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Rumors: East, West Valley could come back together

At East Valley and West Valley throwball media days, discussion about realignment came out. Without much revenue going to both conferences, it is expected in the coming years that the Arkansas Valley Conference, or something similar, could re-form with almost all of the East Valley’s programs and a select few of West Valley programs. The two conferences split away from the Arkansas Valley ahead of the 2020-2021 academic year. East Valley commissioner George Hall only wants programs from the West Valley that add value to the new conference. It would look something like this:

Charlotte State
Fort Lauderdale
Georgia Baptist
Jones College
Nashville State
New Orleans
Northern Arkansas
Ouachita Baptist
Texarkana (AR)
Virginia State

(East Valley members Asheville State, Charleston State, NC Central, Southern North Carolina, and the rest of the West Valley are expected to not make the cut for the conference.

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