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Everything you need to know headed into March 2.0:Bold Predictions a month before Selection Friday

With,the tournament starting earlier and Selection Friday being on March 9,I decided to make some bold predictions (about) a month before Selection Friday.

The four number one seeds will be Arkansas,North Carolina,UALR,and Texas

If each of these teams win out and win their conference playoff,I guarantee you these will be the four at the top of each region.

Florida Atlantic,UCA and Toledo will pose problems for teams early in the tournament

FAU,Toledo,and UCA are three mid-majors who could cause problems for higher seeds in March.This threesome could each make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

A one-seed could meet Erlon Johnson and Kenny Matthews or Jonathan Eubanks and Mason Cook in the second round

South Carolina stars Erlon Johnson and Kenny Matthews who is coming back from injury in March could be on the eight or nine seed line and would meet a one seed in the second round.Same thing for Mississippi State studs Jonathan Eubanks and Mason Cook who both could pose problems for a one seed in the middle of March.

Kansas or Oklahoma State will get in the Big Dance

Kansas and Oklahoma State are tied for third in the Big 10 but OKSU has the head to head advantage.Whichever team gets farther in the Big 12 Playoff will make the NCAA Tournament.

Georgia will fall by just a goal in the SEC Playoff Championship to Arkansas

5.Georgia lost to 1.Arkansas earlier this season in a blowout and those teams will most likely meet again for the Conference Playoff Championship.Georgia will get closer to beating the Razorbacks and will only lose by one goal.

Kenny Matthews will lead South Carolina to the SEC Conference Playoff as he makes his return next week

Senior South Carolina star Kenny Matthews has already been mentioned in this post but he will come back next week from an injury and because Missouri will lose both of their remaining games,Kenny Matthews along with Erlon Johnson will et a shot to beat Georgia in Jackson,Mississippi three weeks from yesterday.

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