College Throwball

College Throwball:Pre-Season All-Americans and Award Winners

Carter Trophy:A.J. Williams,C,Duke (Junior)

Pre-Season Position Awards
PG of the Year:Allie Freeman,PG,Little Rock (Junior)
SG of the Year:Thomas Cook,SG,UT-Arlington (Senior)
SF of the Year:Jonathan Eubanks,SF,Mississippi State (Senior)
PF of the Year:(co) Zion Clement,PF,Oklahoma State,R.J. Perry,PF,Dayton
C of the Year:A.J. Williams,C,Duke (Junior)
Goalie:Hayes Harris,Go.Arkansas (Junior)

Pre-Season Class Awards
Freshman of the Year:Evan Hurst,SG,FGCU
Sophomore of the Year:(co) Ian Donahue,SF,North Carolina Will Schuhmacher,PG,Arkansas,Christian Thomas,SG/PG,Georgia,R.J. Perry,PF,Dayton,Jayden Durant,SG-SF,Virginia State
Junior of the Year:A.J. Williams,C,Duke
Senior of the Year:Thomas Cook,SG,UT-Arlington

Defensive Player of the Year
Aka Ugor,C,Ohio State
Sixth Man of the Year:DeVontae Christian,PG,Texas

Pre-Season All-American Teams
1st Team
PG:Allie Freeman,PG,Little Rock (Junior)
SG:Thomas Cook,SG,UT-Arlington (Senior)
SF:Jonathan Eubanks,SF,Mississippi State (Senior)
PF:(co) Zion Clement,PF,Oklahoma State (Senior),R.J. Perry,PF,Dayton (Sophomore)
C:A.J. Williams,C,Duke (Junior)
Goalie:Hayes Harris,Go.Arkansas (Junior)

2nd Team
PG:KaKa Hield,PG,Missouri (Junior)
SG:Christian Jones,SG,Georgia Baptist (Junior)
SF:Jasper Holena,SF,Denver Boones (Senior)
PF:Kathlon Robinson,PF,Little Rock (Junior)
C:Armistead Williams,C,North Carolina (Junior)
Goalie:Willie Hughes,Go.,North Carolina (Senior)

3rd Team
PG:Mark Feland,PG,Georgia (Senior)
SG:Josh Green,SG,Texas (Senior)
SF:Ian Donahue,SF,North Carolina (Sophomore)
PF:Henry Akers,PF,Denver (Freshman)
C:Aka Ugor,C,Ohio State (Junior)
Goalie:T.J. Stoudemire,Go.,Florida (Senior)

Others to watch out for:Ian Donahue,SF,North Carolina,Sophomore,Will Schuhmacher,PG,Arkansas,Sophomore,Tristan Thomas,C,Auburn,Senior,Christian Thomas,SG/PG,Georgia,Sophomore

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