College Throwball

College Throwball 2020-2021 Season:Everything you need to know about neutral “sets” for the upcoming season

Here is every neutral “set” of games with everything you need to know about them (dates, locations, teams).

Myrtle Beach Set (Conway,SC)

November 19
Middle Tennessee State vs. Villanova
Tulane vs. Mississippi State
Ohio vs. Baylor
Utah vs. Coastal Carolina

November 20
Middle Tennessee State vs. Tulane
Ohio vs. Utah
Villanova vs. Mississippi State
Baylor at. Coastal Carolina (while it is a neutral event it is played on CCU’s home field)

November 22
Middle Tennessee State vs. Ohio
Utah vs. Tulane
Mississippi State at. Coastal Carolina
Villanova vs. Baylor

Charleston Set (Charleston,SC)

November 19
Missouri State vs. Miami
Saint Joseph’s vs. Florida
Towson vs. Xavier
Buffalo vs. Connecticut

November 20
Missouri State vs. Saint Joseph’s
Towson vs. Buffalo
Miami vs. Florida
Xavier vs. Connecticut

November 22
Towson vs. Saint Joseph’s
Missouri State vs. Buffalo
Connecticut vs. Miami
Xavier vs. Florida

New York Set (New York,NY)

November 19
Georgetown vs. Texas
Duke vs. California

November 20
Texas vs. California
Georgetown vs. Duke

Virgin Islands Set (Saint Thomas,VI)

November 20
Grand Canyon vs. Valparaiso
Fordham vs. Nevada
Illinois State vs. Cincinnati
Bowling Green vs. Western Kentucky

November 21
Grand Canyon vs. Fordham
Illinois State vs. Western Kentucky

November 22
Valparaiso vs. Nevada
Bowling Green vs. Cincinnati

November 23
Grand Canyon vs. Illinois State
Fordham vs. Western Kentucky
Valparaiso vs. Cincinnati
Bowling Green vs. Nevada

Connecticut Set (Ucansville,CT)

November 21
Columbia vs. Rider
Central Connecticut State vs. Vermont
Massachusetts vs. Virginia
St. John’s vs. Arizona State

November 24
Central Connecticut State vs. Columbia
Rider vs. Vermont
Massachusetts vs. St. John’s
Virginia vs. Arizona State

Las Vegas Set 1 (Paradise,NV)

November 22
Detroit Mercy vs. UC-Irvine
Wyoming vs. Colorado
Clemson vs. TCU

November 23
Detroit Mercy vs. Louisiana

November 24
Louisiana vs. UC-Irvine
Wyoming vs. TCU
Clemson vs. Colorado

Estero Set (Estero,FL)

November 23
South Alabama vs. Northeastern
Miami (Ohio) vs. Drakes
Wright State vs. Weber State
La Salle vs. Murray State

November 24
Miami (Ohio) vs. South Alabama
La Salle vs. Wright State
Drake vs. Northeastern
Murray State vs. Weber State

November 25
Northeastern vs. Weber State
Drake vs. Murray State
Wright State vs. Miami (Ohio)
La Salle vs. South Alabama

Cayman Islands Set (George Town,Cayman Islands)

November 23
Colorado State vs. New Mexico State
South Florida vs. Loyola Chicago
Old Dominion vs. George Mason
Washington State vs. Nebraska

November 24
Colorado State vs. Loyola Chicago
Old Dominion vs. Washington State
South Florida vs. New Mexico State
George Mason vs. Nebraska

November 25
Old Dominion vs. Loyola Chicago
Colorado State vs. Washington State
South Florida vs. Nebraska
George Mason vs. New Mexico State

Brooklyn Set (Brooklyn,NY)

November 23
Western Michigan vs. Yale
Seattle vs. Bucknell

November 24
Seattle vs. Western Michigan
Bucknell vs. Yale

November 25
Penn State vs. Ole Miss
Oklahoma State vs. Syracuse

November 27
Penn State vs. Syracuse
Ole Miss vs. Oklahoma State

Hawaii Set (Maui,HI)

