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Developing Story:Former back to back seventh man of the year Josh Green transfers to Texas for ‘playing time’ reasons

Josh Green,who exceeded expectations as a shooting guard for Arkansas,and won back to back seventh man of the year awards,has elected to transfer to Texas for “playing time reasons” is what he said when he was asked about transferring decision.Green who was five-star recruit in 2015,will have two years of eligibility,and won’t even have to sit out a season because he’s changing conferences.Here’s Texas’ starting lineup with Green in the fold:G:DeVontae Christian G:Josh Green F:Jude Hughes (4SF,13OV)F:Allen Winston F:Otis Booker Goalie:Les Jones Bench 2017 recruits:Ben Morgan (6PG,26OV) Ahmad Grace (6SG,32OV)

In other news,Kentucky Power Forward Kathlon Robinson,a four-star Power Forward in the class of 2016 out of Little Rock,Arkansas,could transfer,but says “he’ll see at the middle point of the season.” His most likely landing spots are UALR,Huff College,Jones College,AGCU,or FGCU.

High School Throwball Recruiting

Looking Ahead:Throwball News releases the Top 10 Players for the 2020 class

1.Josh Goodwin (1PF,1OV) Spring Lake,MI Committed:Duke
2.Victor Chalmers (1PG,2OV) Ft.Lauderdale,FL Undecided
3.Gordon Tucker (1SF,3OV) Jonesboro,AR Undecided
4.Xion Thompson (2SF,4OV) San Antonio,TX Committed:Texas
5.Devin Powell (2PG,5OV) Portland,OR Committed:USC
6.James Justice (1C,6OV) Miami,FL Undecided
7.Grant Messersmith (1SG,7OV) Winston-Salem,NC Undecided
8.Andre Wilcox (3PG,8OV) Birmingham,AL Committed:Alabama
9.Austin Patton (3SF,9OV) Kansas City,KS Undecided
10.Jonathan Lewis (4PG,10OV) West Uiv.,TX Committed:Arkansas

College Throwball

NCAA Tournament Preview by conference:SEC

Locks to make the tournament:1.Arkansas,8.Missouri,11.Ole Miss,19.Georgia,21.Auburn
Teams that should be in:16.Florida,Mississippi State,Kentucky,Alabama,LSU
Locks to make NCAA Tournament
1.Arkansas Projected Record:30-0 (20-0) SEC West Fayetteville,AR
Kelvin Robinson,the best Small Forward in the nation returns for his Sophomore season after averaging 29.9 GPG,8.7 RPG,and 9.2 APG.Arkansas recruited the best recruiting class in the nation led by the top two point guards in the class in Will Schuhmacher (1OV,1PG),and Charlie Radtke (2PG,5OV),Anthony Agnes (2C,6C),and Manny Wilkins (2SG,7OV).They acquired Fred Stweart a top 20 player,and a top three power forward in the class,and a top 25 player,and the sixth best shooting guard in the class.Miller Bailey,and Mac Lewis are top five power forwards in the class,and top ten point guard in Bobby Qualls,and a top ten small forward William Wilson are both studs in the class.They don’t have any veterans,but they do bring back the best small forward in College Throwball,and the projected shooting guard of the year in J.A. Williams.They have a ton of guards including back to back seventh man of the year Josh Green who’s transferring to Texas for his Junior season,and doesn’t even have to sit out a season.So there a lock to make the tournament so here’s their starting lineup:G:Will Schuhmacher (1PG,1OV) G:Charlie Radtke (2PG,5OV) G:J.A. Williams F:Kelvin Robinson C:Anthony Agnes (2C,6OV) Goalie:Hayes Harris

8.Missouri Tigers Projected Record:27-3 (18-2) SEC East Columbia,MO
Missouri is led by one of the most underrated Freshman from the class of 2016 in point guard KaKa Hield.Hield averaged 25.6 GPG,and 9.6 APG.They signed Mason Quincy a top sixty player in the class,and a great small forward that can come in and make an immediate impact.Held and Missouri are ready to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.Missouri is the front runner in the SEC East,but that doesn’t mean they’ll automatically win the division.Remember the new format in place,too.Here’s their starting lineup:G:KaKa Hield G:Don Powell G:Gresham Hicks F:Mason Quincy C:Jack Freeman Goalie:Donald Crawford

