College Throwball High School Throwball

2020-2021 College and High School Throwball Schedule

July 1-31
2021 High School Throwball early signing period

July 13-17

2020 College Throwball International Tours

July 21-25
2020 AAU Spring Lake Major End of Summer High School Tournament

August 1-14
2020 High School Throwball Off-Season Regionals

August 3
2021 TN 100 Camp Choosing Deadline

August 17-October 5

2020 College Throwball Fall Camp

2020 High School Throwball Fall Camp/Pre-Season

August 21-23
2024 TN 10 (HS Freshmen) Camp

August 28-30
2023 TN 25 (HS Sophomores) Camp

September 11-13
2022 TN 50 (HS Juniors) Camp

September 14-25
Recruiting dead period (Coaches cannot contact with players)

September 26-October 3
2021 TN 100 (HS Seniors) Camp

October 3-10
2020 TN Fall Meetings

October 5-30
2020 College Throwball Pre-Season Practice

2020 High School Throwball Pre-Season Practice

October 30
2020 College Throwball Fall Pre-Season Practice ends

2020 High School Throwball Pre-Season Practice ends

November 2-February 12
2020-2021 High School Throwball Regular Season

November 2-March 7
2020-2021 College Throwball Regular Season

December 21-23
2021 High School Throwball signing period

February 6
2021 NCAA College Throwball Bracket Preview

February 12
2020-2021 High School Throwball Regular Season ends

February 15-20
2021 High School Conference Tournaments

February 22-26
2021 High School Regional Tournaments

March 1-5
2021 High School State Tournaments

March 7
2020-2021 College Throwball Regular Season ends

March 8-12
2021 TN Tropical Smoothie High School Throwball Nationals

March 8-14
2020-2021 College Throwball Conference Tournament Week

March 12
2020-2021 High School Throwball Season ends

March 13
2020-2021 TN College Throwball Awards Show

March 14
2021 NCAA College Throwball Selection Sunday

March 16-April 5
2021 NCAA College Throwball Tournament

March 22-26
2021 AAU Episcopal Major Spring Break High School Tournament

April 5
2020-2021 College Throwball Season ends

April 12-16
2021 AAU Atlanta Christian Major April High School Tournament

April 25
2021 NTBL Draft Declaration Deadline for Underclassmen (to declare for draft)

April 26-June

May 1-8
2021 TN Spring Meetings

May 28-30

2021 NTBL Draft Combine

May 28-June 18

NTBL Pro Days (Meetings can be held between teams and prospects)

June 2
2021 NTBL Draft Declaration Deadline for Underclassmen (to remove name from draft)

June 14-18
2021 AAU LA Prep Major June High School Tournament

June 26
2021 NTBL Draft

July 1-5
2021 AAU Naples Major 4th of July High School Tournament

July 19-23
2021 AAU Spring Lake Major End of Summer High School Tournament

August 2-16
2021 High School Off-Season Regionals

College Throwball Throwball News TN Updates

News and notes from latest meeting between TN and the NCAA T-Division Board of Governors

Here is the latest to come out of the latest meeting held at TN Headquarters in Little Rock with TN officials and the NCAA T-Division Board of Governors.

If a (likely) spike in the coronavirus pandemic happens in the end of summer, plans for the upcoming college throwball season could still happen. The NCAA T-Division will go with its new longterm college basketball like format for the sport if there is no spike, but there likely will be one. If there is a spike that will put people back in mandatory quarantine through the end of 2020, the NCAA T-Division Board of Governors and the TN Officials have put together a proposal for the college throwball season:Each school would play a ten to twenty game season (conferences will get to choose how many games will be played) in a bubble for each separate conference (which would be decided by each conference’s leadership staff).

College Throwball

TN, NCAA T-Division Board of Governors announce change in non-conference, conference scheduling for 2021-22 season and beyond

TN Officials and NCAA T-Division Board of Governors have announced that each college throwball program does not have to base their scheduling based off of each college’s men’s basketball previous season’s schedule. They can choose their own non-conference opponents. Each conference will have to stick with the basics of a basketball like schedule for the season but the NCAA has allowed those rules to be revised for each conference. Every conferences’ schedules will be released on the final day of the 2021 Spring Meetings, May 8, 2021. Official discussions between non-conference schools regarding future games between the two schools can be made on the first official day of next school year July 1, 2020.

College Throwball Transfer News

TN’s top ranked transfer Jamison Thomas says he is “fully committed” to Miami

After making what many analysts call a “soft” commitment to Miami a month ago, former Texas Forward Jamison Thomas informed TN on Thursday that he would in fact be heading to play in Coral Gables for three seasons. Many experts expected TN’s top ranked transfer to consider hometown Naples (and choose the Hurricane Gators) but he ended up going with another southern Florida school. Thomas also took a look at the University of Atlanta where former Texas Defensive Coordinator Scott Perriman became head coach weeks ago.

College Throwball NTBL

TN 2021 NTBL Draft Prospect Rankings:Upated Position rankings for the 2021 Draft (6/4/20)

Today we are ranking the top ten players at each position for the 2021 NTBL Draft.

Point Guards
1.Damon Alexander,Kansas (Senior)
2.Devin Powell,Michigan (Sophomore)
3.CJ Williams,Little Rock (Junior)
4.Victor Clemens,Michigan State (Junior)
5.Jay Johnson,Iowa (Senior)
6.Za Williams,Ohio State (Senior)
7.Alonzo James,North Carolina (Senior)
8.Jack Goodwin,Kansas (Junior)
9.Amon Jones,Auburn (Senior)
10.Devin Mills,(withdrew from TCU) (Junior)

Shooting Guards
Shooting Guards
1.Fred Barry,Florida (Sophomore)
2.Tra Jackson,Naples (Junior)
3.Clyde Bozeman,Michigan (Senior)
4.Kris Payne,(withdrew from TCU) (Senior)
5.RJ Maton,Tennessee (Junior)
6.KK Robinson,Arkansas (Sophomore)
7.Treylon Payne,Little Rock (Sophomore)
8.William Haufrect,Stanford (Senior)
9.Anthony Thompson,UCLA (Junior)
10.Michael Green,Michigan State (Senior)

Small Forwards
1.Kerry Melton,Virginia State (Senior)
2.Reed Pinson,North Carolina (Junior)
3.Theo Parker,Oklahoma State (Junior)
4.Dee-Dee Richardson,USC (Junior)
5.Antonio Pointer Jr.,Auburn (Junior)
6.Freddy Jones,Georgia (Junior)
7.AJ Chaney,Syracuse (Junior)
8.Quinn Gee,Florida (Junior)
9.Kris Justice,LSU (Junior)
10.Oliver Patrick,Atlanta (Sophomore)

Power Forwards
1.AJ Charles,Maryland (Senior)
2.RJ Baizley,Syracuse (Senior)
3.Josh Goodwin,Stanford (Sophomore)
4.Kelvin Sisa,Kansas (Junior)
5.Jamison Thomas,Miami (Sophomore)
6.KJ Hill,TCU (Junior)
7.Kennedy Alexander,Michigan State (Junior)
8.Kathlon Reed,Arkansas State (Junior)
9.Reggie Mack,FGCU (Junior)
10.Mack Lewis,Arkansas (Senior)

1.Joe Hinson,FGCU (Sophomore)
2.Wilson Andrews,Louisville (Senior)
3.DeShawn Hand,Florida (Junior)
4.Jackson Allen,Tennessee (Junior)
5.Greg Hughes,Michigan State (Junior)