High School Throwball

2019 Naples Labor Day Major High School Off-Season Tournament:Regional Finals

Location:Naples High School (Naples,FL)

West Region
1.LA Prep (CA)
2.Bishop Gorman (NV)

East Region
2.Gainesville (FL)
4.Naples (FL)

South Region
1.Episcopal (AR)
2.Highland Park (TX)

Midwest Region
1.Hillcrest Prep (AZ)
2.Madison (WI)

High School Throwball

2019 Naples Labor Day Major High School Off-Season Tournament:Regional Semifinals

West Region (Los Angeles,CA and Las Vegas,NV)

Los Angeles,CA
1.LA Prep (CA) (Host)
4.Portland Prep (OR)

Las Vegas,NV
2.Bishop Gorman (NV) (Host)
3.Seattle West (WA)

East Region (Mount of Wilson,VA and Gainesville,FL)

Mount of Wilson,VA
1.Oak Hill (VA) (Host)
4.Naples (FL)

2.Gainesville (FL) (Host)
3.Charlotte Catholic (NC)

South Region (Little Rock,AR and Dallas,TX)

Little Rock,AR
1.Episcopal (AR) (Host)
4.Miami Catholic (FL)

2.Highland Park (TX) (Host)
3.Montverde (FL)

Midwest Region (Phoenix,AZ and Madison,WI)

1.Hillcrest Prep (AZ) (Host)
4.Bentonville (AR)

2.Madison (WI)
3.Canton Day (OH)

High School Throwball

2019 Naples Labor Day Major High School Off-Season Tournament:Everything you need to know

Locations:Naples,FL and host locations
When:August 29-September 2

West Region (Los Angeles,CA and Las Vegas,NV)

Los Angeles,CA
1.LA Prep (CA) (Host)
8.Manvel (TX)

4.Portland Prep (OR)
5.Seattle West (WA)

Las Vegas,NV
3.Seattle West (WA)
6.Sacramento (CA)

2.Bishop Gorman (NV) (Host)
7.Tulsa (OK)

East Region (Mount of Wilson,VA and Gainesville,FL)

Mount of Wilson,VA
1.Oak Hill (VA) (Host)
8.High Point (NC)

4.Naples (FL)
5.Winston-Salem Episcopal (NC)

3.Charlotte Catholic (NC)
6.Central (AR)

2.Gainesville (FL) (Host)
7.Southern New York (NY)

South Region (Little Rock,AR and Dallas,TX)

Little Rock,AR
1.Episcopal (AR) (Host)
8.Ft. Lauderdale Christian Prep (FL)

4.Miami Catholic (FL)
5.Austin (TX)

3.Montverde (FL)
6.East Memphis (TN)

2.Highland Park (TX) (Host)
7.Athens Christian (GA)

Midwest Region (Phoenix,AZ and Madison,WI)

1.Hillcrest Prep (AZ) (Host)
8.New Orleans (LA)

4.Bentonville (AR)
5.Kansas City Prep (MO)

3.Canton Day (OH)
6.Marion (AR)

2.Madison (WI)
7.Prep (IL)

College Throwball Transfer News

USC reportedly added to transfer Johnson’s considered schools

USC Head Coach Will Thomas might add another transfer. Kam Johnson announced this afternoon he would be entering the transfer portal and considering three schools: Little Rock, Ouachita Baptist, and Virginia Tech. USC has been added to that list as Kam made a follow-up tweet saying he would also visit Southern Cal (USC) along with the three aforementioned schools.

College Throwball Transfer News

Freshman PG Kam Johnson enters transfer portal, will decide between three schools

Baylor Freshman Guard Kam Johnson is leaving Baylor. Johnson will choose between Little Rock, Ouachita Baptist, and Virginia Tech. Johnson should have a decision done quickly.