11.Ole Miss Rebels SEC West Projected Record:27-3 (18-2) SEC West SEC West Oxford,MS
Ole Miss is led by Junior standout shooting guard Fred Manning who could beat anybody off the dribble,and shoot lights out every night on a Throwball field.They did’t sign anybody in 2017,but that’s okay.They’re ready to win now.It’s time for Ole Miss to take that next step in the process of winning a National Championship.Of course they may not do that,but I think they need to take the next step to winning it.Ole Miss should be at least a five seed in this upcoming NCAA Tournament,but who knows where they’ll be honestly.Here’s their starting lineup: G:Anthony Oliver G:Fred Manning F:Antonio Mulligan F:Les Wilkins C:Andrew Williamson Goalie:Justin Terry

19.Georgia Bulldogs SEC East Projected Record:27-3 (18-2) SEC East Athens,GA
Georgia is led by Junior star point guard Mark Feland,and had a great recruiting class.Their top player form the 2017 class was Christian Thomas who is the fourth best point guard in the class,eighteenth best overall.They landed Justice Thomas (9SG,42OV),Freddy Watson (10SF,44OV),and Hughes Wright (7C,46OV).Georgia is bound for an Elite Eight run after a breakout season last year.Mark Feland averaged 24.6 GPG,and 8.9 APG for the Bulldogs last season.Georgia has the talent,and they need to just win now.Here’s their starting lineup:G:Mark Feland G:Christian Thomas (4PG,18OV) G:Justin Thomas (9SG,42OV) F:Freddy Watson (10SF,44OV) C:Hughes Wright (7C,46OV)

21.Auburn Tigers SEC West Projected Record:27-3 (18-2) SEC West Auburn,AL
Auburn is led by Junior star point guard Cam Jones.Jones averaged 27.3 GPG,and 10.2 APG leading his team all the way to the Elite Eight before losing to Arkansas.He wasn’t the only big time scorer as rising Sophomore Power FOrward Nick Bull who averaged 14.6 GPG,and 8.2 RPG,and Junior Center Tristan Thomas averaged 15.8 GPG and 10.6 RPG per game.Auburn should be a team that makes a long run in the NCAA Tournament.Auburn is team that has a great offense,but need to imrpove on the defensive side against top tear teams.Here’s their starting lineup:G:Cam Jones G:Thomp Walker F:Houston Nix F:Nick Bull C:Tristan Thomas Goalie:Victor Quessenberry
Teams that should be in
16.Florida Gators SEC East Projected Record:26-4 (16-4) SEC East Gainseville,FL
Florida isn’t a lock to make the tournament because they lost so much talent.NTBL Rookie,and former Gator Trevor Gresham,his brother,Trick is a Junior who will be leading this team for a year more most likely,and then might transfer out becuase of all the talent that Florida has brought in for their 2018 class.Trick averaged 15.4 GPG,and 6.3 APG off the bench last season for the Gators.Florida may make the big dance,but I don’t think they’ll make it far.Florida signed Greg Frederick (9PF,52OV).I think that Florida is team that could surprise some people in the SEC,but maybe not.Florida is known to be a power,but maybe not this year.There are a lot of questions surrounding this Florida team this year.Will they make the big dance?Here’s their startting lineup:G:Trick Gresham G:Dallas Houston F:Ricardo Frederick F:Greg Frederick (9PF,52OV) C:Victor Zeller Goalie:T.J. Stoudemire

