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Recap of Week 24 and Week 15 of Committeed Top 25 and NCAA Tournament Preview by conference

Before rankings came out
1.Arkansas (24-0) defeats South Carolina (8-16) 62-29

23.Delaware (20-4) defeats Southern Indiana (5-19) 56-35

16.John’s Hopkin’s (22-2) defeats Michigan (16-8) 54-51

7.Atlanta (23-1) defeats 23.Naples (19-5) 58-56

6.Virginia State (23-1) defeats 19.Northern Arkansas (20-4) 62-58

Top 25 after Week 24
1.Arkansas (24-0) (15-0) SEC
2.UNC (24-0) (15-0) ACC
3.Michigan State (24-0) (15-0) Big 10
4.SLM (24-0) (15-0) ANorth
5.Baylor (24-0) (15-0) Big 12
6.Virginia State (23-1) (14-1) AtlanticWest
7.Atlanta (23-1) (14-1) AValley
8.Georgia Baptist (23-1) (14-1) AValley
9.Maryland (23-1) (14-1) Big 10
10.Missouri (23-1) (14-1) SEC
11.UALR (23-1) (15-0) Sun Belt
12.SEMO (23-1) (15-0) OVC
13.Huff College (21-2) (14-1) AValley
14.Ole Miss (21-2) (13-2) SEC
15.Harvard (23-0) (14-0) Ivy League
16.Jones College (21-2) (13-2) AValley
17.John’s Hopkin’s (21-2) (13-2) Big 10
18.AGCU (21-3) (14-1) AValley
19.Ft.Lauderdale (21-3) (14-1) AValley
20.Auburn (20-4) (13-2) SEC
21.Northern Arkansas (20-4) (14-1) AtlanticWest
22.Florida (20-4) (12-3) SEC
23.Delaware (20-4) (13-2) ANorth
24.Dayton (20-4) (12-3) ANorth
25.Naples (19-5) (11-4) AValley
25.Georgia (18-6) (13-2) SEC
(Teams tied at 25)
NCAA Tournament Preview by Conference

Teams that will be in the NCAA Tournament:7.Atlanta,8.Georgia Baptist,13.Huff College,16.Jones College,18.AGCU,19.Ft.Lauderdale,25.Naples
Teams that should be in:FGCU,Texarkana (ARK),UT-Arlington
Work left to do:Coastal,Eastern Miss,Western Miss,UM-Springfield

Teams that should be in
FGCU:(16-8) (11-4) AValley:FGCU has lost 2 games since week 7 and is tied with Naples in conference play in the east with 4 losses in the AValley.This team has some marquee wins,but needs one next weekend at 18.Ft.Lauderdale to be considered a team that should be in.

Texarkana (ARK): (15-9) (11-4) AValley:Texarkana (ARK) just suffered a road loss to Huff College on Tuesday, but can get back on track if they can beat Springfield next weekend at home.If this team wants to make the NCAA Tournament I would suggest playing a lot better defense.

UT-Arlington: (15-9) (11-4) AValley: UT-Arlington has the star power they just need to use it to their own abilities, and if they do that the UT-Arlington will make the NCAA Tournament.

Teams with work left to do
Coastal: (14-10) (10-5) AValley: Coastal is a decent team that if they can get hot look unstopabble, but have had an up and down season thus far.With wins at UM-Springfield, and at.Western Miss, and a home win against Eastern Miss have quality wins,but not one that jumps out at you.Coastal needs a a win aagainst a big time opponent if they want to make the NCAA Tournament.

UM-Springfield: (15-9) (8-7) AValley: UM-Springfield has played well, but with conference losses to Coastal, Western Miss, and FGCU, UM-Springfield needs to improve in conference games.Like Coastal, UM-Springfield needs a win against an opponent that jumps out at you.

Eastern Miss: (14-10) (10-5) AValley: With a a loss against a weak in conference team like UM-Springfield last week, and need to do better to be an NCAA Tournament team.With a showdown against rival Western Miss in a couple of weeks they get their chance for a marquee win.

Western Miss:(14-10) (9-6) AValley: Just like rival Eastern Miss, Western Miss needs a win against their arch rival in a couple of weeks.

Teams that will be in the NCAA tournament:4.SLM,23.Delaware,24.Dayton,Denver
Teams that should be in:Oreg-Cal,North Dakota State,Northern Kentucky
Teams with work left to do:Wesetrn Indiana,Northern Cal

Teams that should be in:

North Dakota State:(17-7) (11-4) ANorth: With a better conference record than Oreg-Cal this is a good thing for North Dakota State.Like Oreg-Cal I expect this team to be in regardless of how they do in the ANorth tournament.

