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Top 5 College Throwball Head Coaches on the Hot Seat

5.John Larkin,AGCU
Larkin, and AGCU has gotten off to its worst start 6-4 since he was hired five years ago.They finished with his best record as a five-seed in last year’s NCAA Tournament,but have not met expectations this year.Ted Saer the star Point Guard for the Bears said “We’re gonna fight for our coach the rest of the way.”

4.Chris Miller,Oregon State
Even though,most of the time, the Beavers are in the tournament field,they haven’t beaten their arch rival,Oregon, in Miller’s tenure.The 6-4 Beavers said that they’ve got a chip on their shoulders, and want to beat Oregon on Thanksgiving next week.

3.Fred James,Boston College
The 2-8 Eagles have gone just 12-108 in Fred James’ four years at Head Coach.No postseason play for the Eagles in James’ tenure.There best season with Fred James is 5-25.

2.Quinn Snyder,Washington
Quinn Snyder is likely out if his Huskies lose the next two games (USC,Washington State).The 1-9 Huskies are playing not just for pride, but for their coach.

1.Sean Houston,TCU
They are in the same position that there arch rival Texas.In the end Texas’ fired their coach,hired then-Arkansas offensive coordinator Fred Jackson, and have dominated both on the field 10-0, and have dominated in recruiting (3 Five-Stars Committed, One Signed).Sean Houston,the former Naples Offensive mastermind, will most likely be fired, and be replaced by Arkansas Offensive Coordinator Josh Wells, and he might be replacing Wells at Arkansas.

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