Alabama Crimson Tide SEC West Projected Record:21-9 (15-5) SEC West Tuscaloosa,AL
Alabama is a team on the rise after falling out of the Top 25 last year.They’re led by Senior Point Guard Mitch McCaron who averaged 20.9 GPG,and dished out 10.2 APG.Sophomore shooting guards Evan Brown,and Andrew McCaffrey will both start,one at the two one at the three.Alabam is destined for a great season with all the talent in the world,but they have to play that way if they want to win.Their ball handlers can play,but what about their front court?They did sign Andre Pane (11SF,55OV),but that’s it.Can Alabama win twenty-five games?Will have to wait,and see.Alabama looks to feed of their home crowd in the rowdy Tide’s corner.Alabama looks vulnerable at the front court positions,but they have amazing players at the wings,and the point guard spot.Starting Lineup:G:Mitch McCaron G:Andrew McCaffrey G:Evan Brown F:Jacob Jones C:Caleb Reese Goalie:Alonzo Zaire

Mississippi State Bulldogs SEC West Projected Record:19-11 (13-7) SEC West Starkville,MS
Mississippi is a nice youg team that could possibly make the tournament in this upcoming season.They’re led by two amazing scorers in Sophomore Small Forward Jonathan Eubanks and Sophomore Point Guard Theo Chalmers.Mississippi STate could possibly be a one seed in the NIT as well.Eubanks,the brother of Ft.Lauderdale star Robert Eubanks,averaged 23.2 GPG and 7.6 RPG last season as Freshman,and Chalmers averaged 15.6 GPG,and 10.9 APG as a Freshman.Awesome right?Well yes that’s asweome,but Eubanks was the only consistent defender on the team.Like many teams in the conference,Mississippi State needs help on the defensive side.Theo Chalmers showed signs of being a good defender so that’s good.Are the Bulldogs primed for a breakout season?Throwball News Take:I think their defense will slow them down form being a twenty-three to twenty-five win team.Here’s their starting lineup:G:Theo Chalmers G:William Norfield F:Jonathan Eubanks F:Tevin Althoff C:Greg Anderson Goalie:Freddy Mantel

LSU Tigers SEC West Projected Record:18-12 (11-9) SEC West Baton Rouge,LA
Junior Point Guard James Schuhmacher led the charge for the Tigers averaging 23.4 GPG,and 7.6 APG on the season.LSU brings in Greg Hughes (3C,10OV),and Marty Williger (8PG,42OV).LSU was a deent team last year,winning the NIT Tournament Championship over Texas.LSU will come into this season with high expectations,and everyone is wondering,will they reach everybody’s high expectations?It’s going to be hard with tough teams in their conference,but as I’ve said before,who knows what will happen in this upcoming season?LSU could possibly be a high seed in the NCAA Tournament,or they could drop down to just an NIT bid.I may be tough,but I think LSU has a chance to make it in the NCAA Tournament.Will they make the Tournament?Throwball News Take:If they played their best ball at the end of the season I think they could,but it’s going to be tough.Starting Lineup: G:James Schuhmacher G:Will Patton F:Deon Cole F:Benny Thoco C:Greg Hughes Goalie:Kenny West

Kentucky Wildcats SEC East Projected Record:17-13 (12-8) SEC East Lexington,KY
Sophomore Power Forward Kathlon Robinson out of Little Rock,Arkansas played great as a Freshman for the Wildcats as he averaged 17.6 GPG,and 11.2 RPG.Robinson is hands down the best player on this team,leading the Wildcats to a three seed in the NIT Tournament,and spot in the NIT Final FOur before lsoing to Texas.Kentucky is a team with a ton of raw talent so I could see them being a team on the bubble.If not,I fully expect a one-seed in the NIt for them.Kentucky’s Senior Point Guard Justin Luke is really a leader for this team,and going into his Senior season he averaged 14.6 GPG,and 9.8 APG as a Junior.Kentucky can win,but they’ve just got to show it to us,and prove that their a worthy team of making the Big Dance.Is Kathlon RObinson a top tear power forward?Throwball News Take:Yes,because of his versatility,and scoring ability.Starting Lineup: G:Justin Luke G:Shepard James F:Chris Hill F:Kathlon Robinson C:Brett Allen Goalie:Benny Allen

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Toughest Job in the State:North Carolina:Wake Forest

Seth Kenny,the Head Coach of Wake Forest, has the toughest job in the state of North Carolina,in College Throwball, at least.Kenny is doing a good job building up his program with national powerhouses UNC,Duke,and Black Mountain with NC State a team that’s looking to make the NCAA Tournament from here on out.Wake Forest,in the tough ACC with UNC,Duke,NC State,Florida State,Louisville,Miami,and Virgina Tech will most likely contend in the ACC.Wake Forest does have a tough job competing with top teams in North Carolina,and they haevn’t made the tournament in ten years,but I see Seth Kenny getting some top 100 players in the 2018 class on signing day to flip to Wake Forest.Wake has the toughest to deal with in the state.It’s tough not being a National Power in the state of North Carolina.