Oreg-Cal:(16-8) (11-4) ANorth: Oreg-Cal has lost games to Denver, and North Dakota State the other top teams in ANorth Pacific.Oreg-Cal though with their all-around throwball game I expect them to be in on Selection Saturday.

Northern Kentucky: (15-9) (10-5) ANorth: With double-digit conference wins for Northern Kentucky all this team has to do is win the rest of their easy schedule.If not I think this team could do well in the NIT tournament.

Teams with work left to do:

Western Indiana:(14-10) (9-6) ANorth: Western Indiana needs to win the rest of their games, and do well in the ANorth tournament if they want to be in the NCAA tournament.With a tough schedule ahead of them its best to bet Western Indiana will not go to the NCAA Tournament.

Northern Cal:(14-10) (9-6) ANorth: Northern Cal like Western Indiana has to win out, and do well in the ANorth tournament so just like Western Indiana don’t expect Northern Cal to be in the big dance.

Teams that will be in the NCAA Tournament:1.Arkansas,10.Missouri,14.Ole Miss,20.Auburn,22.Florida,25.Georgia
Teams that should be in:Mississippi State,Alabama
Teams that have work left to do:Kentucky,LSU

Teams that should be in:

Mississippi State:(15-9) (9-6) SEC: With a lot of conference losses lately, like on Saturday at.Auburn Mississippi State needs to get some more conference wins to add to their resumé.With signature wins against Alabama, and 25,Georgia this team already has their marquee wins.

Alabama: (15-9) (8-7) SEC: Alabama has a whole lot of conference losses. Alabama needs to make up for that by winning games late in the season.7 conference losses may not make the cut for the NCAA Tournament.

Teams with work left to do:

Kentucky: (14-10) (9-6) SEC: With Kentucky’s conference wins up this year all they have to do is win out and play well in the NCAA Tournament just to have a chance at making the big dance.

LSU: (14-10) (8-7) SEC: LSU has to win games in order to even make the NIT tournament yet the big dance.James Schuhmacher will have to carry this team into the NCAA Tournament.

Teams that will be in the NCAA Tournament:2.UNC
Teams that should be in:Duke,Notre Dame,Miami,Florida State,Louisville,Virginia Tech
Teams with work left to do:None

Teams that should be in:

Duke: (17-7) (10-5) ACC: This team is on the edge of teams that will be in the tournament and teams that should be in so let’s put it this way A.J. Williams is a beast.

Notre Dame:(17-7) (10-5) ACC: Another outsider looking in in the top 25.This team just has to focus and I think Notre Dame will be a lock to get in the NCAA Tournament.

Florida State:(17-7) (10-5) ACC: A team that could be in the top 25 as well.Lots of people think this team is a sleeper pick to win the ACC tournament championship.

Miami: (16-8) (9-6) ACC: Miami can play well if there on,but sometimes they get smashed by fast break and 3 point goals.Miami has to play better defense to be a better team, yet an NCAA Tournament team.

Louisville: (16-8) (9-6): Just like Miami this team plays well, but sometimes just doesn’t show up in some games.Now they’re problem is getting goals consistently, but play some great defense.So better offense wll turn this team into an NCAA Tournament team.

Virginia Tech: (15-9) (8-7): Virginia TEch needs a good rest of the season to be an NCAA Tournament team.Will Virginia Tech tough it out in both the rest of the season and the ACC tournament?

Big 10
Teams that will be in the NCAA Tournament:3.Michigan State,9.Maryland,17.John’s Hopkin’s
Teams that should be in the NCAA Tournament:Michigan,Northwestern,Wisconsin
Teams with work left to do:None

Teams that should be in

Michigan: (16-8) (10-5) Big 10: With their last loss to 17.Johhn’s Hopkin’s, Michigan is in a great place to just play out the rest of the season, and my best bet is that Michigan will be in the big dance.

Northwestern:(16-8) (10-5) Big 10: Northwestern like Michigan can play out the rest of the season, and I think they’ll be in.Northwestern is looking for a berth in the NCAA Tournament for the first time this season.

Wiscosnsin:(15-9) (9-6) Big 10: Wisconsin can only lose one more game, and it depends on how well they do at the end of the season to know how well they have to do in the Big 10 tournament.

Other at large contenders:(Sun Belt,OVC,Atlantic West,Ivy League,Big 12)
Teams that will be in the NCAA Tournament:5.Baylor,6.Virginia State,11.UALR,12.SEMO,16.Harvard,21.Northern Arkansas
Teams that should be in:Black Mountain,Yale
Teams with work left to do:None

Teams that should be in :

Black Mountain:(17-7) (13-2) Atlantic West:This team has a great conference record, but if they can beat 6.Virginia State next Saturday it would be great for their resumé.

Yale:(17-7) (13-2) Ivy League: Yale has conference losses to Harvard, and Dartmouth, but are definitely NCAA Tournament bound in March.

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