College Throwball

Ranking the Conferences

The AValley has been the best for years now with schools that bring great talent to their respective team.Those great team’s include Naples (38 Championships)Atlanta(32 Championships),Georgia Baptist (30 Championships),Dallas(33 Championships),and UT-Arlington (17 Championships).That’s 150 championships combined!Nobody can catch up to this conference in anything Throwball related!The South is where all the Throwball Talent comes from,and that’s just one reason why this conference is the best.
The ANorth was created by the same people who created the AValley.Although there’s much more talent in the South in recruiting.Dayton and SLM both have 25 Championships and Denver has 11.As the ANorth has produced 61 Championships.It is clear why they’re tied for the 2nd best conference in Throwball,they can recruit from the South.Somehow they can do it.Nobody knows how and why.
The SEC has been a great Throwball Conference for years.With Arkansas joining the conference in 1992.Arkansas has won an overall 36 Championships and 16 in the SEC.Florida has 29 Championships,Alabama has 4 Championships, Missouri has 16 NIT Championships,and South Carolina has 15 NIT Championships.That’s 59 National Championships and 31 NIT Championships,and 90 Championships overall.The SEC can make a run to be a great conference.
North Carolina and Duke have been the main producers for Championships in the ACC.North Carolina has 35 Championships and Duke has 17 Championships.Notre Dame the new affiliate member of the ACC in 2014 has 5 Championships.That’s 57 Championships.The ACC isn’t too far behind the SEC.
Favorite:North Carolina
5.Big 10
The Big 10 hasn’t been a great championship producer,but a great conference overall.Rutgers and Maryland joined the conference a couple of years ago,and John Hopkin’s came in before the start of last year as Maryland and John Hopkins have become good additions to the conference,but not Rutgers.Michigan St. has 16 Championships,John Hopkin’s has 13 Championships,as well as Maryland.The conference has 42 overall championships.The Big 10 has areas to improve as a conference,but they’re good as of now.
Favorite:Michigan State

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