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Ranking the June 2020 TN 100 prospects from Texas

()=State Ranking
The player’s hometown determines what state they are ranked in if the recruit plays in a different state than his home state.

(1)2.Jabari Williams (1PG) Allen,TX (Allen) Committed:Arkansas
(2)5.Xion Thompson (1SF) San Antonio,TX (Highland Park) Committed:Texas
(3)7.Anthony Paige (2PF) Allen,TX Undecided
(4)11.Fred Cook (4PG) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Undecided
(5)22.Devin Jones (6SF) Austin,TX (Austin) Committed:Iowa
(6)30.RJ Michael (5SG) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Committed:Kansas
(7)35.Michael Street (12PG) Austin,TX (Austin) Undecided
(8)37.Houston Harris (7SG) Houston,TX (Manvel) Undecided
(9)48.Clark Williams (13PG) Austin,TX (Austin) Undecided
(10)51.MJ Garrett (9C) Arlington,TX (Dallas,TX) Committed:Texas
(11)54.Reed Thompson (8SG) Austin,TX (Austin) Undecided
(12)57.Manual Kjerstad (9SG) Amarillo,TX (New Orleans) Undecided
(13)65.Anthony Sanchez (13SF) Amarillo,TX (Amarillo) Undecided
(14)89.Christian Melton (15SF) Dallas,TX (Bishop Dunne) Undecided
(15)96.Brendan Little (15PF) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Undecided

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