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2019 TN JUCO 10:Where the top ten JUCO players in the country signed

1.Amon Jones-PG,SG,SF-Atlanta Southside CC-Transferred from:Did not transfer-High School:Atlanta Christian High School Signed:Auburn (1PG)
2.Mac Lewis-PF-Southern Arkansas CC-Transferred from:Arkansas-High School:Tampa Bay Private Signed:Arkansas (1PF)
3.Tyler Jackson-PG-Southwest Florida CC-Transferred from Florida International-High School:Miami Catholic Signed:Wake Forest (2PG)
4.Wilson Thompson-C-Arlington-Dallas CC-Transferred from:Northern Oklahoma-High School:New Orleans Signed:Louisville (1C)
5.Quinton Wilson-SF-Independence CC-Transferred from:Did not transfer-High School:Lawrence Signed:Kansas (1SF)
6.Houston Matthews-SG-Boston Christian Transferred from:Yale-High School:Imackulate Prep Signed:Atlanta (1SG)
7.Benny Thomas-PF-Spring Lake CC-Transferred from:Ohio-High School:Canton Day Signed:Ohio State (2PF)
8.Quest Wilson-PG-Northern Arkansas CC-Transferred from:Did not transfer-High School:Central Signed:TCU (3PG)
9.Fred Anthony-Goalie-East Mississippi CC-Transferred from:Florida Atlantic-High School:Naples Signed:Florida (1Goalie)
10.Zion Patrick-PG-Pudget Sound CC-Transferred from:Oregon State-High School:Seattle West Signed:Oregon State (4PG)

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