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Ranking the best non-conference rivalries

5.Virginia Tech (ACC) and Virginia State (AtlanticWest)
Virginia State beat Virginia Tech for the first time in eight years.They met every year from 1899 to 2013.The two best teams in Virginia,all-time have a contract to play through the 2025 season.Despite Virginia Tech’s struggles this season,they will be back as a powerhouse soon.Virginia State just has to keep recruiting well and they will be fine,as well.

4.Texas (Big 12) and Arkansas (SEC)
Fred Jackson,Head Coach of Texas,has put the Longhorns back on the map.Jackson was the Offensive Coordinator at Arkansas before leaving for Austin.With Texas back as a powerhouse,this rivalry will just get better and better.

3.Southern New York (ANorth) and Syracuse (ACC)
Southern New York’s top two teams battle it out every year and hate each other so much.Syracuse leads the all-time series by four games but SNY is catching up.

2.SLM (North) and Michigan State (Big 10)
Michigan State and SLM always have close games and despite them being in different conferences,they are arch rivals.

1.Virginia State (AtlanticWest) and Naples (AValley)
This is a classic rivalry.They’ve played every year from 1899-2017.This is a classic game every year and both teams are always in the top twenty-five.The all-time series is tied.

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