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College Throwball Roundtable

Who is your pick to win the national title?
With one of the best coaches of all time and 2 star guards on the same team I believe this team can redeem themselves from last year’s terrible post-season.I mean if Naples wins it all this year that’s 39 Championships and 151 championships overall for the AValley Conference.
Arkansas was one goal away from winning it all last year,and if their young talent can be great.Jonathan Williams in his last year wants to bring Fayetteville a championship before he heads off to the NTBL.There are lots of holes to fill on this Arkansas team,but young talent is what rounds out this team.
A solid pick to win the ANorth and a Carter Trophy contender in Josh Huff and a great supporting cast.SLM hasn’t won a ring since 2009 and this might be the year for SLM.
Which Top 25 team are you most skeptical about?
Dallas is losing their best player in college history to the NTBL,and are at a rebuilding stage.They could drop from their number 8 ranking really quick.
John:Southern New York
SNY is in one of the toughest divisions in College Throwball and if they lose games early in the season this could be a down year for the Beavers.
Dayton is in the same division as SNY,and your star player transferred,and SLM your rival is a contender for the national championship.
Which is the most up and coming team?
Carter:Virginia State
The Woodpeckers had a post-season to remember as they upset Naples and Dallas on the way to losing to Arkansas in the Elite Eight.James Norfolk and Emmanuel Randle both had great post-seasons as they won the Atlantic West Conference Tournament.Virginia State is looking good going into the 2016-17 season.
Ted Saer the 3rd had a great season and post-season as he leed his team to the round of 32.Ted is a Carter Trophy contender and can clearly lead his team and school.
UALR made to the Final Four last year,and it’s looking like they can build off of that with their young talent.Allie Freeman,Harris Bethel are great Freshman guards who an lead this team with Seniors Roger Woods,Richard Woods,and Chris Johnson Jr.

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