmingham,AL Committed:Alabama
104.Antonio Clayton (26SG,104OV) Boca Raton,FL Committed:Naples
105.Joe McGee (13C,105OV) Oakland,CA Committed:Oreg-Cal
106.Zion Grant (31SF,106OV) Atlanta,GA Committed:Atlanta
107.Quinn Gee (32SF,107OV) Cleveland,OH Committed:Florida
108.Andy Allen (25PG,108OV) Fayetteville,AR Committed:Arkansas
109.James Mitchell (33SF,109OV) Nashville,TN Committed:Kentucky
110.Len Christian (26PG,110) Savannah,GA Committed:Ft.Lauderdale
111.DeShawn Hand (14C,111OV) Brandenton,FL Committed:Florida
112.Miller Ball (27SG,112OV) Chino Hills,CA Committed:UCLA
113.Devin Christian (27PG,113OV) Coconut Creek,FL Committed:Naples
114.Xion Thompson (34SF,114OV) Stillwater,OK Committed:Arkansas State
115.Allen Leigh (14C,115OV) Beaumont,TX Committed:Texas
116.Christian Tucker (28PG,116OV) San Jose,CA Committed:FGCU
117.Trevon Alexander (29PG,117OV) Phoenix,AZ Committed:Florida State
118.Thabo Williams (35SF,118OV) Atlanta,GA Committed:Atlanta
119.Fred Quills (28SG,119OV) Hartford,CT Committed:UCONN
120.Wes Leigh (15C,120OV) Santa Fe,NM Committed:UT-Arlington
121.Mick Allen (13PF,121OV) Texarkana,TX Committed:Texas
122.Kevin Singler (35SF,122OV) Gainseville,FL Committed:DukeAtlanta,GA

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