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Arkansas wing Joe Myers will play final season closer to home

Arkansas Forward Joe Myers will play his final season closer to home (in Florida). He is virtually visiting Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Florida State, and Miami before making a final decision in a few weeks. Myers only averaged 5.3 goals per game in his career at Arkansas.

College Throwball Transfer News

Michigan Guard Willis entering transfer portal

Michigan Guard Andre Willis announced on his social media he will not return to Michigan next season but enter the transfer portal. Main reasons for his transfer include the additions of newcomer guards Clyde Bozeman and Donavan Powell and the want to play closer to home. Willis will take virtual visits to Iona, Miami, Missouri, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma State.


Many 2020 NTBL class rookies signing NTBL G-League Contracts

D. Wilson’s top foreign prospect Forward Ukao Makalawi is turning pro and is signing with the Little Rock Buck’s G-League affiliate, the Fayetteville Deer.

Former Florida Guard Cam Wells is also signing with the Fayetteville Deer.

Former Naples Guard Joe Moore is signing with the Bridgeport Fox, the Hartford Black Bears affiliate.

Former Ouachita Baptist and Little Rock wing Alex Freeman is signing a contract with the Memphis Bobcat’s affiliate, the Nashville Tunes. The two sides have not reach a full agreement as Freeman could land a ten day contract if negotiations continue and go his way.

Former Wake Forest Guard Tyler Jackson signed with the New York Wildcat’s G-League affiliate.

Former Arkansas Forward William Wilson signed with the Dallas Blues’ G-League affiliate.

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TN’s Top 2021 Prospect Quinn Johnson’s interview reveals many things about the future of the top of the game

On TN’s widely known show, TN Now, reporter Carter Huff interviewed TN’s top prospect in 2021 Quinn Johnson. The interview was focused on the many rules that could change in the transition from high school to college and inevitably to the NTBL when the meetings occur beginning next Saturday May 2.

Question 1:Carter:”With the likely change of a player being able to go one and done, how will it affect the game?”
Quinn:”For players like me, we will be able to access the NTBL faster than ever. We may not go that route but for talent that is ready, being able to access it is the right thing for the committees meeting from the NTBL, NCAA, WTBL, and High School Throwball.
Question 2:Carter:”Another likely change is that players can go three routes out of high school or more:The common college route, the WTBL, or the newest way to the NTBL, the NTBL’s developmental league, the NTBL G-League. What is your take on this?
Quinn:”I would love to go all three of these routes. But I am only one human being. I have my list of schools narrowed down and still feel like getting college exposure it is the right path for me. But, for others in the future it realistically might not be. Plus, like I said before, giving younger players more access to different leagues and teams gives them more ways to show that they are ready for the league (NTBL).”
Question 3:”The College Throwball landscape has changed because of the transfer portal? Any thoughts on the change because of the portal?
Quinn:”Well I’m glad that players don’t have to sit a season no matter if they’re transferring after their freshman season or having already graduated. I mean transferring two times will have you sitting out a season. And I agree with that. But, I definitely love a one time transfer waiver to play immediately.
Question 4:”Why did you make the decision to enroll at Huff Post high school College Prep next year, having already graduated from Hillcrest Prep, instead of enrolling in college this fall?”
Quinn:”To be honest, I feel as if my college decision is getting harder due some of my old high school coaches now in the college ranks. I mean, getting an extra year of development and not having to play on an active roster is great. But it’s mainly about me making sure I make the right decision for my college. I will commit during the early signing period in July but won’t sign until I have to.”
Question 4:Carter:”What is your recruitment looking like now?”
Quinn:”I’m down to the five schools I officially visited in the winter. AGCU, Arkansas, Oregon, Tennessee, and UCLA. All are great schools with excellent coaching staffs. I can’t go wrong with any choice. But I set my commitment date for July 4. And with the Naples AAU Tournament being moved up, I will still keep my commitment date there. If it is cancelled or postponed because of the coronavirus, even better. It gives me more time on my decision.”
Conclusion:Carter:”Thanks Quinn, it was a pleasure.”
Quinn:”No problem. Thanks for having me on.”

