College Throwball

College Throwball 2019-2020 Schedule,Depth Chart Previews:Little Rock

()=Conference Record

Little Rock Little Rock,AR Big 12 South

Projected Starters
G:Allie Freeman Senior Little Rock,AR (Episcopal)
G:CJ Williams Sophomore Little Rock,AR (Central Arkansas Christian)
G:Harris Bethel Senior Little Rock,AR (Episcopal)
F:Kathlon Robinson Senior Little Rock,AR (Episcopal)
F/C:Reynoldson Williams Sophomore Little Rock,AR (Central Arkansas Christian)
Goalie:Will Craig Senior Pine Bluff,AR (Pine Bluff)
2019 Recruits
G/F:Treylon Payne Freshman (3SF,13OV) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal)

Game School Predicted Record after game
1 at.LSU 1-0 (0-0)
2 at.LSU 1-1 (0-0)
3 at.LSU 2-1 (0-0)
4 Arkansas Tech 3-1 (0-0)
5 Washington 4-1 (0-0)
6 Washington 5-1 (0-0)
7 Washington 6-1 (0-0)
8 at.Missouri 6-2 (0-0)
9 at.Missouri 7-2 (0-0)
10 at.Missouri 7-3 (0-0)
11 at.Baylor 8-3 (1-0)
12 at.Baylor 8-4 (1-1)
13 at.Baylor 9-4 (2-1)
14 at.Miami 9-5 (2-1)
15 at.Miami 10-5 (3-1)
16 at.Iowa State 11-5 (4-1)
17 at.Iowa State 12-5 (5-1)
18 at.Iowa State 13-5 (6-1)
19 Northern Arkansas 14-5 (6-1)
20 Northern Arkansas 15-5 (6-1)
21 Northern Arkansas 16-5 (6-1)
22 Kansas 17-5 (7-2)
23 Kansas 17-6 (7-3)
24 Kansas 17-7 (7-4)
25 Central Arkansas 18-7 (7-4)
26 Oklahoma 19-7 (8-4)
27 Oklahoma 20-7 (9-4)
28 Oklahoma 21-7 (10-4)
29 South Alabama 22-7 (10-4)
30 at.TCU 23-7 (11-4)
31 at.TCU 23-8 (11-5)
32 at.TCU 24-8 (12-5)
33 at.Utah 25-8 (12-5)
34 at.Utah 26-8 (12-5)
35 at.Texas Tech 27-8 (13-5)
36 at.Texas Tech 28-8 (14-5)
37 at.Texas Tech 29-8 (15-5)
38 at.Florida State 30-8 (15-5)
39 at.Florida State 31-8 (15-5)
40 at.Arkansas State 31-9 (15-6)
41 at.Arkansas State 32-9 (16-6)
42 at.Arkansas State 32-10 (16-7)
43 at.Denver 32-11 (16-8)
44 at.Denver 33-11 (17-8)
45 at.Denver 34-11 (18-8)
46 at.Texas 34-12 (18-9)
47 at.Texas 35-12 (19-9)
48 at.Texas 35-13 (19-10)
49 West Virginia 36-13 (20-10)
50 West Virginia 37-13 (21-10)
51 West Virginia 38-13 (22-10)
52 Kansas State 39-13 (23-10)
53 Kansas State 40-13 (24-10)
54 Oklahoma State 41-13 (25-10)
55 Oklahoma State 41-14 (25-11)
56 BYU 42-14 (26-11)
57 BYU 43-14 (27-11)
58 Arkansas State 43-15 (27-12)
59 Arkansas State 44-15 (28-12)
60 Arkansas State 45-15 (29-12)

College Throwball Transfer News

Arkansas Guard Josh Williams to enter transfer portal, sit out tournament

Arkansas rising sophomore guard Josh Williams has gotten out of the point guard rotation in Fayetteville and will be sitting out the College Throwball Pre-Season Tournament. The pre-tournament transfer period has ended so Williams won’t be able to visit or let alone contact any program about his move. He has yet to voice any interest in any program.

College Throwball

College Throwball Pre-Season TN NCAA Tournament:How the tournament will work

1.The top sixteen seeds will host regionals with four teams in each region (Double elimination).
2.The winners of each of the regions will meet with the other regional winner that they are aligned with. The higher seed will host a best two out of three series.
3.The winners of each of these best two out of three series will go to San Diego, California where they will be put in a group of four teams. They will play the other three teams. The two teams that win the most games out of the four meet in a semifinal and could possibly play multiple games until one team has two losses.
4.The winners of the two four team brackets will meet in a best two out of three series in San Diego.

