CTBL Conferences and Divisions Confirmed


Pacific: Yukon 86ers(Whitehorse, YT), Vancouver BlackBears(Vancouver, BC), Victoria Mighty(Victoria, BC)

Middle Valley: Calgary Bulls(Calgary, AB), Edmonton Buffalo(Edmonton, AB), Yellowknife Indians(Yellowknife, NT)

Central: Saskatoon Moose(Saskatoon, SK), Regina Hunters(Regine, SK), Winnipeg Snow(Winnipeg, MB)



Island: Nova Scotia Lumberjacks(Halifax, NS), Prince Edward Island Kings(Charlottetown, PE), St.John’s Royals(St. John’s, NL)

North: Nunavut Eskimos(Iqaluit, NU), New Brunswick Fishermen(Moncton, NB), Fredericton Grizzlies(Fredericton, NB)

South: Quebec City Snowmen(Quebec City, QC) Montreal Frenchmen(Montreal, QC), Toronto Honeycombs(Toronto, ON)


Foreign Throwball Commissioner, D.Wilson, announces creation of the Canadian Throwball League.

As of 1:15 PM CST on Sunday, April 19, D.Wilson has announced the creation of a Canadian Throwball League.  The League will include 18 teams, 1 from each Canadian Province and Territory plus extra teams in other large Canadian Cities. The FTBL is being sold and being turned into a small basketball league. Al FTBL players are getting the rest of their contracts upfront. There should be no worries as the players full contracts have been payed to them. There are also talks of a Latin American league. Canada should be proud to introduce the CTBL. Please expect rumors of the Latin American League soon. C.Huff and I will be having meetings about it. Thank You.


FTBL Owner and Commissioner Dylan W. interviews Alex Kupos.

Dylan sits down in an online meeting with former ranked 10th foreign prospect. Alex Kupos’ rank slowly fell this season as he missed 15 games from a broken arm. He spoke about the issue saying he is healing and that his rankings will soon go back up. That was not the case for Alex as his ranking fell from 10th best foreign to not even top 50. He says he might go back to basketball after this due to the struggle of getting his rankings up. He has played 2 years in Athens, which is also the birthplace of his parents, before moving to London and giving birth to Alex. He wants to keep playing Throwball but feels it is not good for him as he thinks about playing basketball every day. Being only 19 he still has many years left,but he feels basketball would be best for him if he wants to succeed. He had college offers to play basketball before he moved to Athens to play in the FTBL. Alex says, “I want to get my family out of the place they are, I want to go to the NBA. I want to be the next person to rep basketball for Greece like Giannis. My agent and I spoke, there is a spot on the Maine Red Claws.”

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Coronavirus Stops FTBL Season

3 FTBL players/ Free Agents have been infected with the virus. Power Foward from the Beijing Ducks, Mingyao Li, has been infected with the virus after traveling home to Wuhan over the last few weeks. He and the rest of the team are in quarantine. Tokyo Robots star point guard, Rui Osokawa Wakatsuki, was also infected. He had been out with illness and was just check Wednesday morning. And free agent John Barnes was also infected while in China for a training session. With only 5 games left in the regular season, each team’s season will be cut short. We do not know when the tournament will be, but don’t worry, our biggest concern is the safety of our players and fans.


sincerely, your FTBL commissioner


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Top 5 Foreign Throwball Prep Schools

Top Ranked Foreign Prep Schools Across The World

  1. Académie Préparatoire de Throwball de Paris(Paris, France)
  2. Carlos Rodriguez School for Throwball(Mexico City, Mexico)
  3. Osaka Prep(Osaka, Japan)
  4. Sainte Pierre Charter(Toronto, Canada)
  5. Queensland Throwball Prep(Brisbane, Australia)
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Top 10 Foreign Under 16 Paychecks

Each top 10 players are going to be paid nice amounts of money for practicing and other things to help them keep going in throwball.

  1. Max Sopiere(France) 10,000 Dollars
  2. Sam Cartright(Canada) 9,000 Dollars
  3. Miguel Poco(Brazil) 8,000 Dollars
  4. Carmelo Vecci(Italy) 7,000 Dollars
  5. Aito Watanabe(Japan) 6,000 dollars
  6. Shi Fu Chung(China) 5,000 Dollars
  7. Connor Faragan(Ireland) 4,000 Dollars
  8. Sam Jones(England) 3,000 Dollars
  9. Victor Bobovski(Ukraine) 2,000 Dollars
  10. Vincent Martin(Australia) 1,000 Dollars

If the parents  use this money for anything else but their child/children, they will be fined. I, the head of all foreign throwball, will start a donation within the NTBL to support poor nations in creating a field and buying equipment.