High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting

2018 Recruiting:Revealing the 2018 AAU State Throwball Teams:Arkansas Thunder

Revealing the 2018 AAU State Throwball Teams
here are the rules for dividing up the teams
Rule 1:You have to be committed to a school in that state
Rule 2:If you are foreign you play for the state in which the team you’re committed to
Here they are:
Arkansas Thunder
8.C.J. Williams (2PG,8OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:UALR
11.Josh Williams (3PG,11OV) West Uiv.,TX Committed:Arkansas
18.Quinn Wells (6SF,18OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas
24.Ned Thomas (3C,24OV) Jonesboro,AR Committed:Arkansas State
25.Gus Jaeavo (7PG,25OV) Spain Committed:Arkansas
30.Reynoldson Parker (4PF,30OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas
39.Andre Moss (12SF,39OV) Odessa,TX Committed:Arkansas
60.Deatrich Miller (8C,60OV) Bentonville,AR Committed:Arkansas
67.Donavan Reed (19SF,67OV) Coffeyville,KS Committed:Arkansas
72.Kathlon Reed (21SF,72OV) Benton,AR Committed:Arkansas State
85.Keith Hatfield (20PG,85OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas
90.Chevin Qualls (21SG,90OV) Dallas,TX Commited:UALR
92.Cam Beck (22PG,92OV) Memphis,TN Committed:Arkansas

