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Throwball Pre-Season Top 25

1.North Carolina Tar Heels Projected Record:27-3 ACC Coastal Chapel Hill,NNorth Carolina did what they did best with winning a national championship with this lineup G:M.J. Paige G:K.J. Meeks F:J.A.Jackson F:B.J. Johnson C:Brian Woods Goalie:Willie HughesAs M.J. Paige put the team on his back coming from 6 down in the last 90 seconds of the champ game versus the title favorite Arkansas Razorbacks.M.J. hits a game winning shot with 0.7 seconds left on the clock as they won 46-45.Now as K.J. Meeks departs to the NTBL after his Junior year,as well as J.A. Jackson.Well, this is what the team looks like after departures and recruiting G:William Britt G:M.J. PaigeF:K.J. Jenkins (Transfer from Villanova) F:B.J. Johnson C:Armsted Williams (1C,6OV).Goalie:Willie Hughes.This team is a real title contender after last year.

2.Arkansas Razorbacks Projected Record:30-0 SEC West Fayetteville,AR
Arkansas fell short of winning a championship by 1 goal.They lead by as many as 10 in the final quarter of play,but UNC Guard M.J. Paige stole the show in the final 2 minutes of the game scoring 6 unanswered goals all by himself.The winning goal being with 7 tenths of a second left. Although they do get the 1 recruit in the nation in Jonathan William’s brother J.A. Williams and the 11. recruit from Little Rock Kelvin Robinson from Episcopal.Josh Green was the standout in last year’s NCAA Tournament, but as usual Hunter Henry,Jonathan Williams, and Alex Collins did their thing as well.(HH and AC leaving for the NFL)Although, Jonathan wanted to stay,and help little his brother to make one more run for a championship in Fayetteville meanwhile playing for the Bills in the NFL.Arkansas loses both Hunter Henry and Alex Collins to the NFL.This is what the lineup is looking like for the Hogs G:Jonathan Williams G:J.A. Williams(1G,1OV)F:Kelvin Robinson (3SF,10OV) F:Allen Baynes (transfer from Florida) C:John Claybrook Goalie:Hayes Harris (1Goa.,13OV)Arkansas is always a lock to win it all.

3.Naples Hurricane Gators Projected Record:30-0 AValley East Naples,FL
Naples had a down postseason in both the AValley Conference Tournament and in the big dance.In the conference tournament getting upset by the worst team in the east Southern North Carolina.In the NCAA Tournament now becoming a 2 seed get upset in the round of 32 against 10 seeded Virginia State.Although Naples is the best college in Throwball history having won 38 Nation Championships with only 3 coaches! They did pick up the 2nd ranked recruit William Norfolk in recruiting from Norfolk,VA.Star Talent is all around us in Naples,FL.They’re the Alabama of Throwball. Reggie Hughes is the Nick Saban of Throwball. Stars like Abe Hicks and Nick Frazier going into their final seasons at the beach.This is what their lineup is looking like: G:Nick Frazier G:Abe Hicks F:William Norfolk (1SF,2OV) F:Antoine Grace C:Reese Williamson Goalie:Dickson James. As always Naples has a great chance at winning it all.

4.Georgia Baptist Red Flame Projected Record:27-3 AValley East St.Simon’s Island,GA
Georgia Baptist made it all the way to the Elite Eight before getting knocked out.John Feland the leading scorer averaged 23.6 PPG in the NCAA Tournament.John returning from a great season of where they are expected to make a case for a 1or a 2 seed in the big dance.G:John Feland is a contender for the Carter Trophy.Sean Hicks will leave for the NTBL draft,but things are still looking up for Georgia Baptist.They did get the 5OV recruit and 3rd ranked G.There rival Atlanta,there arch rival right behind them in the rankings has great potential as well.Experts expect this team to be a Final 4 team.Lineup:G:John Feland G:Christian Jones (2SG,5OV)F:Ralph Gregory F:Dean Baker C:Jed Willis Goalie:Josh Wilbourn.The future is bright in St.Simon’s.

5.Atlanta Robins Projected Record:27-3 AValley East Atlanta,GA
Speaking of John Feland,his twin brother Joe is on Atlanta heading into his 4th season with the robins.Atlanta fell short.Atlanta got upset by the 7-seeded UALR Trojans who eventually made it all the way to the Final 4.They did get the 3rd Overall Recruit,and the 2nd ranked guard B.J. Armsted.There lineup not as good as others,but they have 5 out of there 6 starters returning.Lineup:G:Joe Feland G:B.J. Armsted (1PG,4OV) F:Kevin Waller F:K.J. Waller C:Wes Bailey Goalie:Shawne Roberts.Every college has a good season at some point in time,and this might be that time for the Robins.

