College Throwball Transfer News

2020 Transfer Rankings (Where every transfer signed)

These will be updated as more players enter the transfer portal.

1.Jamison Thomas,Forward
Former School:Texas
Years of Elgibility:3
Planned Visits:AGCU, Arkansas, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Naples

2.Clyde Bozeman,Guard/Forward
Former School:Montreal
Years of Elgibility:2
Planned Visits:Florida Atlantic, FGCU, Georgia, Michigan

3.RJ Maton,Guard/Forward
Former School:Central Arkansas
Years of Elgibility:2
Planned Visits:Arkansas, Auburn, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Tennessee, Texas, USC

4.Kerry Melton,Forward/Guard
Former School:Iona
Years of Eligibility:1
Planned Visits:Syracuse, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Virginia State
Signed:Virginia State

5.Jack Goodwin,Guard/Forward
Former School:Duke
Years of Elgibility:2
Planned Visits:Florida, Kansas, Michigan-Spring Lake, Michigan State, Stanford, Tennessee, UCLA

6.Ahmad Grace,Guard
Former School:Texas
Years of Eligibility:1
Planned Visits:Dallas, Dayton, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio State, Oregon

7.Andre Willis,Guard
Former School:Michigan
Years of Eligibility:2
Planned Visits:Iona, Miami, Missouri, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State

8.Manny Toliver,Guard
Former School:Naples
Years of Elgibility:2
Planned Visits:Arizona, Colorado, San Diego, USC

9.Reed Michael,Guard/Forward
Former School:Texas
Years of Elgibility:2
Planned Visits:Colorado, Dayton, FGCU, Kansas, Miami, Tennessee, Texas A&M

10.Jackson Allen,Center
Former School:Texas
Years of Eligibility:2
Planned Visits:Arkansas, Michigan State, Tennessee, UCLA

11.Greg Little,Center
Former School:Alabama
Years of Elgibility:2
Planned Visits:Colorado, Michigan State, Oregon State, UCLA.
Signed:Michigan State

12.Burke Fillion,Guard
Former School:UCLA
Years of Elgibility:3
Planned Visits:Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Gonzaga, San Diego, Tennessee

13.Jude Hughes,Forward
Former School:Texas
Years of Elgibility:3
Planned Visits:Arizona, Baylor, Connecticut, Houston, Memphis, Oregon State, Tennessee
Signed:Oregon State

14.Ky Bowman,Guard
Former School:Purdue
Years of Elgibility:1
Planned Visits:Dayton, Florida Atlantic, Little Rock, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas
Signed:Texas A&M

15.Theo Miles
Former School:North Carolina
Years of Eligibility:2
Planned Visits:Georgia, Georgia Baptist Michigan State, Oklahoma State, and Texas
Signed:Oklahoma State

16.Joe Myers
Former School:Arkansas
Years of Eligibility:1
Planned Visits:Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Florida State, Miami
Signed:Florida Atlantic

17.Walt Bennett,Forward
Former School:Oregon
Years of Eligibility:2
Planned Visits:Missouri, Northwestern, Southern New York, UNC-Wilmington

18.Ned Thomas,Forward/Center
Former School:Arkansas
Years of Eligibility
Planned Visits:Arizona, Arkansas State, Gonzaga, Iona, Iowa, Michigan State, Oklahoma State

19.Russell Martin,Guard
Former School:Texas
Years of Eligibility
Planned Visits:Colorado, Little Rock, LSU, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia Tech
Signed:Virginia Tech

20.Russ Calloway,Guard
Former School:Texas
Years of Eligibility
Planned Visits:Colorado, Little Rock, Michigan State, Missouri, Southern New York
Signed:Southern New York

21.Fred Jackson Jr.
Former School:Texas
Years of Eligibility:3
Planned Visits:Arkansas, Louisville, Notre Dame, Tennessee
Signed:Notre Dame

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