High School Throwball Recruiting

Throwball News Top 100:The updated top 100 players for the 2018 class

1.Jaylen Moore (1PG,1OV) Gainesville,FL Committed:Florida
2.Evan Hurst (1SG,2OV) Cherokee Vlg.,VA Committed:Northern Arkansas
3.Carter Cook (1SF,3OV) Dallas,TX Committed:Florida
4.Jackson Allen (1C,4OV) Memphis,TN Committed:LSU
5.Dee-Dee Richardson (2SF,5OV) Los Angeles,CA Committed:USC
6.Reed Michael (3SF,6OV) Dallas,TX Committed:Texas
7.Henry Akers (1PF,7OV) Denver,CO Committed:Denver
8.C.J. Williams (2PG,8OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:UALR
9.Austin Andrews (2SG,9OV) Boston,MA Committed:UNC
10.Trevor James (4SF,10OV) Athens,GA Committed:Florida State
11.Josh Williams (3PG,11OV) West Univ.,TX Committed:Arkansas
12.Jonah Little (2C,12OV) Oxford,MS Committed:Ole Miss
13.Manny Toliver (4PG,13OV) San Diego,CA Committed:USC
14.Freddy Jones (5SF,14OV) Atlanta,GA Committed:Georgia
15.Theo Miles (2PF,15OV) Raleigh,NC Committed:UNC
16.Charlie Withers (3SG,16OV) Baton Rouge,LA Committed:LSU
17.Greg Frazier (5PG,17OV) Miami,FL Committed:Florida
18.Quinn Wells (6SF,18OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas
19.Trayvion Jackson (4SG,19OV) Ft.Myer’s,FL Committed:Florida
20.Jack Goodwin (7SF,20OV) Spring Lake,MI Committed:SLM
21.Justin Trevor (8SF,21OV) Houston,TX Committed:Texas
22.Anthony Thompson (5SG,22OV) Oakland,CA Committed:UCLA
23.Mitchell Westcock (9SF,23OV) Columbia,SC Committed:NC State
24.Sean James (6PG,24OV) Canton,OH Committed:Dayton
25.Ned Thomas (3C,25OV) Jonesboro,AR Committed:Arkansas State
26.Gus Jaeavo (7PG,26OV) Spain Committed:Arkansas
27.Allen Williamson (3PF,27OV) Columbia,MO Committed:Missouri
28.Antonio Pointer (10SF,27OV) Macon,GA Committed:Auburn
29.Kenny Allen (6SG,29OV) New York,NY Committed:Dayton
30.Sedrick Wilson (11SF,30OV) Ft.Myer’s,FL Committed:FGCU
31.Reynoldson Parker (4PF,31OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas
32.Kennedy Alexander (12SF,32OV) Columbus,OH Committed:Texas
33.Michael Casey (7SG,33OV) Naples,FL Committed:Naples
34.Greg Williams (4C,34OV) Birmingham,AL Committed:Alabama
35.Thomas Pricker (8PG,35OV) Olympia,WA Committed:USC
36.Lee Patrick (8SG,36OV) Kirksville,MO Committed:Missouri
36.Hugh Sanders (5PF,37OV) Chicago,IL Committed:Texas
37.Ben Carter (9PG,38OV) Hartford,CT Committed:LSU
38.Russell Martin (9SG,38OV) Beaumont,TX Committed:Texas
39.Andre Moss (13SF,40OV) Odessa,TX Committed:Arkansas
40.Billy Malloy (10PG,40OV) San Francisco,CA Committed:Naples
41.Taylor Jennings (14SF,41OV) Boulder,CO Committed:SLM
42.Wesley Thompson (6PF,42OV) St. Simon’s Is.,GA Committed:Georgia Baptist
43.Christian Cain (11PG,43OV) Savannah,GA Committed:Atlanta
44.Russ Calloway (9SG,44OV) San Antonio,TX Committed:Texas
45.Wilson Parker (15SF,45OV) Atlanta,GA Committed:FGCU
46.Henry James (5C,46OV) Raleigh,NC Committed:NC State
47.William Jones (10SG,47OV) Santa Fe,NM Committed:Texas
48.Kris Justice (11SG,48OV) New Orleans,LA Committed:UNC
49.Victor Clemens (12PG,49OV) Bloomfield,IN Committed:SLM