High School Throwball Recruiting JUCO

2020 TN JUCO 10:Ranking the top ten JUCO players at the beginning of the school year

(High School and if he transferred from a different four year school)

DNT=Did not transfer

1.Reggie Mack (1PF) Fort Pierce,FL (Fort Pierce Home School, Florida State) (Southwest Florida CC) Undecided
2.Weston Matthews (1PG) Bronx,NY (Northern New York, DNT) (New York College) Committed:Syracuse
3.Reed Pinson (1SG) High Point,NC (High Point, NC Central) (Greensboro JC) Undecided
4.Theo Lewis (1SF) Little Rock,AR (Parkview, DNT) (Huff CC) Undecided
5.Daymon Hayes (1C) Fort Worth,TX (Fort Worth, Texas Tech) (Firth Worth College) Committed:TCU
6.Alonzo Sears (2PF) New Orleans,LA (Edna Karr, Fairhope) (Huff CC) Undecided
7.Ed Nelson (1Goalie) Fayetteville,AR (Fayetteville, Arkansas State) (Huff CC) Undecided
8.Ben Cole (2PG) Orange,CA (Orange Lutheran, UCLA) (Pudget Sound CC) Committed:USC
9.Sean Jones (2SF) Cleveland,OH (La Lumiere, Villanova) (Spring Lake CC) Committed:Ohio State
10.Ryan Linwood (2SG) Houston,TX (Manvel, DNT) (Houston CC)

College Throwball High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting TN Updates

2019-2020 College and High School Throwball Schedule (Updated 6/7/20)

August 1-October 31
College Throwball Fall Camp

August 16-18
2023 TN 10 (HS Freshmen) Camp

August 23-25
2022 TN 20 (HS Sophomores) Camp

August 29-September 2
*Final 2018-19 Major High School Off-Season Tournament*
Naples Labor Day Major High School Off-Season Tournament

September 6-8
2021 TN 50 (HS Juniors) Camp

September 9-27
Recruiting dead period (Coaches cannot contact with players).

September 28-October 5
2020 TN 100 (HS Seniors) Camp

October 5-12
2019 TN Fall Meetings

October 31
College Throwball Fall Camp ends

November 1-February 14
2019-2020 High School Throwball Regular Season

November 7-10
2019 Billie Burke Classic (Naples,FL)

November 11-14
2019 Sunshine State Invitational (Rosemary Besch,FL)

November 14-17
2019 CH Classic (Little Rock,AR)

November 21-24
2019 Great Lakes Invitational (Detroit,MI)

December 12-March 7
2019-2020 College Throwball Regular Season

December 23-25
2019 (2020 Class) Signing Period

February 14
2019-2020 High School Throwball Regular Season Ends

February 17-21
2020 High School Throwball Conference Tournament Week

February 24-28
2020 High School Throwball State Championship Week

March 8
College Throwball Regular Season ends & College Throwball Power 8 and Middle 7 Conference Tournament Week begins & High School Throwball Nationals teams picked

March 9
High School Throwball Nationals begins at Highland Park High School in Dallas,TX

March 15
College Throwball Selection Sunday & High School Throwball season ends and off-season begins

March 17-April 20
TN/NCAA College Throwball Tournament

March 24-28
Episcopal Major Spring Break High School Tournament

April 14-18
Atlanta Christian Major April High School Tournament

April 20
College Throwball season ends

May 2-9
2020 TN Spring Meetings

May 22-26
Southern New York Major Memorial Day High School Tournament

June 9-13
LA Prep Major June High School Tournament

July 3-7
Naples Major 4th of July High School Tournament

July 21-25
Spring Lake Major End of Summer High School Tournament

August 1-16
2020 High School Throwball Off-Season Regionals


dillpickarkansas’s top fifteen 2019 foreign prospects for the NTBL

1.Ukao Makalawi,(1PF),Kenya (Arkansas Practice Squad)
2.Jose Alvarez,(1PG),Spain (Real Madrid)
3.Rory McLaughlin,(1SG),USA (Libson and Dallas Practice Squard)
4.Uki Kok,(1C),Japan (Tokyo)
5.Anali Sung,(1SF),China (Jakarta)
6.Damasus Gatatus,(1Goalie),Athens (Athens)
7.Finlay Brown,(1PF),Great Britain (London)
8.Carlo Santiago,(2C),Great Britain (Libson)
9.Jesus Carlos y Vega (2SG),Spain (Real Madrid)
10.Alex Kupos (3SG),Great Britain (Athens)
11.Jonathan Morales (2Goalie),Mexico (Mexico)
12.Gustavo Melo (3SG),Mexico (Rio)
13.Polo Chavez (2PG),Mexico (Bogota)
14.Onami Abe (2SF),Tokyo (Tokyo)
15.Abdul Anwari (3PG),Tokyo (Jakarta)

