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How Jake Lin made Khalen Robison Mr.Arkansas 2019,instead of Mahlon Monk

Rules for Mr.Arkansas 2019
If both plaers won their games,there would be a vote between unbuyest media.

Once the player won this,they would move above the fellow player if they were below the other player in the rankings.

If one player won,and the other lost,the winner would be declared Mr.Arkansas 2019.

Now that you know the rules,Khalen Robinson led 1.Episcopal to a dominating win over Hall High School 82-55,scoring fifty-five goals.Mahlon Monk’s team,3.Bentonville Christian, had a twelve goal lead with 2:34 left in the game,but Jake Lin (2PG,7OV) Mr.California 2019, scored 13 in the final 2:30,with a buzzer-beating three pointer to end the game.

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