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Breaking:Josh Williams announces he is leaving Arkansas to prep for NTBL Draft

Arkansas Sophomore Guard Josh Williams is leaving the team and school after this weekend. Williams is entering the 2020 NTBL Draft and taking time to prepare for the 2020 NTBL Draft in April according to a report first announced and confirmed by TN Arkansas. Williams will not be the team during both the SEC Conference Tournament and the NCAA Tournament.

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Breaking:Atlanta Head Coach Bill Madison hired by NTBL’s New York Wildcats

University of Atlanta Head Coach Bill Madison will be the next head coach of the New York Wildcats of the NTBL. Longtime head coach James Jackson announced his retirement after being diagnosed with prostate cancer suddenly last week. Atlanta Offensive Coordinator Chris Jackson will be the interim head coach. Top candidates for the job are likely to include Arkansas Offensive Coordinator Hall Hucks (the former Atlanta Offensive Coordinator and Atlanta alum) and Texas Defensive Coordinator Scott Perriman.

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What Arkansas’s Coaching Search might look like

Because longtime head coach Will Petrino is stepping down from the position, the hogs need a new coach. Petrino is remaining as the throwball director and taking full charge of the coaching search.

Favorite to land job

Fred Jackson,Head Coach,Texas Longhorns
A national championship is the only thing that will keep Jackson away from his alma mater in 2020. The former Razorback offensive coordinator would be absolutely adored in Fayetteville and rightfully so. Texas has a great shot at the national championship but Jackson is still the odds on favorite to be the head man in Fayetteville next season.

Other Possibilities

Hall Hucks, Offensive Coordinator, Arkansas Razorbacks
The only two places the aging coach would take the leadership position are Arkansas and Atlanta (where he graduated and where he formerly coached). I don’t see this happening but there’s always a chance.

AJ Justice, Head Coach, Florida Atlantic Owls
The former defensive coordinator for the Razorbacks has done wonders in his first season on the beaches. Justice would likely be the second option after Jackson because of his high tempo philosophy and familiarity with the recruiting area.

Hunter Mack, Head Coach, Iowa Hawkeyes
The former Missouri defensive coordinator is making his name known in a tough Big Ten. Mack brings a tough defensive philosophy and a hurry-up offense style to the game. But likely he is the front under for the potential Alabama job opening.

Chris Plemons, Defensive Coordinator, Arkansas Razorbacks
The former JUCO Coach is now being looked at for many Power 8 jobs including the potential Alabama opening as well as open jobs in Huff College and St. Mary’s. Plemons will likely leave the hogs on the first day of the off-season if he’s offered a good deal with a team to become their next head coach.

High School Throwball

TN 32 2019-2020 Week 17 High School Rankings (entering state tournaments)

