College Throwball

College Throwball:Award Winners

Carter Trophy (Player of the Year)
Winner:Kelvin Robinson,SF,Arkansas
Second:M.J. Paige,PG,UNC
Third:A.J. Williams,C,Duke
PG of the Year
Winner:M.J. Paige,PG,UNC
Second:Emmanuel Randle,PG,Virginia State
Third:Cam Jones,PG,Auburn
SG of the Year
Winner:Kadeem Payne,SG,Michigan
Second:Thomas Cook,SG,UT-Arlington
Third:Christian Jones,SG,Georgia Baptist
SF of the Year
Winner:Kelvin Robinson,SF,Arkansas
Second:Jonathan Eubanks,SF,Mississippi State
Third:James Norfolk,SF,Virginia State
PF of the Year
Winner:DeMarcus Paige,PF,Florida State
Second:Zion Clement,PF,Oklahoma State
Third:R.J. Perry,PF,Dayton
C of the Year
Winner:A.J. Williams,C,Duke
Second:Armistead Williams,C,UNC
Third:Tristan Thomas,C,Auburn
Defensive Player of the Year
Winner:Tristan Baldwin,SF,FGCU
Second:A.J. Williams,C,Duke
Third:Wallace Jones,PG,FGCU
Freshman of the Year
Winner:Christian Thomas,PG,Georgia
Second:R.J. Perry,PF,Dayton
Third:Ben Morgan,PG,Texas
Sophomore of the Year
Winner:Kelvin Robinson,SF,Arkansas
Second:A.J. Williams,C,Duke
Third:Christian Jones,SG,Georgia Baptist
Junior of the Year
Winner:Thomas Cook,SG,UT-Arlington
Second:DeMarcus Paige,PF,Florida State
Third:N.C. Huff,PG,Huff College
Senior of the Year
Winner:M.J. Paige,PG,UNC
Second:Emmanuel Randle,PG,Virginia State
Third:Kadeem Payne,SG,Michigan
Seventh Man of the Year
Winner:Manny Wilkins,SG,Arkansas
Second:Will Green,PG,Naples
Third:Don Powell,PG,Missouri
Most Improved Player
Winner:Mark Feland,PG,Georgia
Second:Andrew Helmbrecht,SG,Virginia
Third:Elliot Holena,PG,Denver

All American First Team
G:M.J. Paige,PG,UNC
G:Kadeem Payne,SG,Michigan
F:Kelvin Robinson,SF,Arkansas
F:DeMarucus Paige,PF,Florida State
C:A.J. Williams,C,Duke

All American Second Team
G:Emmanuel Randle,PG,Virginia State
G:Thomas Cook,SG,UT-Arlington
F:Jonathan Eubanks,SF,Mississippi State
F:Zion Clement,PF,Oklahoma State
C:Armistead Williams,C,UNC

All American Third Team
G:Cam Jones,PG,Auburn
G:Christian Jones,SG,Georgia Baptist
F:James Norfolk,SF,Virginia State
F:R.J. Perry,PF,Dayton
C:Tristan Thomas,C,Auburn

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