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Arkansas Valley announces split between divisions, two conferences to be created

Arkansas Valley Commissioner George Hall announced a split between the two divisions made at the virtual 2020 Arkansas Valley Conference Meetings discussed today. Do to future scheduling and the likely change for college throwball to go to a college basketball-like schedule in 2020-2021, the conference decided to operate in two different ones. The “West Valley” and the “East Valley”. Changes will be confirmed May 2-May 9 at the 2020 virtual TN Meetings but the conference has officially split. Here are the two different conferences:

East Valley (formerly the Arkansas Valley East Division)
Asheville State
Charleston State
Fort Lauderdale
Georgia Baptist
Jones College
Southern North Carolina
Virginia State

West Valley (formerly the Arkansas Valley West Division)
Eastern Miss
Huff College
Northern Louisiana
Northern Oklahoma
Texarkana (AR)
Texarkana (TX)
Western Miss

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2020 TN Week 6 (4/27/20-5/1/20) Online School Schedule

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LA Prep names USC’s Johnston next head coach

Despite COVID-19, LA Prep’s successor to the legendary Larry Jackson has been decided. It was reported that LA Prep AD William Miller had agreed with USC Offensive Coordinator Graham Johnston to be their next head coach a month ago. But he was not named until today. Johnston had success at one of LA Prep’s rivals a decade ago with Orange Lutheran High School. Johnston signed a five-year contract.


2020 NTBL Draft

Check out the draft video here.

1st Round
1.Charleston (E)-KaKa Hield,PG,Missouri (Senior)
2.Fargo (W)-RJ Perry,PF,Dayton (Junior)
3.Jefferson City (W)-Ian Donahue,SF,North Carolina (Junior)
4.Baltimore (E)-Jaylen Moore,PG,Texas (Sophomore)
5.Minneapolis (W)-Christian Thomas,PG,Georgia (Junior)
6.Minneapolis (W)-Khris Kameron,PF/C,Georgia (Junior)
7.Tulsa (W)-Anthony Harrison,PF,Iowa (Junior)
8.Portland (W)-Evan Hurst,SG,FGCU (Sophomore)
9.Des Moines (W)-Jayden Durant,SF,Virginia State (Senior)
10.Lansing (E)-John Donavan,C/PF,Naples (Junior)
11.Sacramento (W)-AJ Williams,C,UCLA (Senior)
12.Memphis (E)-Mitchell Westcock,NC State (Sophomore)
13.New Orleans (E)-Gerry Trent,UCLA (Senior)
14.San Diego (W)-Allie Freeman,PG,Little Rock (Senior)
15.Phoenix (W)-Christian Jones,SG,Dallas (Senior)

2nd Round
16.Charlotte (E)-Kathlon Robinson,PF,Little Rock (Senior)
17.Seattle (W)-Anthony Agnes,C,Arkansas (Junior)
18.Detroit (E)-Greg Hughes,C,LSU (Junior)
19.Boise (W)-Manny Wilkins,SG,Arkansas (Junior)
20.Birmingham (E)-Will Schuhmacher,PG,USC (Junior)
21.Kansas City (W)-Evan Brown,SF,Alabama (Senior)
22.Cleveland (E)-Javon Morgan,PG,Atlanta (Senior)
23.LA (Suns) (W)-Billy Wheeless,C,Texas (Junior)
24.Dallas (E)-Jeremiah Pruth,PF,Washington DC (Senior)
25.Richmond (E)-Josh Williams,PG,Arkansas (Sophomore)
26.LA (Pacific) (W)-Aka Ugor,Ohio State (Senior)
27.Eugene (W)-Wallace Jones,PG,FGCU (Junior)
28.Chicago (E)-Cam Barber,NC State (Senior)
29.San Antonio (W)-Allen Caracheo,FGCU (Junior)
30.Little Rock (E)-Caleb Matthews,Michigan-Spring Lake (Junior)

Draft Day Trades:
New Orleans receives:2020 #13 pick, Minneapolis 2021 pick,rades #6 pick for #13 pick Minneapolis receives:2020 #5 pick

Minneapolis receives:2020 #6 pick, PG Terell Evans
Indianapolis receives:Minneapolis 2022 pick, 2023 pick, 2024 pick

Charlotte receives:2020 #16 pick, San Diego 2021 pick
San Diego receives:2020 #14 pick

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Episcopal’s Robinson brothers transferring to Bryant next school year, Khasen commits to Ouachita Baptist

Bryant,Arkansas natives Khasen Robinson (to be Junior, 6PG,14OV 2022), and to be Freshman and likely five-star Kellen Robinson (PG), will not return to Episcopal next school year. They have enrolled at hometown Bryant, making them a contender nationally. Khasen has also made a commitment to Ouachita Baptist.

High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting

2021 TN 100 Prospect Profile:Chris Plemons Jr.

Name:Chris Plemons Jr.
Official Visits:Alabama, Arkansas, Notre Dame, TCU, Tennessee

#9 Position
#8 State
#40 Overall