6.Spring Lake Michigan Avalanche Projected Record:26-4 ANorth Atlantic Grand Rapids,MI
Josh Huff led the way last year averaging 20.2 PPG along with grabbing 9.4 boards,and 6.3 dimes.Josh led the 2 seeded Avalanche until they lost to his cousin Billie Howell the 3rd and 3-seeded Missouri.Although,they are higher than their rival Dayton who won the season series 2-1,although Dayton star Richard Woods transferred to UALR for his final season.Lineup: G:Nick Walker G:Allen Burdick F:Josh Huff F:Jonas Lowry C:Fred Douglas Goalie:Larry Burge SLM has a great chance to do anything.

7.Michigan State Spartans Projected Record:26-4 Big 10 East Lansing,MI
Michigan State the 1-seed in the Midwest last year got upset in the Sweet 16.Hopes are still high in Lansing as all of their starters are coming back.D.J. Valentine the standout for MSU last year.He average 22.9 PPG,8.4 APG, and 5.2 RPG.Every starter is from Michigan just like last year.D.J. Valentine can win many awards if he can do the same thing he did last year,or maybe better.Spartan fans y’all are in for a treat this year.D.J. Valentine is high on everybody’s Carter trophy board,and plus you have every starter coming back.I know that SLM is the better Throwball school than MSU,but they’ve got a chance to prove that wrong on opening weekend.Here’s there lineup G:D.J. Valentine G:Alan Houston F:Kris Murdock F:Mo Dixon C:Xavier Joseph Goalie:Arnold Nolan.After losing in the Sweet 16 last year MSU has something to prove,and they can definitely prove it.

8.Dallas Blue Stallions Projected Record:24-6 AValley West Dallas,TX
With the departure of Benton Cook this team is looking for young talent to somewhat rebuild.With Benton’s younger cousin Freddy Banks coming in from Ft.Worth the future is bright.They did end up getting upset by the 10-seeded Virginia St in the Sweet 16.This team is going to be a 3-5 seed in this year’s tournament according to sources a 3 seed at the highest.A very young team.(No Juniors or Seniors in the Starting 6.Here’s there starting 6: G:Freddy Banks(7PG,26OV) G:Anthony Althoff F:Huey Mason F:Antoine Parker C:Walker Johnson Goalie:Lou Parks.This team can go down or up this year in the rankings.

9.Alabama Crimson Tide Projected Record:25-5 SEC West Tuscaloosa,AL
Alabama ended up as a 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament last year.They made it all the way to the Sweet 16 before losing to 1-seeded Dayton. Mitchell McCaron led the way with 15.8 PPG.The facilitator averaged a career high 9.4 APG,which was second in the league, and 3rd in the nation.Alabama could lock up possibly a 2-seed if Dallas does what there supposed to be doing is rebuilding.They did get the 8thin the overall prospect in Evan Brown and 4th guard out of the music city.Only one of their starters left,but only for graduation.Lineup:G:Mitchell McCaron G:Evan Brown(2SF,8OV) F:Jacob Jones F:Andre Wilson C:Caleb Reese Goalie:Alonzo Zaire

10.Duke Blue Devils Projected Record:24-6 ACC Coastal Durham,NC
The Blue Devils are back in the pre-season top 10 for the first time since 2011.They have a great fan base,and will use Cameron Stadium as their new field.New recruit A.J. Williams from Charlotte is the 2nd best center and and 7th overall.Duke did go to the NCAA Tournament as an 11-seed,but did lose in the play-ins to Ft.Lauderdale.Going into his Senior year Brian House lead the way 16.1 PPG and 49.20 % from the field.The guy would almost never miss!There are always counted on making the NCAA Tournament,but usually not this high in the standings.Here’s there lineup:G:Brian House G:Andrew Watson F:Kay Ulysses F:Andre Schuhumacher C:A.J. Williams (2C,7OV) Goalie:Trent Alexander.Duke has a lot of potential,but they need to live up to it to beat contenders.

