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Looking Back:Jalen Arbor and DeVontae Christian

Jalen Arbor and DeVontae Christian both grew up in the same part of Africa.They both moved to Nashville,TN.Jalen Arbor on the Murphy side, DeVontae Christian on the Allison side.When DeVontae went to Allison Park for the first time in October of 2005,Jalen was walking across from Murphy to Allison he saw DeVontae practicing everyday on his Throwball skills.Jalen started playing one on one with DeVontae everyday.They started going to each other’s houses.Then it turned into other players showing up.Six on six.Everyday.When Jalen was at Murphy High School and DeVontae at Allison High they had many great games against each other.Most notably when the Allison Bearcats nipped the Murphy Tigers 92-90 in the conference championship.Arbor had 47 goals, Christian had 48.They became best friends.Jalen went to Michigan, DeVontae to Texas.They are now both headed into their senior seasons the NTBL.

By Carter Huff

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