High School Throwball

TN 32 4.0:The top thirty-two teams heading into the Eugene Beginning of Summer Minor Tournament

*=Playing in Eugene Tournament

1.(1) *LA Prep* (CA) Region:West
2.(1) Episcopal (AR) Region:South
3.(1) Hillcrest Prep (AZ) Region:Midwest
4.(2) Highland Park (TX) Region:South
5.(3) Allen (TX) Region:South
6.(1) Charlotte Catholic (NC) Region:East
7.(2) Southern New York (NY) Region:East
8.(2) Madison (WI) Region:Midwest
9.(3) *Gainesville* (FL) Region:East
10.(3) *Canton Day* (OH) Region:Midwest
11.(4) *Montverde* (FL) Region:South
12.(5) Miami Catholic (FL) Region:South
13.(4) Atlanta Christian (GA) Region:East
14.(4) Bentonville Christian (AR) Region:Midwest
15.(5) *Kansas City Prep* (MO) Region:Midwest
16.(6) Prep (IL) Region:Midwest
17.(7) Marion (AR) Region:Midwest
18.(2) Bishop Gorman (NV) Region:West
19.(5) Winston-Salem Episcopal (NC) Region:East
20.(6) Greenfield (NC) Region:East
21.(6) *Austin* (TX) Region:South
22.(7) Athens Christian (GA) Region:South
23.(3) Seattle East (WA) Region:West
24.(8) Ft. Lauderdale Christian Prep (FL) Region:South
25.(8) CAC (AR) Region:Midwest
26.(7) *Central* (AR) Region:East
27.(4) *Portland Prep* (OR) Region:West
28.(5) Seattle West (WA) Region:West
29.(6) Tulsa (OK) Region:West
30.(8) Naples (FL) Region:East
31.(7) Sacramento (CA) Region:West
32.(8) Manvel (TX) Region:West

High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting

High School Throwball:Summer Schedule

Here is the schedule for the final summer of high school throwball being affiliated with actual high schools instead of AAU teams:

Memorial Weekend Major Tournament Host:Southern New York High School Location:Syracuse,NY Winner:LA Prep Dates:May 24,2019 to Early June

Eugene Beginning of Summer Minor Tournament Host:Eugene Catholic High School Location:Eugene,OR Winner:TBD Dates:June 3-Middle of June 2019

June Major Tournament Host:LA Prep High School Location:Los Angeles,CA Winner:TBD Dates:Middle of June through Late June 2019

New Orleans Minor Summer Tournament Host:New Orleans High School Location:New Orleans,LA Winner:TBD Dates:June 26 through Early July 2019

TN College/High School Throwball Early Signing Period Dates:July 1-July 31

TN College/High School Throwball Early Signing Period Camp Host:Highland Park Location:Dallas,TX Dates:July 1 through the end of July

Chicago Tournament Host:Prep High School Location:Chicago,IL Winner:TBD Dates:July 12 through Late July

End of Summer Major Tournament Host:Spring Lake High School Location:Spring Lake,MI Winner:Oak Hill Dates:Late July through Early August

Off-Season Regionals Host(s):TBD Location(s):TBD Winner:TBD Dates:Early August through Late August

Labor Day Major Tournament Host:Naples High School Location:Naples,FL Winner:TBD Dates:Labor Day Weekend through the next week 2019

College Throwball

College Throwball Pre-Season Tournament:Tiering the Field

The Favorites
Guy you need to know:Jaylen Moore,Guard
Little Rock
Guy you need to know:Allie Freeman,Guard
North Carolina
Guy you need to know:Ian Donahue,Forward
Guy you need to know:Will Schuhmacher,Guard
Guy you need to know:Evan Hurst,Guard
Michigan State
Guy you need to know:Sean Tate,Guard-Forward

Legit Title Threats
Guy you need to know:Khris Kameron,Forward
Guy you need to know:Manny Wilkins,Guard
Guy you need to know:Tra Jackson,Guard-Forward
Virginia State
Guy you need to know:Jayden Durant,Forward
Guy you need to know:KaKa Hield,Guard
Guy you need to know:Amon Jones,Guard
NC State
Guy you need to know:Mitch Westock,Forward
Guy you need to know:Evan Brown,Forward

