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First National High School Team Rankings:1-9

1.Episcopal (LR) Wildcats Record So Far:8-0 (1-0) In State
Episcopal is constantly brings in more top talent each year.Their top players for this year’s Varsity team are Khalen Robinson (1SG,3OV) for 2019,Cam “Goose” Gooseberry (1C,4OV) for 2019,Quinn Wells (8SF,21OV) for 2018,Gus Jaeavo (7PG,26OV),and Treylon Payne (3SF,12OV) for 2019.ECS looks like they will make a run for a National Championship,once again.
2.Spring Lake Trojans Record So Far:8-0 (0-0) In State
Led by the top player regardless of class Josh Goodwin (1PF,1OV) for the class of 2019,and his brother,and 5-star Small Forward Jack Goodwin (6SF,18OV),this is team is a force to be reckoned with.Josh averages 28.2 GPG,13.8 RPG,and 7.1 APG.Jack averages 26 GPG,10 RPG,and 10 APG.With Josh at 6’11,and Jack at 6’11,it’ll be tough to beat the projected Michigan state High School Throwball Champions.
3.Bentonville Christian Tigers Record So Far:7-0 (1-0) In State
Bentonville has two highly rated recruits,led by Mahlon Monk (1PG,2OV) for 2019,who has already signed with Arkansas,and 4-star Center Deatrich Miller (8C,59OV) for 2018,who’s committed to Arkansas.Bentonville Christian is ready to be the best of the best in the nation.
4.Highland Park (DAL) Scots Record So Far:5-3 (0-0) In State
With the former top player in the class of 2018,Carter Cook now the (1SF,3OV) injured,and out until late September,the Scots fell a couple of times,but are back on the right track with a few wins over teams with ranked players.Reed Michael (3SF,6OV) for 2018,Andre Helmbrecht (1SF,6OV) for 2019,Andy West (6C,51OV) for 2018,Devin Mills (14PG,62OV) for 2018,and Chevin Qualls (21SG,90OV) for 2018.If Highland Park keeps winning without Cook,then we could see Highland Park as the 2018 National Champions.
5.Gainseville Prep Rockets Record So Far:7-1 (1-0) In State
With the top player in 2018 Jaylen Moore (1PG,1OV),and unranked sharpshooting Small Forward Kevin Singler,this team looks primed for a run for a National Championship.With a very athletic Jaylen Moore at the point it’s going to be hard to beat the reigning Florida state Champs.
6.Ft. Myer’s Day Hawks Record So Far:8-0 (2-0) In State
With 2018 five stars Trayvion Jackson (3SG,17OV),and Sedrick Wilson (7SF,20OV),it’s going to be tough for any Florida team to beat these guys.With the expierence they have,that’s why we put them at number six instead of lower.Trayvion Jackson averages around 22.6 GPG,and Sedrick Wilson around 22.0 GPG.
7.Chino Hills Huskies Record So Far:8-0 (2-0) In State
Led by 2018 Five Star Small Forward Dee-Dee Richardson (2SF,4OV),2020 Five Star Point Guard Devin Powell (2PG,4OV),and Two Star Sharpshooting Shooting Guard Miller Ball (27SG,111OV),this team is very good.Dee-Dee is averaging around 26 or 27 GPG.Devin Powell,right beside Richardson,usually puts up around 24.6 GPG.Ball is the sharp shooter,and scores around three to four three-pointers a game.Chino Hills is going to be tough to beat,but with their arch rival right behind them,we will see.
8.LA Prep Lions Record So Far:7-1 (1-1) In State
The LA Prep Lions are led by 2018 five star Point Guard Manny Toliver (4PG,13OV),2021 Top Power Forward Katon Reeed (1PF,7OV)transferring to LA Prep from Louisville,Kentucky,2018 Three Star Point Guard Donavan Moore (13PG,50OV),and 2018 Three Star Shooting Guard Cole Givens.This team is usually atop the California rankings,but arch rival Chino Hills is right in front of them in the rankings.Prep lost their first conference game against Chino Hills by one,but still have two oppurtunities to beat them.
9.CAC Mustangs Record So Far:6-2 (0-2) In State
CAC being the third team off of the board in the state of Arkansas,already with losses to the top two teams in the state:Episcopal,and Bentonville Christian,but it may not be so bad.The top player in the state for the 2018 class C.J. Williams (2PG,8OV) transferred over from Episcopal,and pairing him with 2018 Four Star Power Forward Reynoldson Parker (4PF,31OV),who’s already averaging around 18 GPG,and 9 RPG,which will help CAC if they want to make a deep run in the Nationals.

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