1.Episcopal (AR) 33-0 (22-0) This week:Arkansas State Tournament
2.LA Prep (CA) 33-0 (22-0) This week:California State Tournament
3.Hillcrest Prep (AZ) 33-0 (23-0) This Week:Arizona State Tournament
4.Oak Hill (VA) 32-1 (22-0) This Week:Virginia State Tournament
5.Highland Park (TX) 32-1 (23-0) This Week:Texas State Tournament
6.Montverde (FL) 30-1 (19-0) Next Week:Florida State Tournament
7.Naples (FL) 30-1 (18-0) Next Week:Florida State Tournament
8.Madison (WI) 30-1 (19-0) Next Week:Wisconsin State Tournament
9.Gainesville (FL) 32-1 (20-0) Next Week:Florida State Tournament
10.Canton Day (OH) 29-2 (20-0) Next Week:Ohio State Tournament
11.Bentonville (AR) 32-1 (20-1) Next Week:Arkansas State Tournament
12.Marion (AR) 32-1 (21-1) Next Week:Arkansas State Tournament
13.LR Catholic (AR) 31-2 (20-1) Next Week:Arkansas State Tournament
14.La Lumiere (IN) 27-5 (19-0) Next Week:Indiana State Tournament
15.Miami Catholic (FL) 29-4 (21-1) Next Week:Florida State Tournament
16.East Memphis (TN) 32-1 (23-0) Next Week:Tennessee State Tournament
17.Charlotte Catholic (NC) 31-3 (22-0) Next Week:North Carolina State Tournament
18.Kansas City Prep (MO) 30-1 (22–0) Next Week:Missouri State Tournament
19.Prep (IL) 32-1 (22-1) Next Week:Illinois State Tournament
20.Austin (TX) 32-1 (23-1) Next Week:Texas State Tournament
21.Seattle East (WA) 31-2 (22-1) Next Week:Washington State Tournament
22.High Point (NC) 30-3 (23-1) Next Week:North Carolina State Tournament
23.Bishop Gorman (NV) 30-3 (21-0) Next Week:Nevada State Tournament
24.Portland Prep (OR) 32-1 (23-0) Next Week:Oregon State Tournament
25.Ft. Lauderdale Christian Prep (FL) 30-6 (20-3) Next Week:Florida State Tournament
26.Southern New York (NY) 28-2 (20-0) Next Week:New York State Tournament
27.Seattle West (WA) 25-3 (19-1) Next Week:Washington State Tournament
28.Winston-Salem Episcopal (NC) 27-4 (20-2) Next Week:North Carolina State Tournament
29.Sacramento (CA) 28-3 (20-1) Next Week:California State Tournament
30.Athens Christian (GA) 28-3 (21-1) Next Week:Georgia State Tournament
31.LR Central (AR) 24-8 (19-4) Next Week:Arkansas State Tournament
32.Manvel (TX) 24-8 (18-4) Next Week:Texas State Tournament

College Throwball

2019-2020 Week 12 College Throwball Top 25

We are skipping the next week of college throwball and making next weeke rivalry week and giving each team a week to prepare for their respective conference tournaments.

1.Texas 51-6 (24-6) Next Week:at.15.TCU (3)
2.North Carolina 51-6 (31-6) Next Week:Duke (3)
3.Little Rock 50-7 (24-7) Big 12 Next Week:Arkansas State (3)
4.Michigan State 50-7 (23-4) Big Ten Next Week:at.Penn State (3)
5.UCLA 49-8 (28-6) Pac-12 Next Week:8.USC (3)
6.FGCU 49-8 (23-7) Arkansas Valley Next Week:7.Naples (3)
7.Naples 47-10 (24-8) Arkansas Valley Next Week:at.6.FGCU (3)
8.USC 48-9 (21-9) Pac-12 Next Week:at.5.UCLA (3)
9.Missouri 48-9 (27-5) SEC Next Week:at.14.Kansas (3)
10.Arkansas 48-9 (17-6) SEC Next Week:at.Florida (3)
11.Georgia 48-9 (21-6) SEC Next Week:at.Georgia Tech (3)
12.Syracuse 48-9 (26-7) ACC Next Week:Southern New York (3)
13.Kansas 48-9 (26-7) Big 12 Next Week:9.Missouri (3)
14.Virginia State 48-10 (23-9) Arkansas Valley Next Week:at.Norfolk (3)
15.TCU 48-10 (25-8) Big 12 Next Week:1.Texas (3)
16.Auburn 47-10 (20-9) SEC Next Week:20.Alabama (3)
17.LSU 47-10 (26-9) SEC Next Week:Texas A&M (3)
18.Florida 44-13 (19-13) SEC Next Week:10.Arkansas (3)
19.Maryland 47-10 (26-7) Big Ten Next Week:John’s Hopkins (3)
20.Alabama 44-13 (19-13) SEC Next Week:at.16.Auburn
21.Dallas 47-10 (20-4) Arkansas Valley Next Week:UT-Arlington (3)
22.Stanford 41-16 (20-10) Pac-12 Next Week:at.California (3)
23.Atlanta 34-11 (20-7) Arkansas Valley Next Week:at.Georgia Baptist (3)
24.Iowa 46-11 (21-6) Big Ten Next Week:Rutgers (3)
25.Denver 42-15 (21-11) Big 12 Next Week:at.Boulder State (3)

