College Throwball

College Throwball:2019-2020 Big 12 Preview

Projected Conference Standings
2.Little Rock
4.Arkansas State
5.Oklahoma State
7.Texas Tech

4.Kansas State
5.Iowa State
6.West Virginia

Pre-Season All-Conference Teams,Awards

Pre-Season Awards
Player of the Year:Jaylen Moore,PG,Texas (Sophomore)
Newcomer of the Year:Kelvin Sisa,PF,Kansas (Sophomore)
Coach of the Year:Fred Jackson,Texas (4th Season)

1st Team
G:Allie Freeman,Little Rock (Senior)
G:Jaylen Moore,Texas (Sophomore)
F:KJ Hill,TCU (Sophomore)
F:Kathlon Robinson,Little Rock (Senior)
C:Billy Wheeless,Texas (Junior)
Goalie:Mills Moore,Kansas (Sophomore)

2nd Team
G:Damon Alexander,Kansas (Junior)
G:Elliot Holena,Denver (Senior)
F:Quinton Wilson,Kansas (Junior)
F:Kelvin Sisa,Kansas (Sophomore)
C:DJ Wise,TCU (Junior)
Goalie:Jed Weston,Kansas State (Sophomore)

Newcomer Team (Transfers, Freshmen, JUCO Transfers)
G:Kris Payne,TCU (Junior)
G:Aaron Grace,Kansas (Freshman)
F:Kelvin Sisa,Kansas (Sophomore)
F:Quinton Wilson,Kansas (Junior)
C:Chrishaun Thomas,Alabama (Junior)
Goalie:Alan Wilson,Texas (Freshman)

Power Ranking the players from first and second team
1.Allie Freeman,PG,Little Rock (Senior)
2018-19 Stats:56.2 GPG, 14.5 APG, 8.4 SPG
2.Jaylen Moore,PG,Texas (Sophomore)
2018-19 Stats:27.3 GPG, 16.2 SPG, 9.2 SPG
3.Damon Alexander,PG,Kansas (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:33.3 GPG, 8.9 APG, 7.2 SPG
4.Kathlon Robinson,PF,Little Rock (Senior)
2018-19 Stats:24.3 GPG, 14.3 RPG, 10.2 BPG
5.Billy Wheeless,C,Texas (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:27.2 GPG, 17.8 RPG, 13.1 BPG
6.KJ Hill,PF/SF,TCU (Sophomore)
2018-19 Stats:32.3 GPG, 16.6 RPG, 8.8 SPG
7.Kelvin Sisa,PF/SF,Kansas (Sophomore)
2018-19 Stats:37.9 GPG, 14.1 RPG, 13.1 BPG
8.Quinton Wilson,SF/PF,Kansas (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:(JUCO) 49.2 GPG, 15.5 RPG, 7.2 SPG
9.Elliot Holena,PG,Denver (Senior)
2018-19 Stats:23.2 GPG, 19.6 APG, 13.2 SPG
10.DJ Wise,C,TCU (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:19.6 GPG, 10.2 RPG, 9.6 BPG
11.Mills Moore,Goalie,Kansas (Sophomore)
2018-19 Stats:466 rebounds, 506 blocks/saves
12.Jed Weston,Goalie,Kansas State (Sophomore)
2018-19 Stats:455 rebounds, 500 blocks/saves

2019 TN 100:Incoming Big 12 Recruits
11.Jamison Thomas (2PF) Naples,TX (Naples) Signed:Texas
13.Treylon Payne (3SF) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Signed:Little Rock
23.Kam Johnson (4PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Signed:Baylor
39.Aaron Grace (6SG) San Antonio,TX (San Antonio) Signed:Kansas
46.Powell Mahomes (12SF) Tyler,TX (Tyler) Signed:Kansas
48.Fred Jackson Jr. (13PG) Fayetteville,AR (Austin) Signed:Texas
55.Jack Williams (10SG) San Antonio,TX (San Antonio Prep) Signed:Baylor
68.Alan Wilson (4Goalie) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Signed:Texas
72.Robert Althoff (18SF) Allen,TX (Allen) Signed:Baylor
75.Kevin Wilson (12SG) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Signed:Oklahoma State
83.Billy Murphy (10PF) Jefferson City,MO (Jefferson City Christian) Signed:Kansas
99.OL Jackson (24PG) Omaha,NE (Baptist) Signed:Kansas

2019 Big 12 Class Rankings (Every team who got a recruit signed)
2019 TN 100 Signees:4 JUCO Signees:1
2019 TN 100 Signees:3 JUCO Signees:0
2019 TN 100 Signees:3 JUCO Signees:0
4.Little Rock
2019 TN 100 Signees:1 JUCO Signees:0
5.Oklahoma State
2019 TN 100 Signees:1 JUCO Signees:0

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