50.Donavan Moore (13PG,50OV) San Jose,CA Committed:USC
51.Andy West (6C,51OV) Dallas,TX Committed:Dallas
52.George Westbrook (12SG,52OV) Seattle,WA Committed:Oregon
53.William Gordon (13SG,53OV) Boston,MA Committed:Duke
54.Thompson Willamson (14SG,55OV) Phoenix,AZ Committed:Dallas
55.Earl Watson (7C,55OV) Cedar Rapids,IA Committed:UNC
56.Noel Richardson (7PF,56OV) Oklahoma City,OK Committed:UALR
57.Quinton Walker (15SG,57OV) Durham,NC Committed:Duke
58.Dre Zeigler (16SF,58OV) Orange Beach,AL Committed:AGCU
59.Deatrich Miller (8C,59OV) Bentonville,AR Committed:Arkansas
60.Cole Givens (16SG,60OV) Santa Babara,CA Committed:USC
61.Devin Mills (14PG,61OV) Dallas,TX Committed:UT-Arlington
62.Marcus Wilcox (17SF,62OV) Stillwater,OK Committed:Dallas
63.Quin Cousins (8PF,63OV) Detroit,MI Committed:NC State
64.Anthony Richardson (18SF,64OV) Brandenton,FL Committed:Georgia
65.Sexton Collins (15PG,65OV) Miami,FL Committed:Naples
66.Donavan Reed (19SF,66OV) Coffeyville,KS Committed:Arkansas
67.Andre Willis (17SG,67OV) Kansas City,KS Committed:Michigan
68.Justin Cooper (20SF,68OV) Salt Lake City,UT Committed:Atlanta
69.Keenan Tuey (16PG,69OV) Memphis,TN Committed:Ole Miss
70.Anton McGee (18SG,70OV) Denver,CO Committed:Georgia Baptist
71.Kathlon Reed (21SF,71OV) Benton,AR Committed:Arkansas State
72.Zion Thomas (9PF,72OV) Columbia,SC Committed:Duke
73.Ben Freeman (17PG,73OV) Tulsa,OK Committed:HCU
74.Houston Hicks (19SG,74OV) Baltimore,MD Committed:Virginia State
75.Robinson Grayson (22SF,75OV) Nashville,TN Committed:AGCU
76.Zach Wilson (9C,76OV) Albany,NY Committed:Harvard
77.Ernie Powell (10C,77OV) Columbus,OH Committed:Texas
78.Duane Jones (20SG,78OV) Miami,FL Committed:FGCU
79.Carter Brown (18PG,79OV) New York,NY Committed:Georgia Baptist
80.Bernard Klein (23SF,80OV) Savannah,GA Committed:Georgia
81.Xion Christian (19PG,81OV) Jefferson City,MO Committed:Missouri
82.Rasheed Christmas (11C,82OV) Syracuse,NY Committed:Syracuse
83.Clark Haven (24SF,83OV) Richmond,VA Committed:NC State
84.Keith Hatfield (20PG,84OV) Little Rock,AR Committed:Arkansas
85.Mor Johnson (21PG,85OV) Orlando,FL Committed:Florida State
86.Jaylon Westbrook (25SF,86OV) Augusta,ME Committed:Black Mountain
87.Klein King (10PF,87OV) New York,NY Committed:UNC
88.Malik Kiser (26SF,88OV) Louisville,KY Committed:Kentucky
89.Chevin Qualls (21SG,89OV) Dallas,TX Committed:UALR
90.Bam Davis (12C,90OV) St. Simon’s Island Committed:Georgia Baptist
91.Cam Beck (22PG,91OV) Memphis,TN Committed:Arkansas
92.Antonio Walton (27SF,92OV) Happy Valley,PA Committed:Dayton
93.Johnny Williamson (11PF,93OV) College Station,TX Committed:Dallas
94.Quincy Porter (22SG,94OV) Hartford,CT Committed:Virginia State
95.Kevin Manning (28SF,95OV) New Orleans,LA Committed:Ole Miss
96.Christian McGee (23PG,96OV) Washington,DC Committed:Virginia State
97.Walt Benett (12PF,97OV) Las Vegas,NV Committed:Oreg-Cal
98.Wilson Andrews (29SF,98OV) Denver,CO Committed:Denver
99.Wesley Thompson (23SG,99OV) Cleveland,OH Committed:SLM
100.Tucker Thompson (24SG,100OV) Austin,TX Committed:Texas

