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College Throwball:TN analyst Carter Huff weighs in on ACC’s biggest questions heading into the summer

After North Carolina, NC State, and Duke who should be the next best team in the ACC?
Carter-Syracuse.Syracuse,who is led by star wing RJ Baizley,rising Sophomore wing AJ Chaney,and sharp-shooting lead guard Michael Huerter (who transferred during Christmas break) should be the top team in the ACC’s north division in 2020.

Which 2019 prospect (2019-2020 Freshman) should make the biggest impact for a team in the ACC?
Carter-While North Carolina signed the top four of five recruits in the 2019 class coming into the ACC in 2019, Alan Eerie,a Tampa native should make the biggest impact for a Wake Forest team that was in the NCAA Tournament for the first time in six seasons.Eerie can handle the ball and has the ability at 6’6 to shoot over any guard who is defending him.

Which top 2020 prospect should be a battle between all ACC schools?
Carter-Point Guard EL Page.Page is a top twenty-five recruit,a top ten point guard recruit and has the athleticism and leadership to start in the ACC immediately.Syracuse has his pledge now but NC State, Wake Forest, Florida State,Southern New York,Norfolk, and Clemson are all on the Orange’s tail for the Bronx,New York native.

Who will be the ACC’s most underrated team in the 2019-2020 season?
Carter-Duke.While Duke loses AJ Williams, they return young talent including Point Forward Jack Goodwin, wings William Gordon and Quinton Walker and Seniors in Guard Andre Jackson and Forward Shawn Elliott.Duke may not be as good as they have been in the past three seasons, they will be back in the NCAA Tournament in 2020.

Who will be the first ACC prospect off the board in the 2019 NTBL draft?
Without question it will be North Carolina Junior Center Armistead Williams.He can impact a team’s rebounding stats immediately and posses the quickness to guard both front court spots.

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