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Top 10 Under 16 Foreign Prospects

  1. Max Sopiere(France)
  2. Sam Cartright(Canada)
  3. Miguel Poco(Brazil)
  4. Carmelo Vecci(Italy)
  5. Aito Watanabe(Japan)
  6. Shi Fu Chung(China)
  7. Connor Faragan(Ireland)
  8. Sam Jones(England)
  9. Victor Bobovski(Ukraine)
  10. Vincent Martin(Australia)
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Top 10 Foreign Prospects

  1. 1.Ukao Makalawi,(1PF),Kenya (Arkansas Practice Squad)
  2. Gustavo Melo (3SG),Mexico (Rio)
  3. Polo Chavez (2PG),Mexico (Bogota)
  4. Finlay Brown,(1PF),Great Britain (London)
  5. .Damasus Gatatus,(1Goalie),Athens (Athens)
  6. Yuri Vasili(2PF)
  7. Jesus Carlos y Vega (2SG),Spain (Real Madrid)
  8. Alex Kupos (3SG),Great Britain (Athens)
  9. Jose Alvarez,(1PG),Spain (Real Madrid)
  10. Abdul Anwari (3PG),Tokyo (Jakarta)
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Latin American FTBL Rosters

Latin America:

Havana Sugar Canes:

Jose Quandano(PG), Siablo De Marco(SG), Carlos Martinez-Pablano(SF), Juan Jose Malamarquez(PF), Hector Hasta(C), Juan Hernangomez-Puebles(G), Cinco Ocho(PG), Samando Pina(SG), Armando Hector(SF), Roberto Sanchez(PF), Eric Costano(C), Ronaldo Diez(G)

Mexico Diablos

Juan Mactaza(PG), Robert Williams(SG), Samuel Hernangomez(SF), Jose Diaz-Julio(PF), Tommy Sanchez(C), Jonathan Morales(G), Miguel Hernangomez(PG), Sean Loredo(SG), Tomas Valentino(SF), Christo Gasol(PF), Hector Williams(C), Poco Jones(G)

Rio Machetes

Davi Costa(PG), Gustavo Melo(SG), Enzo Alves(SF), Thiago Teixeira(PF), Joaquim Montes(C), Enrique Salves(G), Juan Azevedo(PG), Diogo Morais(SG), Danilo Rocha(SF), Hugo Cabasea(PF), Brian Bucho(C), Allando Siames(G)

Bogota Mestizos

Polo Chavez(PG), Damon Callante(SG), Miguel Juan Rinaldes(SF) Sergio Cabrera(PF), Luis Hijo(C), Rodrigo Valdivia(G), Miguel Maldonado(PG), Ruben Barraza(SG), Marc Carballo(SF), Guillermo Almanza(PF), Rafael Sanchez(C), Hald Van Der Marrk(G) 

Today was a big day for The FTBL. Practices will start tomorrow.


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Asian FTBL Rosters

Beijing Ducks: Li Cho(PG), Zhong Wei(SG),Ping Tang(SF)Ming Yang Lin(PF), Allan Brooks(C)Po Wei(Goal), Michael Williams(PG), Zhang Chi(SG), Bao Lo Min(SF), Shu Zi(PF), Ko Mang(C), Ji Lao(Goalie)


Moscow Reds: Yuri Volskov(PG), Alexei Romanov(SG), Askov Vilovic(SF), Andrei Ivanov(PF), Boris Smirnov(C), Viktor Morov(Goalie), Mark Cousins(PG), Damian Lois(SG), Andrei Salov(SF), Jamie Alastar(PF), Ovov Urder(C), Isiki Alovov(Goalie)


Tokyo Robots: Ariaka Osoni(PG),  Aiki Osaka(SG), Onami Abe(SF), Sokio Gima(PF), Uki Kok(C), Mosaka Okinawa(G), Shinzo Siwi(PG), William MacEntire(SG), Soowi Salomaki(SF) Taka Uso(PF) Talima Ono(C), Chiwi Santako(G)

Jarkarta Royalty: Abdul Anwari(PG), Bima Az(SG), Anali Sung(SF), Eko Bulan(PF), Hasan Iman(C), Harti Malik(G) Jusuf Ooy(PG), Mawar Pannata(SG) Muhammed Rais(SF), Nur Ramdani(PF), Ali Samima(C), Samar Khawi(G)