These guys have a real shot
Guy you need to know:RJ Baizley,Forward
Guy you need to know:Damon Alexander,Guard
Guy you need to know:Josh Goodwin,Forward
Guy you need to know:AJ Williams,Center
Guy you need to know:RJ Perry,Forward
Georgia Baptist
Guy you need to know:Christian Jones,Guard
Guy you need to know:Javon Morgan,Guard
Guy you need to know:Greg Hughes,Center
Guy you need to know:KJ Hill,Forward
Arkansas State
Guy you need to know:Kathlon Reed,Forward
Guy you need to know:Henry Akers,Forward

Dark Horses
Guy you need to know:Za Williams,Guard-Forward
Guy you need to know:Devin Powell,Guard
Guy you need to know:Caleb Alexander,Forward
Guy you need to know:Fred Barry,Guard
Ohio State
Guy you need to know:Aka Ugor,Center
Guy you need to know:Anthony Harrison,Forward
Mississippi State
Guy you need to know:Mason Cook,Guard-Forward
Wake Forest
Guy you need to know:Alan Eerie,Guard
Guy you need to know:Victor Moore,Guard
Guy you need to know:Wilson Andrews,Center
Guy you need to know:Noland Peterson,Forward
Florida Atlantic
Guy you need to know:Josh Manning,Forward
Florida State
Guy you need to know:Devin Ayton,Guard
Florida International
Guy you need to know:Josh Anderson,Forward
Northern Cal
Guy you need to know:Jevon Millard,Guard
Virginia Tech
Guy you need to know:Josh Jackson,Guard
Guy you need to know:Brett Marks,Guard

The rest of the teams are longshots.

College Throwball

Duke rising Senior Center AJ Williams will play Senior season over entering FTBL

Duke rising Senior Center AJ Williams announced on his Twitter account that he would be playing in his Senior season over sitting it out or entering the FTBL free agent pool.

High School Throwball

LA Prep ends Episcopal’s title streak, takes home SNY title

The top overall seed the LA Prep Golden Lions took down the second overall seed the Episcopal Wildcats 115-112 in the Southern New York Major High School Off-Season Tournament/Invitational Final on five-star 2020 Guard’s Victor Chalmer’s game-winning three goal. Chalmers had thirty-five goals and eleven assists. In the loss, five-star rising Sophomore Guard Javier Jaeavo scored thrity-seven goals in the loss, ending Episcopal’s streak of winning major high school invitational/tournament streak at twelve.

High School Throwball

2019 Southern New York Memorial Weekend Major Off-Season Tournament:Final

Southern New York High School (Syracuse,NY)

Final (8 PM ET)
1.LA Prep-2

College Throwball

College Throwball:Every State Invitational Champ, Runner-Up

Alabama Champion:AGCU Runner-Up:Auburn
Arizona Champion:Arizona State Runner-Up:Arizona
Arkansas Champion:Little Rock Runner-Up:Northern Arkansas
California Champion:USC Runner-Up:UCLA
Colorado Champion:Denver Runner-Up:Boulder State
Florida Champion:FGCU Runner-Up:Florida State
Georgia Champion:Georgia Baptist Runner-Up:Georgia
Kansas Champion:Kansas Runner-Up:Kansas State
Kentucky Champion:Louisville Runner-Up:Murray State
Louisiana Champion:LSU Runner-Up:Northwestern State
Maryland Champion:Maryland Runner-Up:Navy
Massachussetts Champion:Boston College Runner-Up:Harvrard
Michigan Champion:Michigan State Runner-Up:Michigan
Mississippi Champion:Mississippi State Runner-Up:Delta State
Missouri Champion:Missouri Runner-Up:Southeastern Missouri State
New York Champion:Syracuse Runner-Up:Cornell
North Carolina Champion:North Carolina Runner-Up:Duke
Ohio Champion:Ohio State Runner-Up:Toledo
Oregon Champion:Oregon Runner-Up:Portland
Texas Champion:Texas Runner-Up:Dallas
Utah Champion:BYU Runner-Up:Utah
Virginia Champion:Virginia State Runner-Up:Norfolk State