11.Notre Dame Fighting Irish Projected Record:24-6 ACC Atlantic South Bend,IN
There is a lot of teams in the ACC this year that are potential contenders.Although most of them are in the coastal division.Although,Florida State is just behind them,also in the Atlantic side of the conference.Anyway,Notre Dame got upset in the round of 32 by 7-seeded UALR.Allen Norwood led the way 17.2 PPG,11.2 RPG,and 5.2 APG one of the best Centers in the nation.Guard scoring was key as well as Kevin Wolter led the way as the second highest scorer at 15 PPG and 9.7 APG.They are looking like the ACC Atlantic Champs,though.Florida State might be a challenge,but since Notre Dame has brought back most of them from last year things are looking up in South Bend.LineupG:Kevin Wolter G:William Craig F:Madison Benson F:Greg Romo C:Allen Norwood Goalie:A.J. Houston.If Notre Dame can play great they can go places.

12.Little Rock Trojans Projected Record:24-6 Sun Belt Little Rock,AR
UALR surprised many people in last year’s tournament upsetting Harvard and Dayton,but losing in The Final Four Semifinal to eventual runner-up Arkansas.They gained Allie Freeman a recruit right from Little Rock,and also gaining transfer Richard Woods.Many others have to step up.Here’s there lineup:G:Allie Freeman (2PG,9OV) G:Chris Johnson Jr. F:Roger Woods F:Richard Woods C:Will Murphy Goalie:Will Craig.This team can go places,but they have to live up to it.

13.Delaware Eagles Projected Record:24-6 ANorth Atlantic Dover,DE
Last year Delaware finished with 5-seed in the South Region while making it all the way to the sweet sixteen before losing to Arkansas.Delaware’s leading scorer Murphy Hinson averaged 19.6 PPG,14.8 RPG,7.2 APG as a Center.It will be Delaware’s first season in the ANorth as they join with North Dakota State.Delaware has been a great Throwball School for a while right now and they want to show it in their first season with the second best conference in Throwball. Here’s there lineup:G:Quinn Alexander G:Jay Humphries F:Jackson Cunningham F:Louis Bryant C:Murphy Hinson Goalie:Shaw Dickson.Delaware needs to stay tough now that they’re in one of the toughest conferences\divisions in College Throwball.

14.Florida Gulf Coast Eagles Projected Record:24-6 AValley East Ft.Myers,FL
FGCU made it to the Sweet 16 before losing to eventual champ North Carolina.FGCU finished as a 4-seed in the East Region.Tristan Baldwin led the way for the eagles with 16.1 PPG and 8.2 RPG.FGCU is playing in the toughest division of College Throwball in the AValley East with Naples,Georgia Baptist,and Atlanta all in front of them.FGCU can prove that they are better than some of those teams by getting out to a hot start record wise.This is what they’re lineup is looking like G:Jude Quinn G:Fred Taylor F:Tristan Baldwin F:Alonzo Jennings C:Deatrich Yearly Goalie:Kris Cole.If FGCU gets a hot start they can do anything.

15.UT Arlington White Stallions Projected Record:23-7 AValley West Arlington,TX
Thomas Cook was a star last year in his freshman year as a white stallion.He was just behind Jonathan Williams for most points averaged in a game last season.He averaged 25.6 PPG,and 7 APG.Their rival Dallas is probably ought to have a rebuilding year this year so that practically opens the AValley West division to the White Stallions.Now you’re probably how they did in the NCAA Tournament right?!Well,they finished as the 5-seed in the West Region and made all the way to the Elite Eight before losing to Missouri.UT Arlington has championship aspirations this year and Thomas Cook is a Carter Trophy contender.Here;s their lineup:G:Sean Brian G:Thomas Cook F:Thomas Prebie F:Jay O’Malley C:Quin Loudermill Goalie:Edward Andrews.Ut Arlington has a chance to do something this year.

16.Missouri Tigers Projected Record:23-7 SEC East Columbia,MO
Missouri made it to the the Final Four for the 1st time in school history led by Billie Howell the 3rd’s attack.Billie averaged 22.2 PPG,and 8.9 RPG.Missouri is a very talented team returning all of their starters,and last year won their first SEC East title while making it all the way tot the SEC Championship before losing to Arkansas. Missouri was 3-seed in last year’s big dance,and upset 2-seeded SLM and beat 5-seeded UT-Arlington on their way to the Final Four.Here’s they’re lineup:G:Don Powell G:Gresham Hicks F:Billie Howell the 3rd F:Khris Caleb C:Joe Freeman Goalie:Donald Crawford.Missouri has a great team,and they can use that to win back to back SEC East Championships,and even back to back Final Four Appearances.

