Blog Update

So here’s what’s going to change…

So if you want to go check out what I will be doing on (my main sports website) while I am at camp you can check it out. I will be gone July 14-26.

Now for, there will be a post every day for when the major tournament starts in Spring Lake and won’t be covering any minor tournaments while I’m gone. The tournament post will come out at noon CT each day There will also be a college throwball schedule preview every so often. Those will always come out at 2 PM CT. Because, college throwball’s early signing period is in July, I will do all of the posts I can do on that, and recap it all when I am back home.

I will also make some edits to the 2019 Transfer Rankings. I will make a post when those rankings are updated.

By Carter Huff

Please enjoy all of my content :) <3-Carter.

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