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BMOW 2:Lin puts up 51 as Palo Alto destroys West University High 76-54,New 2019,and 2020 Rankings

Jake Lin has been putting up insane numbers this past month earing the number ten overall ranking in the class of 2020.Lin has put up 26.2 GPG,and 13.8 APG over the past month.He scored fifty-one in the dominating win over West University today.Lin added twenty-one assists with eleven rebounds.On the losing side Josh Williams (3PG,11OV) 2018 Arkansas commit put up twenty-seven in the losing effort,and Jonathan Lewis (4PG,9OV) 2018 was shut down by Lin only scoring twelve goals.Lin,after the game,announced that he would be reclassifying to 2019,and narrowed his list of schools down to Harvard,Syracuse,UCLA,Maryland,UNC,Northern Cal,Denver,Oregon-Cal,Oregon,SLM,Dayton, Oregon State,and Colorado.

New 2020 Top 10
1.Victor Chalmers (1PG,1OV) Ft.Lauderdale,FL Undecided
2.Gordon Tucker (1SF,2OV) Jonesboro,AR Undecided
3.Xion Thompson (2SF,3OV) San Antonio,TX Committed:Texas
4.Devin Powell (2PG,4OV) Portland,OR Committed:USC
5.James Justice (1C,5OV) Miami,FL Undecided
6.Grant Messersmith (1SG,6OV) Winston-Salem,NC Undecided
7.Andre Wilcox (3PG,7OV) Birmingham,AL Committed:Alabama
8.Austin Patton (3SF,8OV) Kansas City,KS Undecided
9.Jonathan Lewis (4PG,9OV) West Uiv.,TX Committed:Arkansas
10.Dee Embiid (2C,10OV) Topeka,KS Committed:Missouri

New 2019 Top 10
1.Josh Goodwin (1PF,1OV) Spring Lake,MI Committed:Duke
2.Mahlon Monk (1PG,2OV) Bentonville,AR Signed:Arkansas
3.Khalen Robinson (1SG,3OV) Little Rock,AR Signed:Arkansas
4.Cam Gooseberry (1C,4OV) Little Rock,AR Signed:Arkansas
5.Fred Barry (2SG,5OV) Syracuse,NY Committed:Florida
6.Andre Helmbrecht (1SF,6OV) Dallas,TX Schools in contention:Arkansas,UALR,Dallas,UTA,UNC,Virginia,Texas A&M
7.Jake Lin (2PG,7OV) Palo Alto,CA Schools in Consideration:Harvard,Syracuse,UCLA,Maryland,Northern Cal,Denver,Denver,Oregon-Cal,Oregon,SLM,Dayton,Oregon State,Colorado
8.William Brown (3SG,8OV) Tallahassee,FL Committed:Florida State
9.Reed Wilson (2SF,9OV) Austin,TX Schools in Contention:Arkansas,Texas,Baylor,UALR,HCU
10.Mac James (2C,9OV) Kirksville,MO Signed:Missouri
11.Burke Phillion (3PG,10OV) Phoenxi,AZ Committed:Arkansas
12.Greg Taylor (1PF,12OV) Committed:UNC

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