College Throwball JUCO

2020 TN JUCO 10:Where the top ten JUCO recruits signed

(High School and if he transferred from a different four year school)

DNT=Did not transfer

1.Reggie Mack (1PF) Fort Pierce,FL (Fort Pierce Home School, Florida State) (Southwest Florida CC) Signed:FGCU
2.Weston Matthews (1PG) Bronx,NY (Northern New York, DNT) (New York College) Signed:Syracuse
3.Reed Pinson (1SG) High Point,NC (High Point, NC Central) (Greensboro JC) Signed:North Carolina
4.Theo Lewis (1SF) Little Rock,AR (Parkview, DNT) (Huff CC) Signed:Oklahoma State
5.Daymon Hayes (1C) Fort Worth,TX (Fort Worth, Texas Tech) (Fort Worth College) Signed:TCU
6.Alonzo Sears (2PF) New Orleans,LA (Edna Karr, Fairhope) (Huff CC) Signed:LSU
7.Ed Nelson (1Goalie) Fayetteville,AR (Fayetteville, Arkansas State) (Huff CC) Signed:Arkansas
8.Damion Evans (2SF) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep, DNT) (OKC CC) Signed:Alabama
9.Sean Jones (3SF) Cleveland,OH (La Lumiere, Villanova) (Spring Lake CC) Signed:Ohio State
10.Ryan Linwood (2SG) Houston,TX (Manvel, DNT) (Houston CC) Signed:Florida

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Breaking:Mitchell Westcock leaving NC State, putting name in draft

NC State Forward Mitchell Westcock is leaving the school because of his ineligibility. Westcock is entering the 2020 NTBL Draft. Westcock will likely be a lottery pick.

College Throwball NTBL Transfer News

Guard Clythe Bozeman is moving on from Montreal

University of Montreal Guard Clythe Bozeman announced that he was entering the portal as a grad transfer and putting his name in the NTBL Draft. Bozeman spent two years at Montreal after leaving Virginia Tech after his freshman year. Bozeman will sit out the rest of the semester and weigh his options. Bozeman is looking at transferring to Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Florida State, Georgia, Michigan, Oklahoma State, and Virginia State for his two years of eligibility remaining.

High School Throwball

TN 32 2019-2020 Week 16 High School Rankings

1.Episcopal (AR) 30-0 (22-0) This week:Central Arkansas Conference Tournament
2.LA Prep (CA) 30-0 (22-0) This week:Southern California Conference Tournament
3.Hillcrest Prep (AZ) 30-0 (23-0) This Week:South Arizona Conference Tournament
4.Oak Hill (VA) 29-1 (22-0) This Week:East Virginia Conference Tournament
5.Highland Park (TX) 29-1 (23-0) This Week:East Texas Conference Tournament
6.Montverde (FL) 27-1 (19-0) Next Week:North Florida Conference Tournament
7.Naples (FL) 27-1 (18-0) Next Week:South Florida Conference Tournament
8.Madison (WI) 27-1 (19-0) Next Week:South Wisconsin Conference Tournament
9.LR Catholic (AR) 29-1 (20-1) Next Week:Central Arkansas Conference Tournament
10.Gainesville (FL) 29-1 (20-0) Next Week:North Florida Conference Tournament
11.Canton Day (OH) 26-2 (20-0) Next Week:North Ohio Conference Tournament
12.Bentonville (AR) 29-1 (20-1) Next Week:North Arkansas Conference Tournament
13.Marion (AR) 29-1 (21-1) Next Week:East Arkansas Conference Tournament
14.La Lumiere (IN) 24-5 (19-0) Next Week:Central Indiana Conference Tournament
15.Miami Catholic (FL) 27-3 (21-1) Next Week:South Florida Conference Tournament
16.East Memphis (TN) 29-1 (23-0) Next Week:West Tennessee Conference Tournament
17.Charlotte Catholic (NC) 28-3 (22-0) Next Week:Central North Carolina Conference Tournament
18.Kansas City Prep (MO) 27-1 (22–0) Next Week:West Missouri Conference Tournament
19.Prep (IL) 29-1 (22-1) Next Week:North Illinois Conference Tournament
20.Austin (TX) 29-1 (23-1) Next Week:West Texas Conference Tournament
21.Seattle East (WA) 28-2 (22-1) Next Week:East Washington Conference Tournament
22.High Point (NC) 28-2 (23-1) Next Week:Central North Carolina Conference Tournament
23.Bishop Gorman (NV) 27-3 (21-0) Next Week:South Nevada Conference Tournament
24.Portland Prep (OR) 29-1 (23-0) Next Week:East Oregon Conference Tournament
25.Ft. Lauderdale Christian Prep (FL) 29-5 (20-3) Next Week:South Florida Conference Tournament
26.Southern New York (NY) 25-2 (20-0) Next Week:South New York Conference Tournament
27.Seattle West (WA) 23-2 (19-1) Next Week:East Washington Conference Tournament
28.Winston-Salem Episcopal (NC) 24-4 (20-2) Next Week:Western North Carolina Conference Tournament
29.Sacramento (CA) 25-3 (20-1) Next Week:Northern California Conference Tournament
30.Athens Christian (GA) 25-3 (21-1) Next Week:North Georgia Conference Tournament
31.LR Central (AR) 23-7 (19-4) Next Week:Central Arkansas Conference Tournament
32.Manvel (TX) 23-7 (18-4) Next Week:East Texas Conference Tournament

