NTBL:2019-2020 Official Realignment and G-League Affiliates announced for each team

Now that each division has five teams, New Orleans and Tulsa got their team’s back!!! There will be no expansion team for the Western Conference’s Midwest because of Kansas City’s move into that division. There will be an expansion team draft this summer at some point.

Eastern Conference

Baltimore Seawolves-Relocated from Tampa Bay
G-League Team:Annapolis Sharks
Charlotte Avalanche
G-League Team:Raleigh Blizzards
DC Hawks
G-League Team:Washington DC Eagles
Richmond Eagles
G-League Team:Blacksburg Ravens
Expansion Team:Charleston Hornets
G-League Team:Columbia Pirates

Cleveland Warriors
G-League Team: Cincinnati Knights
Chicago Bruins
G-League Team:Rockford Bears
Detroit Avalanche
G-League Team: Ann Arbor Snow Bears
Indianapolis Spartans-Relocated from New Orleans
G-League Team:Evansville Trojans
Expansion Team:Lansing Lions
G-League Team:West Michigan Rams

Boston Wolves
G-League Team:New England Coyotes
New York Wildcats
G League Team:Long Island Mountain Lions
Philadelphia Falcons-Relocated from Augusta
G-League Team:Philadelphia Steelers
Pittsburgh Grizzlies
G-League Team:Pittsburgh Bears
Expansion Team:Hartford Black Bears
G-League Team:Bridgeport Foxes

Birmingham Dragons
G-League Team:Tuscaloosa Fire Breathers
Dallas Blues
G-League Team:Austin Jazz
Little Rock Bucks
G-League Team:Fayetteville Deer
Memphis Bobcats-Relocated from Jefferson City
Expansion Team:New Orleans Rattlesnakes
G-League Team:Baton Rouge Serpents

Western Conference

Oklahoma City Pumas
G-League Team: Lawton Wildcats
Phoenix Storm
G-League Teams:Tucson Dusters
San Antonio Sharks
G-League Teams :El-Paso Sea Devils
Santa Fe Indians
G-League Team:Albuquerque Redskins
Expansion Team:Tulsa Killer Whales
G-League Team:Tulsa Geckos

LA Pacific
G-League Team: San Francisco Sailors
LA Suns
G-League Team: San Jose Rays
Sacramento Hornets
G-League Team:Palo Alto Wasps
San Diego Rockets
G-League Team:San Diego Missiles
Expansion Team:Oakland Stars
G-League Team:Oakland Soldiers

Kansas City Panthers-Realigned to the Midwest of the Western Conference due to the folding of Jefferson City
G-League Team:Jefferson City Pumas
Des Moines Trojans
G-League Team: Iowa City Spartans
Lincoln Lightning-Relocated from Tulsa
G-League Team:Omaha Bighorn Sheep
Minneapolis Wild Dogs
G-League Team:St. Paul Timberwolves

Boise Stallions
G-League Team:Idaho Falls Colts
Eugene Coyotes
G-League Team: Medford Snow Dogs
Portland Foxes
G-League Team: Salem Coyotes
Seattle Bears
G-League Team: Tacoma Wild Beasts
Expansion Team:Fargo Buffaloes
G-League TeamBismarck Bulls

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