High School Throwball

New Orleans High School Minor Summer Tournament:Final

Location:New Orleans,LA (New Orleans High School)

1.Allen (TX)
2.CAC (AR)

College Throwball TN Updates Transfer News

Updated transfer rankings are out!

The updated 2019 transfer rankings (college throwball) are out. It includes overall rankings, ranking every position’s players, and rankings by class.

High School Throwball

New Orleans High School Minor Summer Tournament:Final Four

Location:New Orleans,LA (New Orleans High School)

Semifinal #1
1.Allen (TX)
1.Charlotte Catholic (NC)

Semifinal #2
2.CAC (AR)
3.Fe Episcopal (NM)

Blog Update

So here’s what’s going to change…

So if you want to go check out what I will be doing on (my main sports website) while I am at camp you can check it out. I will be gone July 14-26.

Now for, there will be a post every day for when the major tournament starts in Spring Lake and won’t be covering any minor tournaments while I’m gone. The tournament post will come out at noon CT each day There will also be a college throwball schedule preview every so often. Those will always come out at 2 PM CT. Because, college throwball’s early signing period is in July, I will do all of the posts I can do on that, and recap it all when I am back home.

I will also make some edits to the 2019 Transfer Rankings. I will make a post when those rankings are updated.

High School Throwball

New Orleans High School Minor Summer Tournament:Regional Finals

Location:New Orleans,LA (New Orleans High School)

South Region
1.Allen (TX)
2.Miami Catholic (FL)

East Region
1.Charlotte Catholic (NC)
2.Greenfield (NC)

Midwest Region
2.CAC (AR)
4.Archbishop (NY)

West Region
1.Portland Prep (OR)
3.Fe Episcopal (NM)

High School Throwball

New Orleans High School Minor Summer Tournament:Regional Semifinals

South Region (Allen,TX)
1.Allen (TX) (Host)
5.Pine Bluff (AR)

2.Miami Catholic (FL)
6.MUS (TN)

East Region (Charlotte,NC)
1.Charlotte Catholic (NC) (Host)
5.Savannah (GA)

2.Greenfield (NC)
3.High Point (NC)

Midwest Region (Canton,OH)
1.Canton Day (OH) (Host)
4.Archbishop (NY)

2.CAC (AR)
3.Columbus Prep (OH)

West Region (Portland,OR)
1.Portland Prep (OR) (Host)
4.Chino Hills (CA)

2.Seattle West (WA)
3.Fe Episcopal (NM)

College Throwball Transfer News

Carolina early enrollee Jackson to enter transfer portal

North Carolina early enrollee Goalie Ben Jackson will be entering the transfer portal. The to be freshman out of Salt Lake City,Utah has been in contact with programs including BYU, Conneticut, Denver, Gonzaga, Oregon, and UCLA as soon as Carolina was knocked out of the pre-season tournament. Jackson will likely not return to Chapel Hill even if he decides to take a visit back. Reasons for his transfer have to do with being so far away from home and not being able to start, as fellow early enrollee Goalie Devin Donahue will most likely be getting most of the starts.

College Throwball High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting

2020 PG Wilcox reclassifies into 2019, will enroll at Atlanta

2020 Point Guard Andre Wilcox (6PG,16OV) in June’s 2020 rankings will be reclassifying into the 2019 class. Wilcox confirmed he would be sticking with his Atlanta commitment and chose them over AGCU, USC, and Florida. Wilcox will enroll in July and work into one of the top point guard rotations in America. Because he is enrolling in July, Wilcox will be able to participate in the summer game.

College Throwball

College Throwball 2019-2020 Schedule,Depth Chart Previews:LSU

()=Conference Record

LSU Baton Rouge,LA SEC West

Projected Starters
G:Victor Wilson Freshman (6PG,28OV) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal)
G:Marty Williger Junior New York,NY (Northern New York)
F:Kris Justice Sophomore New Orleans,LA (New Orleans)
F:Jarvis Johnson Freshman (19SF,73OV) Austin,TX (Austin)
C:Greg Hughes Junior New Orleans,LA (New Orleans)
Goalie:Daniel Watson Junior New Orleans,LA (Edna Karr)
2019 Recruits
G:Victor Wilson Freshman (6PG,28OV) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal)
F:Jarvis Johnson Freshman (19SF,73OV) Austin,TX (Austin)
F:Zach Thompson Freshman (20SF,77OV) New Orleans,LA (New Orleans)

Game School Predicted Record after game
1 Little Rock 0-1 (0-0)
2 Little Rock 1-1 (0-0)
3 Little Rock 1-2 (0-0)
4 Texas Southern 2-2 (0-0)
5 Huff College 3-2 (0-0)
6 Huff College 4-3 (0-0)
7 Huff College 5-3 (0-0)
8 Northwestern State 6-3 (0-0)
9 Northwestern State 7-3 (0-0)
10 Northwestern State 8-3 (0-0)
11 Arkansas 9-3 (1-0)
12 Arkansas 9-4 (1-1)
13 Arkansas 9-5 (1-2)
14 Santa Fe State 10-5 (1-2)
15 Santa Fe State 11-5 (1-2)
16 Santa Fe State 12-5 (1-2)
17 at.South Carolina 13-5 (2-2)
18 at.South Carolina 14-5 (3-2)
19 at.South Carolina 15-5 (4-2)
20 at.NC State 15-6 (4-2)
21 at.NC State 16-6 (4-2)
22 at.NC State 16-7 (4-2)
23 Kentucky 17-7 (5-2)
24 Kentucky 18-7 (6-2)
25 Kentucky 18-8 (6-3)
26 New Orleans 19-8 (6-3)
27 New Orleans 20-8 (6-3)
28 at.Ole Miss 21-8 (7-3)
29 at.Ole Miss 22-8 (8-3)
30 at.Ole Miss 23-8 (9-3)
31 at.Georgia 24-8 (10-3)
32 at.Georgia 24-9 (10-4)
33 at.Georgia 24-10 (10-5)
34 at.Pittsburgh 25-10 (10-5)
35 Mississippi State 26-10 (11-5)
36 Mississippi State 26-11 (11-6)
37 Mississippi State 27-11 (12-6)
38 Missouri State 28-11 (12-6)
39 Missouri State 29-11 (12-6)
40 at.Missouri 30-11 (13-6)
41 at.Missouri 30-12 (13-7)
42 at.Missouri 30-13 (13-8)
43 at.Florida 31-13 (14-8)
44 at.Florida 31-14 (14-9)
45 at.Tennessee 32-14 (15-9)
46 at.Tennessee 33-14 (16-9)
47 at.Tennessee 34-14 (17-9)
48 UConn 35-14 (17-9)
49 Vanderbilt 36-14 (18-9)
50 Vanderbilt 37-14 (19-9)
51 Vanderbilt 38-14 (20-9)
52 Alabama 39-14 (21-9)
53 Alabama 39-15 (21-10)
54 Alabama 40-15 (22-10)
55 at.Auburn 40-16 (22-11)
56 at.Auburn 41-16 (23-11)
57 at.Auburn 41-17 (23-12)
58 Texas A&M 42-17 (24-12)
59 Texas A&M 43-17 (26-11)
60 Texas A&M 44-17 (27-11)

High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting

2020 PG Fred Cook decommits from Dallas

2020 Point Guard Fred Cook (4PG,11OV) has decommitted from Dallas ahead of July’s early signing period almost two weeks after he committed. The Highland Park Guard will decide between Dallas and TCU in this early siginig period come July.