2020-2021 NTBL Realignment

**=expansion teams

American Throwball Conference

Chicago Bruins
G-League Team:Rockford Bears
Detroit Avalanche
G-League Team: Ann Arbor Snow Bears
Indianapolis Spartans
G-League Team:Evansville Trojans
Lansing Lions
G-League Team:West Michigan Rams
Milwaukee Storm *Relocated from Jefferson City*
G-League Team:Green Bay Cheese

Boston Wolves
G-League Team:New England Coyotes
*Brooklyn Kings*
G-League Team:Brooklyn Busters
Hartford Black Bears
G-League Team:Bridgeport Fox
New York Wildcats
G-League Team:Long Island Mountain Lions
Philadelphia Falcons
G-League Team:Philadelphia Steelers
Pittsburgh Grizzlies
G-League Team:Pittsburgh Bears

Boise Stallions
G-League Team:Idaho Falls Colts
Eugene Coyotes
G-League Team:Medford Snow Dogs
LA Pacific
G-League Team:San Francisco Sailors
LA Suns
G-League Team:Sacramento Hornets
Oakland Stars
G-League Team:Oakland Soldiers
Sacramento Hornets
G-League Team:Palo Alto Hornets
San Diego Rockets
G-League Team:San Diego Missiles

National Throwball Conference

Dallas Blues
G-League Team:Austin Jazz
Kansas City Panthers
G-League Team:Kansas City Monarchs
Little Rock Bucks
G-League Team:Fayetteville Deer
Memphis Bobcats
G-League Team:Nashville Tunes
New Orleans Rattlesnakes
G-League Team:Baton Rouge Serpents
Oklahoma City Pumas
G-League Team:Lawton Wildcats

Atlanta Eagles (Relocated from Richmond)
G-League Team:Athens Ravens
Baltimore Seawolves
G-League Team:Annapolis Sharks
Birmingham Dragons
G-League Team:Tuscaloosa Fire Breathers
Charleston Hornets
G-League Team:Columbia Pirates
Charlotte Avalanche
G-League Team:Raleigh Blizzards
DC Hawks
G-League Team:Washington DC Eagles

Des Moines Trojans
G-League Team:Iowa City Spartans
Lincoln Lightning (Relocated from Tulsa)
G-League Team:Omaha Bighorn Sheep
Phoenix Storm
G-League Teams:Tucson Dusters
San Antonio Sharks
G-League Teams :El-Paso Sea Devils
Santa Fe Indians
G-League Team:Albuquerque Redskins
Seattle Bears
G-League Team:Tacoma Wild Beasts

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