High School Throwball Recruiting NTBL

Celebs Pay NTBL

As you know, the NTBL is very popular. It is so popular that famous actor Dylan Huff paid money to the NTBL and is now in control with Public Affairs for the league. He has brought more attention to the sport. He made a commercial sponsoring the team alongside his clothing company. He has also been seen at many Arkansas Valley and many other college games alongside his pro game visits. His son, Carter Huff, who is only 16, is thinking about going to Arkansas Valley for throwball. Dylan paid the NTBL $30,000 and paid Arkansas Valley $100,000. Arkansas Valley is using the money for recruiting and scholarships. The NTBL will be using their money to expand the league and foreign leagues. If you ever want to meet Mr.Huff, just go to an Arkansas Valley game and he will most likely be there.

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