November 23
Dayton vs. Georgia
Chaminade vs. Kansas
Virginia Tech vs. Michigan State

November 24
Georgia vs. Michigan State
Chaminade vs. UCLA
Virginia Tech vs. Dayton
BYU vs. Kansas

November 25
UCLA vs. Michigan State
Dayton vs. Kansas
Chaminade vs. Georgia
BYU vs. Virginia Tech

Fort Myer’s Set

November 25
Pittsburgh vs. Kansas State
Bradley vs. Northwestern

November 25
Bradley vs. Kansas State
Pittsburgh vs. Colorado

Green Bay Set (Green Bay,WI)

November 23
Richmond vs. Wisconsin
New Mexico vs. Auburn

November 24
New Mexico vs. Wisconsin
Richmond vs. Auburn

Kansas City Set (Kansas City,MO)

November 23
Butler vs. Missouri
Oklahoma vs. Stanford

November 24
Oklahoma vs. Missouri
Butler vs. Stanford

Cancun Set

November 24
South Carolina vs. Wichita State
West Virginia vs. Northern Iowa

November 25
South Carolina vs. Northern Iowa
West Virginia vs. Wichita State

Bahamas Set (Nassau,Bahamas)

November 25
Iowa State vs. Michigan
Alabama vs. North Carolina
Southern Miss vs. Gonzaga
Seton Hall vs. Oregon

November 26
Iowa State vs. Alabama
Southern Miss vs. Seton Hall
Michigan vs. North Carolina
Gonzaga vs. Oregon

November 27
Southern Miss vs. Alabama
Iowa State vs. Seton Hall
Oregon vs. North Carolina
Gonzaga vs. Michigan

Orlando Set (Lake Buena Vista,FL)

November 26
Temple vs. Maryland
Texas A&M vs. Harvard
Fairfield vs. USC
Marquette vs. Davidson

November 27
Temple vs. Texas A&M
Fairfield vs. Davidson
Harvard vs. Maryland
Marquette vs. USC

Southern California Set (Anaheim,CA)

November 26
Long Beach State vs. Providence
College of Charleston vs. Wake Forest
Penn vs. Central Florida
Pepperdine vs. Arizona

November 27
College of Charleston vs. Providence
Pepperdine vs. Central Florida
Long Beach State vs. Wake Forest
Penn vs. Arizona

November 29
Providence vs. Pepperdine
Long Beach State vs. Penn
College of Charleston vs. Central Florida
Arizona vs. Wake Forest

Las Vegas Set 2 (Paradise,NV)

November 26
Texas Tech vs. Iowa
Creighton vs. San Diego State

November 27
Creighton vs. Texas Tech
San Diego State vs. Iowa

Niceville Set (Niceville,FL)

November 27
Florida State vs. Tennessee
Purdue vs. VCU

November 28
VCU vs. Tennessee
Purdue vs. Florida State

Boca Raton Set

November 29
UIC at. Florida Atlantic (while it is a neutral event it is played on FAU’s home field)
St. Bonaventure vs. San Diego
Canisius vs. Mercer
Holy Cross vs. Hofstra

November 30
Holy Cross vs. Mercer
Canisius vs. Hofstra
UIC vs. San Diego
St. Bonaventure vs. Florida Atlantic

Hawaii Set

December 20
Portland vs. Houston
Boise State vs. Georgia Tech
Washington vs. Ball State
UTEP at. Hawaii (while it is a neutral event it is played on Hawaii’s home field)

December 21
Portland vs. Boise State
Ball State vs. UTEP
Georgia Tech vs. Houston
Washington at. Hawaii

December 23
Ball State vs. Portland
Boise State vs. UTEP
Georgia Tech at. Hawaii
Houston vs. Washington

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