High School Throwball Recruiting

Throwball News releases Top 21-30 recruits in 2018

21.Anthony Thompson (5SG,21OV) Oakland,CA Star Rating:4
Oregon State
22.Mitchell Westcock (8SF,22OV) Columbia,SC Star Rating:4
North Carolina
C=NC State
Jones College
23.Sean James (6PG,23OV) Canton,OH Star Rating:4
24.Ned Thomas (3C,24OV) Jonesboro,AR Star Rating:4
C=Arkansas State
25.Gus Jaeavo (7PG,25OV) Spain Star Rating:4
26.Allen Williamson (3PF,26OV) Columbia,MO Star Rating:4
Georgia Baptist
27.Antonio Pointer (9SF,27OV) Macon,GA Star Rating:4
Ole Miss
Georgia Baptist
Jones College
28.Kenny Allen (6SG,28OV) New York,NY Star Rating:4
Southern New York
29.Sedrick Wilson (10SF,28OV) Ft.Myer’s,FL Star Rating:4
Ft. Lauderdale
Georgia Baptist
30.Reynoldson Parker (4PF,30OV) Little Rock,AR Star Rating:4
Huff College

College Throwball

Projected SEC Conference Standings and Pre-Season Outlook

(These are not accurate records from the Pre-Season Top 25s)
SEC West
1.Arkansas 30-0 (20-0) SEC Fayetteville,AR
Starting Lineup: G:Will Schuhmacher (1PG,1OV) G:Charlie Radtke (2PG,5OV) G:J.A. Williams F:Kelvin Robinson C:Anthony Agnes (2C,6OV) Goalie:Hayes Harris
2.(11) Ole Miss 27-3 (18-2) SEC Oxford,MS
Starting Lineup: G:Anthony Oliver G:Fred Manning F:Antonio Mulligan F:Les Wilkins C:Andrew Williamson Goalie:Justin Terry
2.(21) Auburn 27-3 (18-2) Auburn,AL
Starting Lineup: G:Cam Jones G:Thomp Walker F:Houston Nix F:Nick Bull C:Tristan Thomas Goalie:Victor Quessenberry
3. Alabama 21-9 (15-5) SEC Tuscaloosa,AL
Starting Lineup: G:Mitch McCaron G:Andrew McCaffrey G:Evan Brown F:Jacob Jones C:Chrishaun McGeHee Goalie:Alonzo Zaire
4. Miss State 19-11 (13-7) SEC Starkville,MS
G:Theo Chalmers G:Mason Cook F:Jonathan Eubanks F:Tevin Althoff C:Greg Anderson Goalie:Freddy Mantel
5. LSU 18-12 (11-9) SEC Baton Rouge,LA
Starting Lineup: G:James Schuhmacher G:Will Patton F:Deon Cole F:Benny Thoco C:Greg Hughes Goalie:Kenny West
6. Texas A&M 7-23 (5-15) SEC College Station,TX
Starting Lineup: G:Freddy Irving G:Wilson Matthews F:Damion Reed F:Julian Pointer C:Anthony Morris Goalie:Alex Wesley
1.(8) Missouri 27-3 (18-2)
Starting Lineup: G:KaKa Hield G:Don Powell G:Gresham Hicks F:Mason Quincy C:Jack Freeman Goalie:Donald Crawford
1. (19) Georgia 27-3 (18-2) SEC Columbia,MO
Starting Lineup: G:Mark Feland G:Christian Thomas (4PG,18OV) G:Justice Thomas (9SG,42OV) F:Freddy Watson (10SF,44OV) C:Hughes Wright Goalie:Tyrus Walker
2. (16) Florida 26-4 (16-4)
Starting Lineup: G:Trick Gresham G:Dallas Houston F:Ricardo Frederick F:Greg Frederick C:Victor Zeller Goalie:T.J. Stoudemire
3. Kentucky 17-13 (12-8)
Starting Lineup: G:Justin Luke G:Shepard James F:Chris Hill F:Kathlon Robinson C:Brett Allen Goalie:Benny Allen
4. South Car. 11-19 (5-15) SEC Columbia,SC
Starting Lineup: G:Kenny Matthews G:Erlon Johnson F:Andrew Westbrook F:Joe Justice C:K.A. Roberts Goalie:Adrian Matthews
5. Vanderbilt 7-23 (4-16)
Starting Lineup: G:Len Eerie G:Zac Hugg F:Luke Eerie F:Ollie Weston C:Thomas Covington Goalie:V.J. Stansberry
5. Tennesee 7-23 (4-16)
Starting Lineup: G:Draymond Alexander G:Iverson Williams F:Reed Nedovic F:Clark Anthony C:Jack Mills Goalie:Cee-Cee Thomas

High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting

Breaking:After making his first committment to Dallas last night,2018 #1 recruit Carter Cook will make his new comittment later tonight

After making his committment to Dallas lat night,#1 recruit Carter Cook had decided he will de-committ from Dallas.He announced Dallas last night,but many people were unsure becuase they thought his top 3 were schools like Arkansas,Naples,and Florida.He’s considering Arkansas,Naples,Florida,Dallas,and UT-Arlington.

High School Throwball Recruiting

Many recruits set to make committments tonight (List of recruits making first committs tonight)

3.Jaylen Moore (1PG,3OV) Gainseville,FL
9.Austin Andrews (2SG,9OV) Boston,MA
North Carolina
Virginia State
Black Mountain
11.Josh Williams (3PG,11OV) West University,TX
14.Freddy Jones (4SF,14OV) Atlanta,GA
Georgia Baptist
19.Trayvion Jackson (4SG,19OV) Ft.Myer’s,FL
Florida State