NTBL Primer:Conference Finals,College Throwball All-Star Game,NTBL Combine

Eastern Conference
1.Little Rock Bucks
2.Birmingham Dragons

Western Conference
2.LA Pacific
5.Oklahoma City Pumas

Two events that will impact this year’s 2018 NTBL Draft are the College Throwball All-Star game andthe NTBL Combine.

Here’s everything you need to know about the college throwball all-star game:

Date,Time,Location:Saturday April 21st,2018 2:30 PM ET,Little Rock,AR
Legend Captains:Carter Huff,Allie Freeman Sr.

Players elgible to be selected
Kelvin Robinson,SF,Arkansas
M.J. Paige,PG,UNC
A.J. Williams,C,Duke
Kadeem Payne,SG,Michigan
DeMarcus Paige,PF,Florida State
Emmanuel Randle,PG,Virginia State
Jonathan Eubanks,SF,Mississppi State
Armistead Williams,C,UNC
Thomas Cook,SG,UT-Arlington
James Norfolk,SF,Virginia State
Sullivan Ulysses,SF,John’s Hopkins
Cam Jones,PG,Auburn
N.C. Huff,PG,Huff College
Tristan Thomas,C,Auburn
R.J. Perry,PF,Dayton
Nick Walker,PG,SLM
Zion Clement,PF,Oklahoma State
Christian Jones,SG,Georgia Baptist
Tristan Baldwin,SF,FGCU
Josh Green,SG,Texas
Mark Feland,PG,Georgia
Jasper Holena,SF,Denver
Jalen Carter,PG,Virginia Tech
Alan Houston,PG,Michigan State
Ted Saer,PG,AGCU
J.A. Williams,SG-PG,Arkansas
Extra Player
Robert Eubanks,SG,Ft.Lauderdale
Freddy Banks,PG,Dallas

Everything you need to know abou the NTBL Combine:

Date,Time,Location:Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,and Friday April 22nd,23rd,24th,25th,and 26th

Any player that is elgible for the NTBL draft and has declared.

The last time any player can declare the draft and the combine is this Sunday April 22nd.

Note:Seniors are already entered in draft.

List of underclassmen
Kelvin Robinson-Arkansas
J.A. Williams-Arkansas
DeMarcus Paige-Florida State

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