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Preview of Arkansas-Auburn game

After Arkansas got a big win against Ole Miss last weekend things seemed to be looking up for the Hogs.Well,the Auburn Tigers don’t think so they’re coming of a bye with arguably the SEC’s most improved QBs in Sean White,a great RB in Kerryon Johnson,and a much improved defense.

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Top 25 gong into Week 4

1.North Carolina (3-0)

2.Arkansas (3-0)

3.Michigan State (3-0)

4.Naples (3-0)

5.Georgia Baptist (3-0)

6.Atlanta (3-0)

7.SLM (3-0)

8.UALR (3-0)

9.Missouri (3-0)

10.Florida (3-0)

11.Maryland (3-0)

12.Virginia State (3-0)

13.Harvard (3-0)

14.Baylor (3-0)

15.Ole Miss (3-0)

16.Alabama (2-1)

17.Huff College (2-1)

18.Dayton (3-0)

19.AGCU (2-1)

20.Florida State (3-0)

21.Jones College (3-0)

22.Notre Dame (2-1)

23.John Hopkins (2-1)

24.Arkansas State (2-1)

25.LSU (2-1)

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Recap of Week 3

21.Huff College defeats Northern Oklahoma 56-19

9.UALR defeats UCA 62-12

Arkansas St. defeats 25.UT-Arlington 45-42

Auburn defeats Missouri 49-32

17. Ole Miss defeats Texas A&M 57-26

7.SLM defeats 10.Delaware 57-49

2.Arkansas defeats 8.Alabama 52-51

16.Baylor defeats Northern Louisiana 55-29

4.Michigan State defeats 24.Toledo 66-16

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Key Games this weekend

Games just getting underway

21.Huff College at. Northern Oklahoma

Central Arkansas at. 9.UALR

Arkansas St. at. 25.UT-Arlington

Auburn at. South Carolina

Games later

17.Ole Miss at. Texas A&M

10.Delaware at. 7.SLM

2.Arkansas at. 8.Alabama

Northern Louisiana at. 16.Baylor

24.Toledo at. 4.Michigan State

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The new Top 25 going into Week 3

  1. North Carolina (2-0)
  2. Arkansas (2-0)
  3. Naples (2-0)
  4. Michigan State (2-0)
  5. Georgia Baptist (2-0)
  6. Atlanta (2-0)
  7. SLM (2-0)
  8. Alabama (2-0)
  9. UALR (2-0)
  10. Delaware (2-0)
  11. Missouri (2-0)
  12. Maryland (2-0)
  13. Florida (2-0)
  14. Virginia St. (2-0)
  15. Harvard (2-0)
  16. Baylor (2-0)
  17. Ole Miss (2-0)
  18. Dayton (2-0)
  19. Florida St. (2-0)
  20. John Hopkin’s (1-1)
  21. Huff College (1-1)
  22. AGCU (1-1)
  23. Michigan (1-1)
  24. Toledo (2-0)
  25. UT-Arlington (1-1)
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Robinson leads Hogs to win over Duke,and many other great games occur on Saturday Night

15.Maryland defeats Rutgers 51-22 A.Charles (ML): 25 gls,7 reb

10.UALR defeats 23.Huff College 45-39 Ri.Woods (UALR): 27 gls,11 reb

16.Virginia St. defeats Florida Atlantic 59-15 E.Randle (VAST) 34 gls,13 ast

Alabama Gulf Coast defeats Ft.Lauderdale 46-22 T.Saer (AGCU) 32 gls,5 ast

3.Naples defeats FGCU 55-46 A.Hicks (NAP) 29 gls,6 reb

2.Arkansas defeats 9.Duke 59-39 K. Robinson (ARK) 28 gls,10 reb

List of overrated teams are the pretenders and underrated teams are the contenders


Dallas (1-1)

SNY (1-1)

Georgia (0-2)

FGCU (0-2)

Denver (0-2)


22.Ole Miss (2-0)

23.Huff College (1-1)

21.Baylor (2-0)



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Will Schumacher makes his verbal and official commitment to Woo Pig Sooie


Today-Will Schuhumacher the number 1 ranked Throwball recruit going into next season made his verbal and official commitment to Arkansas.Will narrowed it down to Arkansas,Naples,and LSU his dad’s alma mater,but eventually ended up going with Arkansas.

