College Throwball

Everything you need to know about Friday’s one seed region, Game Two, Sweet 16 Games

1.Arkansas 32-0 (21-0) SEC 1
4.Northwestern 29-3 (18-2) Big 10


Key Player:Kelvin Robinson is the best player in college throwball and is number one on most draft boards.While the Little Rock native has not scored a lot (35.6 GPG was his regular season average) he has still put up 20.2 GPG and averaged a triple double with over fourteen rebounds and over fourteen assists.

Key Stat:40%.Both Arkansas and Northwestern held thier opponents in the Round of sixty-four and round of thirty-two games to under forty percent from the field.Arkansas only shot forty-three percent in their game one win over the Wildcats.

1.Little Rock 32-0 (19-0) Sun Belt 1
5.Auburn 25-6 (16-5) SEC

Location:Little Rock,AR

Key Player:Cam Jones.While Sophomore Point Guard Allie Freeman has led UALR to a one-seed,Cam Jones,another spectacular Point Guard,is supposed to go in the top ten in this years’ NTBL Draft as a Senior.Jones averages thirty-three goals per game and twelve assists per game.

Key Stat:22.Little Rock averages twenty-two turnovers per game.They great defense has led to dominating victorys during the whole season.

1.North Carolina 32-0 (21-0) ACC 1
4.Naples 25-6 (15-3) Arkansas Valley

Location:Chapel Hill,NC

Key Player:M.J. Paige.THe Senior Guard could go as high as number one in the draft while averaging thirty-four goals per game, and adding thirteen more assists per game.

Key Stat:7.Seven of Naples’ players average double-figures in scoring.This leads to dominat wins because players are scoring so much.

4.Huff College 26-5 (15-3) Arkansas Valley 1
9.LSU 21-12 (11-9) SEC


Key Player:N.C. Huff.Huff,as a Junior Point Guard can change a game just like that.He’s a scoring machine and is a very underrated defender.Huff could declare as soon as the end of the season if he will be entering the 2018 NTBL Draft,or waiting another year,after he completes his senior year.

Key Stat:104.LSU averages one-hundred four goals per game.The only reason this team wasn’t a top twenty-five team was that they are not the greatest defensive team.One hundred four goals usually overwhelmes teams to the point where they will get tired of keeping up with the tigers.

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