High School Throwball

TN 32 8.0:The top thirty-two high school teams entering the Naples Labor Day Major High School Off-Season Tournament

1.(1) LA Prep (CA) Region:West
2.(1) Episcopal (AR) Region:South
3.(1) Hillcrest Prep (AZ) Region:Midwest
4.(1) Oak Hill (VA) Region:East
5.(2) Highland Park (TX) Region:South
6.(2) Gainesville (FL) Region:East
7.(3) Montverde (FL) Region:South
8.(2) Madison (WI) Region:Midwest
9.(3) Charlotte Catholic (NC) Region:East
10.(3) Canton Day (OH) Region:Midwest
11.(4) Miami Catholic (FL) Region:South
12.(4) Bentonville (AR) Region:Midwest
13.(4) Naples (FL) Region:East
14.(5) Kansas City Prep (MO) Region:Midwest
15.(6) Marion (AR) Region:Midwest
16.(7) Prep (IL) Region:Midwest
17.(5) Austin (TX) Region:South
18.(6) East Memphis (TN) Region:South
19.(2) Bishop Gorman (NV) Region:West
20.(5) Winston-Salem Episcopal (NC) Region:East
21.(7) Athens Christian (GA) Region:South
22.(3) Seattle East (WA) Region:West
23.(8) Ft. Lauderdale Christian Prep (FL) Region:South
24.(6) Central (AR) Region:East
25.(4) Portland Prep (OR) Region:West
26.(5) Seattle West (WA) Region:West
27.(6) Sacramento (CA) Region:West
28.(7) Southern New York (NY) Region:East
29.(8) New Orleans (LA) Region:Midwest
30.(8) High Point (NC) Region:East
31.(7) Tulsa (OK) Region:West
32.(8) Manvel (TX) Region:West

Throwball News

Latin American FTBL Rosters

Latin America:

Havana Sugar Canes:

Jose Quandano(PG), Siablo De Marco(SG), Carlos Martinez-Pablano(SF), Juan Jose Malamarquez(PF), Hector Hasta(C), Juan Hernangomez-Puebles(G), Cinco Ocho(PG), Samando Pina(SG), Armando Hector(SF), Roberto Sanchez(PF), Eric Costano(C), Ronaldo Diez(G)

Mexico Diablos

Juan Mactaza(PG), Robert Williams(SG), Samuel Hernangomez(SF), Jose Diaz-Julio(PF), Tommy Sanchez(C), Jonathan Morales(G), Miguel Hernangomez(PG), Sean Loredo(SG), Tomas Valentino(SF), Christo Gasol(PF), Hector Williams(C), Poco Jones(G)

Rio Machetes

Davi Costa(PG), Gustavo Melo(SG), Enzo Alves(SF), Thiago Teixeira(PF), Joaquim Montes(C), Enrique Salves(G), Juan Azevedo(PG), Diogo Morais(SG), Danilo Rocha(SF), Hugo Cabasea(PF), Brian Bucho(C), Allando Siames(G)

Bogota Mestizos

Polo Chavez(PG), Damon Callante(SG), Miguel Juan Rinaldes(SF) Sergio Cabrera(PF), Luis Hijo(C), Rodrigo Valdivia(G), Miguel Maldonado(PG), Ruben Barraza(SG), Marc Carballo(SF), Guillermo Almanza(PF), Rafael Sanchez(C), Hald Van Der Marrk(G) 

Today was a big day for The FTBL. Practices will start tomorrow.