NTBL Primer:Standings (NTBL Playoffs start this weekend),Awards,Mock Draft,Draft Order

*=Playoff Team
Eastern Conference Standings by Division
1.Little Rock Bucks 32-0*
2.Birmingham Dragons 31-1*
3.Dallas Blues 30-2*
4.New Orleans Tigers 19-13

1.Tampa Bay Hurricane 29-3 (Head to Head wins over Charlotte)*
2.Charlotte Avalanche 29-3*
3.DC Hawks 28-4
4.Richmond Eagles 10-22

1.Chicago Bruins 30-2*
2.Cleveland Warriors 27-5 (Head to Head wins over Detroit)
3.Detroit Avalanche 27-5
4.Kansas City Panthers 20-12

1.Boston Wolves 30-2 (Head to Head wins over New York)*
2.New York Wildcats 30-2*
3.Pittsburgh Grizzlies 25-7
4.Augusta Pumas 18-14

Playoff Seeds
1.Little Rock Bucks 32-0
2.Birmingham Dragons 31-1
3.Boston Wolves 30-2 (Head to Head wins over New York, Chicago and Dallas)
4.Dallas Blues 30-2 (Head to Head win over New York, and Chicago)
5.Chicago Bruins 30-2 (Head to Head win over New York)
6.New York Wildcats 30-2
7.Tampa Bay Hurricane 29-3 (Head to Head wins over Charlotte)
8.Charlotte Avalanche 29-3
Outside Looking In
9.DC Hawks 28-4
10.Cleveland Warriors 27-5 (Head to Head wins over Detroit)
11.Detroit Avalanche 27-5
12.Pittsburgh Grizzlies 25-7
13.Kansas City Panthers 20-12
14.New Orleans Tigers 19-13
15.Augusta Pumas 18-14
16.Richmond Eagles 10-22

Playoff Match Ups (Seven Game Series)
1.Little Rock Bucks 32-0
8.Charlotte Avalanche 29-3

4.Dallas Blues 30-2
5.Chicago Bruins 30-2

3.Boston Wolves 30-2
6.New York Wildcats 30-2

2.Birmingham Dragons 31-1
7.Charlotte Avalanche 29-3

MVP:C.J. Williams,PG,Little Rock
Rookie of the Year:Jonathan Williams,PG,DC
Most Improved Player:Benton Cook,SF,Charlotte
Defensive Player of the Year:Zion Johnson,PF,Boston
Head Coach of the Year:Warren Hughes,Head Coach,DC Hawks

Western Conference Standings by Division
1.San Antonio Sharks 32-0*
2.Oklahoma City Pumas 29-3*
2.Santa Fe Indians 24-8 (Head to Head win over Phoenix)
4.Phoenix Storm 24-8

1.LA Pacific 31-1*
2.LA Suns 28-4*
3.Sacramento Hornets 27-5
4.San Diego Rockets 22-10

1.Tulsa Thunder 30-2*
2.Minneapolis Wild Dogs 28-4*
3.Jefferson City Sabertooths 20-12 (Head to Head win over Des Moines)
4.Des Moines Trojans 20-12

1.Seattle Bears 30-2*
2.Portland Foxes 24-8 (Head to Head Win over Boise,Eugene)
3.Boise Stallions 24-8 (Head to Head win over Eugene)
4.Eugene Coyotes 24-8

Playoff Seeds
1.San Antonio Sharks 32-0
2.LA Pacific 31-1
3.Tulsa Thunder 30-2 (Head to Head win over Seattle)
4.Seattle Bears 30-2
5.Oklahoma City Pumas 29-3
6.LA Suns 28-4 (Head to Head win over Minnesota)
7.Minnesota Wild Dogs 28-4
8.Sacramento Hornets 27-5
Outside Looking In
9.Portland Foxes 24-8 (Head to Head Win over Boise,Eugene,Santa Fe,and Phoenix)
10.Boise Stallions 24-8 (Head to Head win over Eugene,Santa Fe,and Phoenix)
11.Eugene Coyotes 24-8 (Head to Head win over Santa Fe,and Phoenix)
12.Santa Fe Indians 24-8 (Head to Head win over Phoenix)
13.Phoenix Storm 24-8
14.San Diego Rockets 22-10
15.Jefferson City Sabertooths 20-12 (Head to Head win over Des Moines)
16.Des Moines Trojans 20-12

