College Throwball

College Throwball:Games that will impact conference title races (AValley,SEC,and ANorth)


Conference Standings (Teams in contention)
Conference Playoff (As of Now)
1.(8) Georgia Baptist 19-2 (14-1) AValley
2.(12) Naples 18-3 (12-2) AValley
Outside Looking In
3.(23) Atlanta 16-5 (11-3) AValley
4.Ft.Lauderdale 15-6 (9-5) AValley
5.FGCU 13-8 (8-6) AValley
5.AGCU 13-8 (7-7) AValley

Conference Playoff (As of Now)
1.(14) UT-Arlington 19-2 (15-1) AValley
2.(19) Huff College 17-4 (12-3) AValley
Outside Looking In
2.(25) Dallas 16-5 (12-3) AValley
4.Tex Arkana (ARK) 13-8 (8-7) AValley

12.Naples at. 23.Atlanta-February 3
In a game between the number two and third ranked teams in the AValley East,this game will go a long way into who will get into the AValley Conference Playoff.

19.Huff College at. 25.Dallas-February 10
19.HCU has a head to head win over 25.Dallas but their conference records are now the exact same.The winner of this game will most likely ride their momentum into the Conference Playoff against 14.UT-Arlington.

23.Atlanta at. 14.UT-Arlington-February 10
A game between two AValley heavyweights.

14.UT-Arlington at. 25.Dallas-February 24
This rivalry week match up could just be a preview of the AValley’s West side’s Conference Playoff if 25.Dallas can beat 19.Huff College.

23.Atlanta at. 8.Georgia Baptist-February 24
These two hated rivals could be battling for something more than just a rivalry trophy.


Conference Standings (Teams in Contention)
Conference Playoff (As of Now)
1.(1) Arkansas 22-0 (16-0) SEC
2.(16) Alabama 17-4 (11-4) SEC
Outside Looking In
3.(20) Auburn 16-5 (12-4) SEC
4.Mississippi State 14-7 (9-6) SEC

Conference Playoff (As of Now)
1.(5) Georgia 21-1 (15-1) SEC
2.(22) Missouri 16-6 (11-5) SEC
Outside Looking In
3.South Carolina 13-8 (9-6) SEC

22.Missouri at. 5.Georgia-February 2 (Final:UGA 109,MIZZOU 104)
22.Missouri is in second place in the SEC East but can’t win the division outright because of their five conference losses but their resumé would get better with a win this weekend with a win in Athens against 5.Georgia.

1.Arkansas at. 16.Alabama-February 10
The top two teams in the SEC look to make their resumes better than they already are in Tuscaloosa.

1.Arkansas at. 22.Missouri-February 17
Arkansas will look to end another undefeated season while Missouri will look to strengthen their resumé for the NCAAs.

20.Auburn at. 16.Alabama-February 24
This game,if both Alabama and Auburn win out until this point, will be playing for a spot in the SEC Conference Playoff.


Conference Standings (Teams in contention)
Conference Playoff (As of Now)
1.(13) SLM 19-2 (13-1) ANorth
2.Dayton 13-8 (10-4) ANorth
Outside Looking In
3.Canton Baptist 12-9 (9-5) ANorth

Conference Playoff (As of Now)
1.(11) Denver 21-0 (13-0) ANorth
2.Northern Cal 13-8 (10-4) ANorth
Outside Looking In
3.Boulder 12-9 (9-5) ANorth

11.Denver at. 13.SLM-February 3
In a game between the American North’s two division leaders,this will be a primetime game.Two of the best,if not the best two players in the ANorth are playing against each other.11.Denver wing Jasper Holena and 13.SLM Guard Nick Frazier will be going head to head in Spring Lake.But don’t forget about Elliot Holena.

Boulder at. 11.Denver-February 24
This is a game between arch rivals and it should seal Boulder’s NCAA Tournament fate.11.Denver and Boulder will battle for the state of Colorado during rivalry weekend.

Dayton at. 13.SLM-February 24
Dayton’s R.J. Perry scored a game-winner the last time these teams met on November twenty-first and 13.SLM wants revenge.

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