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Player Rankings by State 2018:Alabama-Florida

34.Greg Williams (4C,34OV) Birmingham,AL Committed:Alabama
58.Dre Ziegler (16SF,58OV) Orange Beach,AL Committed:AGCU
102.Mike Johnson (24PG,102OV) Birmingham,AL Committed:Alabama
54.Thompson Williamson (14SG,54OV) Phoenix,AZ Committed:Dallas
116.Trevon Alexander (29PG,116OV) Phoenix,AZ Committed:Florida State
8.C.J. Williams (2PG,8OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:UALR
21.Quinn Wells (8SF,21OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas
25.Ned Thomas (3PF,25OV) Jonesboro,AR Committed:Arkansas State
26.Gus Jaeavo (7PG,26OV) Little Rock,AR (From Spain) Committed:Arkansas
31.Reynoldson Parker (4PF,31OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas
59.Deatrich Miller (8C,59OV) Bentonville,AR Committed:Arkansas
71.Kathlon Reed (21SF,71OV) Benton,AR Committed:Arkansas State
84.Keith Hatfield (20PG,84OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas
107.Andy Allen (25PG,107OV) Fayetteville,AR Committed:Arkansas
5.Dee-Dee Richardson (2SF,5OV) Los Angeles,CA Committed:USC
13.Manny Toliver (4PG,13OV) San Diego,CA Committed:USC
22.Anthony Thompson (5SG,22OV) Oakland,CA Committed:UCLA
40.Billy Malloy (10PG,40OV) San Francisco Committed:Naples
50.Donavan Moore (13PG,5OV) San Jose,CA Committed:USC
60.Cole Givens (16SG,60OV) Santa Barbara,CA Committed:USC
104.Joe McGee (13C,104OV) Oakland,CA Committed:Oreg-Cal
111.Miller Ball (26SG,111OV) Chino Hills,CA Committed:UCLA
115.Christian Tucker (28PG,115OV) San Jose,CA Committed:FGCU
7.Henry Akers (1PF,7OV) Denver,CO Committed:Denver
41.Taylor Jennings (14SF,41OV) Boulder,CO Committed:SLM
70.Anton McGee (17SG,80OV) Denver,CO Committed:Georgia Baptist
98.Wilson Andrews (29SF,98OV) Denver,CO Committed:Denver
37.Ben Carter (9PG,37OV) Hartford,CT Committed:LSU
94.Quincy Porter (22SG,94OV) Hartford,CT Committed:Virginia State
118.Fred Quills (27SG,118OV) Hartford,CT Committed:UCONN
1.Jaylen Moore (1PG,1OV) Gainseville,FL Committed:Florida
16.Greg Frazier (5PG,16OV) Miami,FL Committed:Florida
17.Trayvion Jackson (3SG,17OV) Ft.Myer’s,FL Committed:Florida
20.Sedrick Wilson (7SF,20OV) Ft.Myer’s,FL Committed:FGCU
33.Michael Casey (7SG,33OV) Naples,FL Committed:Naples
64.Anthony Richardson (18SG,64OV) Brandenton,FL Committed:Georgia
65.Sexton Collins (15PG,65OV) Miami,FL Committed:Naples
78.Duane Jones (20SG,78OV) Miami,FL Committed:FGCU
85.Mor Johnson (21PG,85OV) Orlando,FL Committed:Florida State
103.Antonio Clayton (25SG,103OV) Boca Raton,FL Committed:Naples
110.DeShawn Hand (14C,110OV) Brandenton,FL Committed:Florida
112.Devin Christian (27PG,112OV) Coconut Creek,FL Committed:Naples

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