College Throwball

Georgia Baptist survives the beach, gives Naples its second loss of the season

Nov 19th-John Feland led Georgia Baptist to its biggest road win in the past 5 years topping Naples who is at home 63-59.John had 36 goals, 15 assist and 7 rebounds against Naples in a tough environment.Naples star guards Nick Frazier and Abe Hicks scored 23 each.That blows Naples chance at getting a number 1 seed in the NCAA tournament for now Naples (6-2),and falling back in AValley conference play.John Feland and the now 5th ranked Georgia Baptist Red Flame are now 8-0.
First Committee picked top 25.
25.Naples 6-2
24.Northern Arkansas 6-2
23.Southeastern Mizz State 7-1
22.John Hopkin’s 7-1
21.Jones College 7-1
20.Dayton 8-0
19.AGCU 7-1
18.Duke 7-1
17.Alabama 7-1
16.Huff College 7-1
15.Ole Miss 8-0
14.Baylor 8-0
13.Harvard 8-0
12.Maryland 8-0
11.Florida 8-0
10.Oregon State 8-0
9.Virginia State 8-0
8.Missouri 8-0
7.UALR 8-0
First 2 that aren’t getting 1 seeds
6.SLM 8-0
5.Georgia Baptist 8-0
1 seeds
4.Michigan State 8-0
3.Atlanta 8-0
2.Arkansas 8-0
1.North Carolina 8-0

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