Playoff Match Ups
1.San Antonio Sharks 32-0
8.Sacramento Hornets 27-5

4.Seattle Bears 30-2
5.Oklahoma City Pumas 29-3

3.Tulsa Thunder 30-2
6.LA Suns 28-4

2.LA Pacific 31-1
7.Minnesota Wild Dogs 28-4

MVP:I.J. Johnson,PF,San Antonio
Rookie of the Year:Co:Josh Huff,SF,Eugene,B.J. Johnson,PF,Boise
Most Improved Player:K.J. Meeks,SG,Santa Fe
Defensive Player of the Year:Grant Millard,PG,Jefferson City
Head Coach of the Year:Lonnie Morgane,Head Coach,San Antonio Sharks

Draft Order and Mock Draft 1.0
With decision time to enter the NTBL Draft for underclassmen looming,I decided to use every underclassmen that had already declared and when the rest of the underclassmen declare we will make another mock draft.

1.Richmond Eagles-Kelvin Robinson-SF-Sophomore-Arkansas
As we said when we projected the top ten players taken in this years’ NTBL Draft,he is one of the best prospects ever.He’s shown that even though he hasn’t averaged very many goals during the NCAA Tournament,he’s averaged fourteen assists and fourteen rebounds.Robinson is a versatile player,and unless fellow Sophomore, and Duke Center A.J. Williams declares for the draft,he will be the unanimous number one pick in April.

2.Augusta Pumas-J.A. Williams-SG,PG-Sophomore-Arkansas
Robinson’s teammate is-yes-expected to go number two in the draft.Williams may only average twenty goals per game but the sheer talent he has is going to be hard for any team to pass up.He has,also,been a great leader to all of the Freshman this year on the Hill.

3.New Orleans Tigers-M.J. Paige-PG-Senior-North Carolina
Paige led UNC to another number one seed,and they have not lost all NCAA Tournament let alone the whole season.Paige is a great leader,who puts up almost thirty-five goals per game as well as thirteen assists, and six steals.

4.Des Moines Trojans-Kadeem Payne-SG-Senior (JUCO)-Michigan
The only reason Payne fell from number three to number four was the way that M.J. Paige has led North Carolina to another number one-seed.Payne,at about 6’8,can play both wing spots,and can shoot very well from distance,and lock up the opposing team’s best player.

5.Kansas City Panthers-Emmanuel Randle-PG-Senior-Virginia State
Its hard to pass up a 6’7 Guard,which is why Randle could go even higher.Randle has almost identical stats to M.J. Paige.He has a great defensive ability to guard the opposition’s ball handler and do it well.

6.Jefferson City Sabertooths-Cam Jones-PG-Senior-Auburn
Cam Jones is putting up awesome numbers yet again this season and has led Auburn to another chance to win a championship.Jones puts up at least thirty goals a night and his passing and ability to play great defense stands out.

7.San Diego Rockets-James Norfolk-SF-Senior-Virginia State
Norfolk has starred,along with Emmanuel Randle and has brought talent on both sides of the ball.He is tall and has the speed to guard point guards and shooting guards at the next level.

8.Phoenix Storm-Sullivan Ulysses-SF-Senior-John’s Hopkins
Sullivan Ulysses has shot up the draft boards in large part due to his amazing NCAA Tournament so far.For the season he put up thirty-one goals per game,fourteen rebounds, and twelve assists.Ulysses should have been this high earlier,but he has been an underrated player all of his career.

9.Santa Fe Indians-DeMarcus Paige-PF-Junior-Florida State
Paige declared for the draft after his team’s loss to John’s Hopkins in the NCAA Tournament, and fell one spot due to SUllivan Ulysses.DeMarcus Paige has shown that he is the best power forward in the country.He averages over thirty-four goals,twelve rebounds, and six blocks.Paige fits great with any NTBL team because he can play center or power forward.

10.Eugene Coyotes-Jevon Carter-PG-Senior-Virginia Tech
Jevon Carter is a talented guard who will be a great player at the next level despite his 6’3 height.He is a perfect fit besides last years’ number one pick Josh Huff.Despite missing the NCAA Tournament for the first time in his career,Jalen Carter has starred for Virginia Tech.Carter has a great offensive and defensive game that will,hopefully,translate to the pros.

Rest of Draft Order
11.Boise Stallions
12.Portland Foxes
13.Pittsburgh Grizzlies
14.Sacramento Hornets
15.Detroit Avalanche
16.Cleveland Warriors
17.Minnesota Wild Dogs
18.DC Hawks
19.LA Suns
20.Charlotte Avalanche

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