College Throwball

College Throwball:2019-2020 Arkansas Valley Preview

Projected Conference Standings
3.Virginia State
6.Georgia Baptist
7.Asheville State
8.Ft. Lauderdale
9.Charelston State
10.Southern North Carolina
11.Jones College

2.Huff College
3.Texarkana (ARK)
4.Northern Louisiana
6.Eastern Miss
7.Northern Oklahoma
8.Western Miss
11.Texarkana (TX)

Pre-Season All-Conference Teams,Awards
Pre-Season Awards
Player of the Year:Evan Hurst,SG,FGCU (Sophomore)
Newcomer of the Year:co:Joe Henson,C,FGCU (Freshman),Javon Morgan,PG,Atlanta (Senior,grad transfer), Kalen Garland,SF,Dallas (Freshman)
Coach of the Year:Josh Wells,Head Coach,AGCU (2nd Season)

1st Team
G:Evan Hurst,FGCU (Sophomore)
G:Christian Jones,Dallas (Senior)
F:Jayden Durant,Virginia State (Junior)
F:Tra Jackson,Naples (Sophomore)
C:John Donavan,Naples (Junior)
Goalie:Allen Caracheo,FGCU (Senior)

2nd Team
G:Javon Morgan,Atlanta (Senior)
G:Wallace Jones,FGCU (Junior)
F:Greg Ricky,Huff College (Junior)
F:Wesley Thompson,Georgia Baptist (Sophomore)
C:AJ Hicks,Virginia State (Junior)
Goalie:Val Miller,Atlanta (Senior)

Newcomer Team
G:Javon Morgan,Atlanta (Senior)
G:Houston Matthews,Atlanta (Junior)
F:Kalen Garland,Dallas (Freshman)
F:Rashaun Tate,FGCU (Freshman)
C:Joe Henson,FGCU (Freshman)
Goalie:Evan Houston,FGCU (Freshman)

Power Ranking the players from first and second team
1.Jayden Durant,SF,Virginia State (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:49.2 GPG, 14.3 RPG, 11.2 BPG
2.Evan Hurst,SG,FGCU (Sophomore)
2018-19 Stats:50.7 GPG, 7.6 RPG, 14.6 SPG
3.Christian Jones,SG,Dallas (Senior)
2018-19 Stats:44.4 GPG, 8.8 RPG, 7.4 APG, 12.3 SPG
4.John Donavan,PF/C,Naples (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:39.3 GPG, 14.6 RPG, 8.6 BPG
5.Javon Morgan,PG,Atlanta (Senior)
2018-19 Stats:32.6 GPG, 13.2 APG, 6.6 SPG
6.Tra Jackson,SF/SG,Naples (Sophomore)
2018-19 Stats:27.6 GPG, 8.8 RPG, 6.6 SPG
7.Wallace Jones,PG/SG,FGCU (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:22.6 GPG, 9.8 APG, 16.7 SPG
8.Allen Caracheo,Goalie,FGCU (Senior)
2018-19 Stats:575 rebounds, 542 blocks/saves
9.AJ Hicks,C,Virginia State (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:20.2 GPG, 12.2 RPG, 7.3 BPG
10.Greg Ricky,PF,Huff College (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:25.6 GPG, 14.3 RPG, 5.3 BPG
11.Val Miller,Goalie,Atlanta (Senior)
2018-19 Stats:522 rebounds, 500 blocks/saves
12.Wesley Thompson,PF,Georgia Baptist (Sophomore)
2018-19 Stats:14.6 GPG, 11.2 RPG, 5.2 BPG

2019 TN 100:Incoming Arkansas Valley Recruits
8.Joe Henson (2C) Little Rock,AR (Ft. Myer’s Day) Signed:FGCU
15.Anthony Johnson (3C) Naples,FL (Naples) Signed:Naples
16.William Brown (4SG) Tallahassee,FL (Tallahassee) Signed:Atlanta
20.Milton McGee (5C) Los Angeles,CA (LA Prep) Signed:Georgia Baptist
24.Carter Clemens (5SF) Happy Valley,PA (Happy Valley) Signed:Virginia State
27.Kalen Garland (6SF) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Signed:Dallas
29.Oliver Patrick (7SF) Atlanta,GA (Atlanta Christian) Signed:Atlanta
34.Rashaun Tate (9SF) Little Rock,AR (Central) Signed:FGCU
37.Alex West (6PF) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Signed:Dallas
56.Victor Lewis (13SF) Savannah,GA (Savannah) Signed:Georgia Baptist
57.Christian Westbrook (15PG) New Orleans,LA (New Orleans) Signed:FGCU
58.Josh Tate (11SG) Jacksonville,FL (Jacksonville Prep) Signed:Naples
86.Evan Houston (6Goalie) Cherokee Village,VA (Central University Prep) Signed:FGCU
88.Anthony Evans (15SG) Nashville,TN (Nashville Catholic) Signed:Jones College
90.Wilson Pope (22PG) Orlando,FL (Orlando Christian Prep) Signed:Atlanta
98.Alonzo Wilkerson (16C) Charlotte,NC (Episcopal) Signed:Virginia State

2019 Conference Class Rankings (Every team who got a recruit signed)
2019 TN 100 Signees:4 JUCO Signees:0
2019 TN 100 Signees:3 JUCO Signees:1
3.Georgia Baptist
2019 TN 100 Signees:2 JUCO Signees:0
2019 TN 100 Signees:2 JUCO Signees:0
5.Virginia State
2019 TN 100 Signees:2 JUCO Signees:0
6.Jones College
2019 TN 100 Signees:1 JUCO Signees:0

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