College Throwball

2019-2020 Week 11 College Throwball Top 25

1.Texas 32-6 (18-6) Big 12 Next Week:BYU (3), Baylor (3)
2.North Carolina 44-6 (28-5) ACC Next Week:Texas A&M PP (1), at.Boston College (3)
3.Little Rock 37-7 (19-7) Big 12 Next Week:Kansas State (2), West Virginia (3)
4.Michigan State 41-7 (20-4) Big Ten Next Week:Eastern Michigan (2), Nebraska (3)
5.UCLA 44-9 (26-5) Pac-12 Next Week:Norfolk (2), 22.Stanford (3)
6.FGCU 37-7 (20-6) Arkansas Valley Next Week:UM-Springfield (1), AGCU (3)
7.Naples 34-9 (16-8) Arkansas Valley Next Week:at.12.Virginia State (3)
8.USC 35-9 (18-9) Pac-12 Next Week:Arizona (3)
9.Missouri 35-9 (24-5) SEC Next Week:at.Oklahoma (2), at.Texas A&M (3)
10.Arkansas 35-9 (17-6) SEC Next Week:vs.Texas A&M (3, in Arlington,TX), at.Ole Miss
11.Georgia 35-9 (18-6) SEC Next Week:North Texas (1), at.Vanderbilt (3)
12.Virginia State 34-9 (19-7) Arkansas Valley Next Week:7.Naples (3)
13.Syracuse 37-8 (21-6) ACC Next Week:Georgia Tech (3), NC State (3)
14.Kansas 38-9 (20-7) Big 12 Next Week:at.15.TCU (3), Oklahoma (3)
15.TCU 30-10 (19-8) Big 12 Next Week:14.Kansas (3), at.Oklahoma State (3)
16.Auburn 38-10 (17-9) SEC Next Week:17.LSU (3)
17.LSU 38-10 (24-9) SEC Next Week:at.16.Auburn (3)
18.Florida 35-13 (16-13) SEC Next Week:Washington DC (1), at.20.Alabama (3)
19.Maryland 35-9 (21-6) Big Ten Next Week:Rutgers (3), at.Michigan (3)
20.Alabama 35-13 (16-13) SEC Next Week:ULM (1), 18.Florida (3)
21.Dallas 35-7 (20-4) Arkansas Valley Next Week:Asheville (2), at.UM-Springfield (3)
22.Stanford 36-14 (19-8) Pac-12 Next Week:at.5.UCLA (3)
23.Atlanta 34-11 (20-7) Arkansas Valley Next Week:at.Charleston State (3)
24.Iowa 31-11 (18-6) Big Ten Next Week:Rutgers (3)
25.Denver 34-14 (17-10) Big 12 Next Week:Oklahoma (2), Baylor (3)