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UCLA Head Coach Rob Fillion looking for someone to call plays, be offensive coordinator

With all of the buzz surrounding UCLA, Head Coach Rob Fillion decided he would be looking for an offensive coordinator. On the top of UCLA’s list is Fillion’s brother, Andy Fillion, the current head coach of the high school power, Hillcrest Prep. Andy left the job as offensive coordinator at Phoenix Catholic before last high school season after the head coaching job became vacant after over forty seasons. Fillion’s second option would be Cal Guard Coach Miller Mitchell, who has had success at the high school level as a head coach, and at an offensive position in both college throwball and the NTBL. Landing TN’s top two transfers (Guard Gerry Trent and Center AJ Williams) will require a play caller with the amount of scorers on the roster. So, Rob’s brother Andy remains the favorite for the job, but only time will tell where this hiring will go.

By Carter Huff

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