College Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting

Throwball Recruiting Day 2017 Class

Player Rankings (1-10)
1.(1PG)Little Rock,AR Will Schuhmacher Officially Committed:Arkansas
2.(1SF)Ft.Lauderdale,FL Ian Donahue Officially Committed:UNC
3.(1C)Houston,TX Billie Wheeless Officially Committed:Texas
4.(1SG)Houston,TX William Haufrect Officially Committed:Texas
5.(2PG)Little Rock,AR Charlie Radtke Officially Committed:Arkansas
6.(2C)Los Angeles,CA Anthony Agnes Officially Committed:Oklahoma State
7.(2SG)West University,TX Armani Wilkins Officially Committed:Arkansas
8.(2SF)Dallas,TX Mason Cook Officially Committed:Naples
9.(3SF)Washington,DC Jayden Durant Officially Committed:Virginia State
10.(3C)New Orleans,LA Greg Hughes Officially Committed:LSU
Player Rankings (11-20)
11.(3PG)Jacksonville,FL Manny Tate Officially Committed:Georgia Baptist
12.(3SG)Ann Arbour,MI Michael Green Officially Committed:Texas
13.(4SF)Waco,TX Jude Hughes Officially Committed:Baylor
14.(1PF)Charlotte,NC John Donavan Officially Committed:Naples
15.(5SF)Jonesboro,AR Hugh Richardson Officially Committed:UALR
16.(2PF)Eugene,OR Greg Ricky Officially Committed:Huff College
17.(4SG)Atlanta,GA Reed Golden Officially Committed:Atlanta
18.(4PG)Athens,GA Christian Thomas Officially Committed:Alabama
19.(4C)Newport News,VA A.J. Hicks Officially Committed:Virginia State
20.(3PF)Sacramento,CA Fred Stewart Officially Committed:LSU
The Rest of top 40
21. (6SF)Gainseville,FL Joe Myers Officially Committed:UALR
22. (5PG)Naples,FL Wallace Jones Officialy Committed:Oklahoma State
23. (5SG) Raleigh,NC Cam Walker Officially Committed:UNC
24. (4PF) Fayetteville,AR Miller Bailey Officially Committed:Arkansas
25. (5C) Orange Beach,AL Khris Kameron Officially Committed:Georgia Baptist
26. (6PG) Nashville,TN Ben Morgan Offically Committed:Texas
27. (7PG) Knoxville,TN Alonzo James Officially Committed:Naples
28. (7SF) Columbus,OH Dionte Wells Officially Committed:UNC
29. (5PF) Tampa,FL mac Lewis Officially Committed:Arkansas
30. (5SG) Baltimore,MD Alex Hannah Offically Committed:Virginia State
31. (6C) Seattle,WA Curtis Beck Officially Committed:Naples
32. (6SG) San Antonio,TX Ahmad Grace Officially Committed:Texas
33. (8SF) Lansing,MI Caleb Alexander Officially Committed:SLM
34. (6PF) Lansing,MI Carter Alexander Offically Committed:SLM
35. (8PG) New York,NY Marty Williger Official1y Committed:LSU
36. (7SG) Tulsa,OK Thomas Spencer Officially Committed:Oklahoma State
37. (9SF) Little Rock,AR William Wilson Committed:Arkansas
38. (8SG) Boston,MA Brett Marks Committed:Harvard
39. (7PF) Phoenix,AZ Bobby Backus Committed:Naples
40. (9PG) Odessa,TX Johnny Qualls Committed:Texas
Final Top 10 Team Rankings
Rk. School Top 40 commits
1. Arkansas 6
2. Texas 6
3. Naples 5
4. UNC 3
5. VA St. 3
6. Okl. St. 3
7. Georgia Bap. 2
8. UALR 2
9. LSU 2
10. Atlanta 2

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