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The schedule of a great 2nd week of Throwball match ups


4.Michigan State defeats Ohio State 56-15 D.  Valentine (MSU):36 gls,7 ass.


8.Alabama defeats 25.Georgia 49-26 M. McCaron (ALA):26 gls,8 reb

13.John Hopkins defeats 19.Denver 32-30 Sullivan Ulysses (JH): 22 gls,14 reb

21.Baylor defeats Texas 54-18 J.Schock (BAY):37 gls,8 ast,8 reb

5.Georgia Baptist defeats Coastal 55-11 J. Feland (GAB): 34 gls,12 ast

1.North Carolina defeats NC State 54-26 M.Paige (UNC):37 gls,13 ast

22.Ole Miss defeats LSU 42-41 F. Manning (MISS) 32 gls,15 ast

Key games still to come

15.Maryland-22.2 at. Rutgers

23.Huff College at. 10.UALR-10.2

Florida Atlantic at. 16.Virginia St.-26.3

`Ft.Lauderdale at. AGCU-5.6

FGCU at 3.Naples-4.2

9.Duke at. 2.Arkansas-2.3

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Frazier leads Naples to win over Notre Dame in prime time among other great games on Saturday Night

Saturday-Number 7 ranked Michigan State made a statement in the 4th Quarter with their game against 22.SNY.They scored 16 goals to SNY’s none.D.J. Valentine led the way with 27 goals,10 assists,and 5 rebounds in  the win 55-39.

Joe Feland leads the way for 5.Atlanta as they get a good win against rival 20.Georgia 45-39.Feland scored only 16 times,but had 15 assists,and 10 rebounds.

Emmanuel Randle and James Norfolk led the way for the 20th ranked Woodpeckers as they barely get by 25.AGCU 55-54. Randle scored the winning goal for the Woodpeckers as they get  of to a fast start.

Hinson scores 28 and 12 boards,and 13.Delaware gets away with one in Arlington Texas against UT-Arlington(42-36).While (UTA) star guard Thomas Cook only scores 16 goals.

Nick Frazier and 3.Naples get a good win over 11.Notre Dame 56-34.Frazier scores 34 goals,and 7 assists.Notre Dame had no chance at this one.

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Freshman Williams leads Duke to win over NC Central,among other games on opening Thursday Night

Thursday- A.J. Williams is the future of Duke.Being the 2nd best Center coming out of high school.As number 10 Duke throttles former AValley foe NC Central 56-12.Williams scored 32 of Duke’s 56 points as Duke comes back into the rankings for the first time since the 1980s.

Billie Howell and 16-ranked Missouri find a way to beat Tristan Baldwin,and 14-ranked FGCU 49-44.Howell with a 25 goal game along with 11 assists.In the losing effort, Tristan Baldwin scored 22 points with 8 rebounds.Missouri Goalie Donald Crawford only gave up 2 goals in the 4th Quarter.

Friday-Freshman Allie Freeman(26 points),Harris Bethel(8 points),and Senior Chris Johnson Jr.(15 points) lead 12th ranked UALR to big win over Johnson and Texas 55-22.


16.Missouri defeats 14.FGCU 49-44

10.Duke defeats NC Central 56-12

12.UALR defeats Texas 55-22

4.Georgia Baptist defeats Georgia Southern 51-14

9.Alabama defeats 24.Denver 36-29

1.North Carolina defeats South Carolina 49-8

Baylor defeats 8.Dallas 16-15

Harvard defeats UMass 54-26

19.Maryland defeats 21.Dayton 36-18

6.SLM defeats Michigan 40-21

Ole Miss defeats 17.John’s Hopkins 54-53

Games later today

7.Michigan State at. 22.SLM 6:30 ET

5.Atlanta at. 20. Georgia 6:30 ET

25.AGCU at. 20.Virginia State 8 ET

LSU at. 2.Arkansas 8 ET

13.Delaware at. 15.UT-Arlington 8:15 ET

3.Naples at. 11.Notre Dame 8:30 ET

John Hopkin’s,Denver game moved to next week


Huff College at. UCA