17.John Hopkin’s Blue Jays Projected Record:23-7 Big 10 East Baltimore,MD
Sullivan Ulysses led the team last year to a final top 20 ranking last year.Sullivan averaged 21.7 PPG and a 3-pt percentage of 43.80,the second highest in the country to Arkansas G Alex Collins,but has the highest 3-pt percentage of any returning player.The Blue Jays were the 5-seed in the East Region,and got past the Round of the 64(The 1st Round),but lost to FGCU in the Round of 32(The 2nd Round).JH loses many of their starters,but many experts think Sullivan Ulysses can contend for the Carter Trophy this year.Here’s their lineupG:Maurice Noel G:Sullivan Ulyssses F:Greg Wells F:Manny Golden C:Ted Redick Goalie:Andre Paul.John Hopkin’s has a chance in the Big Ten East if they can beat Michigan St.

18.Florida Gators Projected Record:22-8 SEC East Gainesville,FL
Rowley Irving led the way for the Gators as they were supposed to be a 6-seed,but recruiting violations downgraded them to a 1-seed in the NIT and their 1st NIT Championship over Southern North Carolina.Rowley averaged 18.9 PPG and 9.7 RPG to lead the Gators to their first NIT Tournament Championship win.This is the first time that the Gators have been ranked out of the pre-season top 15 since 1999.Missouri is the clear favorite in the Eastern division of the SEC,but Florida can prove some people wrong with an experienced coaching staff the has been to many national championships.Coach Don Willis going into his 20th season in Gainesville.(#Kobeingit).Florida might not be the best team in the country,or in the SEC,but they have experience,and so much depth.Here’s their lineup:G:Trevor Gresham G:Dallas Houston F:Rowley Irving F:Ricardo Frederick C:Victor Zeller Goalie:T.J. Stoudemire. Florida is one of the most underrated teams in the country.

19.Maryland Terrapins Projected Record:22-8 Big 10 East Annapolis,MD
Austin Charles played great last season for the Terrapins as he averaged 15.7 PPG and 10.1 RPG as he led Maryland to a 5-seed and lost in the Round of 32 to Alabama.The new addition to the Big 10 East John Hopkin’s will be Maryland’s new rival.John Hopkin’s and Maryland will supposedly battle for the 2nd spot in the Big 10 East behind Michigan St.The Terrapins quietly led the Big 10 in blocked shots,and 2nd in overall defense led by one of the best Defensive Coordinators in the nation,and former Atlanta head coach Brian Thomason.Brian quoted after the 1st practice of the year and said “I think we have one of the defenses in the country”.Well,that is probably true as they led the league in the blocked shots and 2nd in overall defense.Here’s their lineup G:Cody Watkins G:Hugh Henry F:Ken Sampson F:Austin Charles C:Lee Peterson Goalie:Andrew Hawkins.Maryland has a great shot to make a big jump with one of the best defenses in the country.

20.Georgia Bulldogs Projected Record:22-8 SEC East Athens,GA
The younger brother of John and Joe Feland is Mark Feland. Mark led the way with a career year with 21.6 PPG and 9.4 APG.Georgia made it to the Round of 32 before losing to Delaware.Everybody in Athens is ready for a breakout year from the ‘Dawgs including Head Coach Julius Wilson.The Bulldogs were third in the league behind Arkansas and then Missouri.Georgia is ready to win the SEC East instead of Florida and Missouri.Even though the Bulldogs were third in scoring they brought in Arkansas Razorbacks Graduate Assistant Jason Markham to help out with goal shooting techniques.Here’s their lineup:G:Mark Feland G:Byrd Johnson F:Jed Keyes F:Duane Burge C:Sully Thomas Goalie:Tyrus Walker.Georgia can prove that they’re the best team in the SEC East by defeating Florida and most notably last year’s SEC East Champion Missouri.

20.Virginia State Woodpeckers Projected Record:22-8 Atlantic West Atlantic Norfolk,VA
James Norfolk and Emmanuel Randle both averaged 25 points in the big dance as they finished as the 10-seed in the South Region as they upset Oklahoma,Naples!,and Dallas on their way to losing in the Elite Eight to Arkansas.Virginia State upset Naples!One of the biggest upsets in the history of Throwball. It had been James Norfolk all season who was their key scorer,but it was both Emmanuel Randle and James Norfolk who showed up.Emmanuel most notably in the Naples game scoring 32 goals in the game and the winning goal with 0.1 seconds left!Although,James’ brother William actually committed to Naples!This team has great upside has they will be contender for the next couple of year’s as James and Emmanuel are only Sophomores!Here’s their lineup:G:Emmanuel Randle G:Juan Christian F:James Norfolk F:Ned Thomas C:Les Sumlin Goalie:Jude Lowry.Virginia State is going to be the clear favorite in the Atlantic West,and a title contender.

21.Dayton Flyers Projected Record:22-8 ANorth Atlantic Dayton,OH
Richard Woods led the way for the Flyers averaging a career high 23.2 PPG.Dayton made it to the Elite Eight before losing to UALR.Although,Richard Woods is gone now as he transferred to UALR for his final season of play.That’s why they’re ranked so low.Richard was the heart and soul of this team as they have just fired Chris Wilson and have hired former Texas Assistant Teddy Ruth.If this team wants to go anywhere they have to beat SLM and Delaware.They have to get over the hump to prove people wrong.This is the 1st time they have been ranked out of the top 10 pre-season poll since 2009.Here’s their lineup:G:Dre Thompson G:Grant Love F:Sullivan Marsh F:Alonzo Kizer C:Greg Garrett Goalie:Christian Desmond.If Dayton can win some games early in the season they have a shot at anything.

22.Southern New York Beavers Projected Record:21-9 ANorth Atlantic Syracuse,NY
Sam Peterson led the beavers with a great season averaging 19.8 PPG and 6.6 APG.SNY got upset in the Round of 64 to 11-seeded AGCU.Many of their starters leaving this is a year to maybe take a step back for the beavers.In the tough ANorth Atlantic Division they will have SLM,Delaware,and Dayton in front of them.SNY can maybe get past Dayton,but will have to stay focused to beat SLM and Delaware.Here’s their lineup:G:Sam Peterson G:Kay Dunn F:Lester Blackmon F:Charlie Nolan C:Henry Grace Goalie:DeAndre Cousins.This might be a year of rebuilding or a year to take a step forward.

23.Harvard Crimson Projected Record:21-9 Ivy League Boston,MA
Ron James led the way for the Crimson as he averaged 18.2 PPG and 8.6 RPG.Harvard made it to the Big Dance,and made it to the Sweet Sixteen where the lost to 7-seeded UALR.Harvard is the predicted winner of the Ivy League as they have not lost the Ivy League Championship Trophy since 1983.There’s no team that can compete with them in the Ivy League.Here’s there lineup:G:B.J. Maxwell G:A.J. Williamson F:Ron James F:Brice Oliver C:Marcus Olivia Goalie:Kennedy Johnson.Since Harvard can easily win the Ivy League they can do anything to try to win the title.

24.Denver Boones Projected Record:21-9 ANorth Pacific Denver,CO
Jasper Holena led the way for Denver averaging 18 PPG and 7 APG as the Boones go the 6-seed in the East Region as they lost in the Round of 32 to 3-Seeded Arkansas State.Denver comes back the leader of the Pacific Division as the Atlantic Division is stacked.Oreg-Cal is right behind them as well.Although,it’s looking like Denver is the clear favorite in the ANorth Pacific Division.Here’s their lineup:G:Elliott Holena G:Jasper Holena F:Tristan Douglas F:Matthew Hugg C:Richard Brown Goalie:J.R. Bailey.If this team can close out the ANorth Pacific Division early they have chance to win it all,maybe somehow.

25.Alabama Gulf Coast Bears Projected Record:21-9 AValley East Daphne,AL
Ted Saer the 3rd was huge in the NCAA Tournament averaging 22.3 PPG and 9.3 APG.AGCU made it as a11-seed as they beat South Carolina in the play-in,upset 6-seeded Southern New York,and lost to 3-seeded Dallas.The stacked division of the AValley East might be a little weak as one of Naples,Atlanta,or Georgia Baptist might lose some games early,and that’s where AGCU needs to step forward.Here’s there lineup:G:Ted Saer The 3rd G:Stephen Stewart F:Harrison Bray F:Michael Hughes C:Anderson Freeze.AGCU needs to take a step forward in the tough AValley East Division.

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