High School Throwball Recruiting

New 2019 Rankings

1.Khalen Robinson (1SG,1OV) Little Rock,AR Episcopal Collegiate School
2.Josh Goodwin (1PF,2OV) Hometown:Spring Lake,MI Palo Alto High School Committed:Duke
3.Mahlon Monk (1PG,3OV) Bentonville Christian High School Bentonville,AR Signed:Arkansas
4.Cam Gooseberry (1C,4OV) Little Rock,AR Episcopal Collegiate School Signed:Arkansas
5.Fred Barry (2SG,5OV) Syracuse,NY Southern New York High School Committed:Florida
6.Jake Lin (2PG,6OV) Palo Alto,CA Palo Alto High School Committed:Atlanta
7.Andre Helmbrecht (1SF,7OV) Dallas,TX Highland Park High School Schools in contention:Arkansas,UALR,Dallas,UTA,UNC,Virginia,Texas A&M
8.Joe Henson (2C,8OV) Ft.Myer’s,FL Ft. Myer’s Day School Committed:Ft. Lauderdale
9.Reed Wilson (2SF,9OV) Austin,TX Austin Catholic High School Schools in Contention:Arkansas,Texas,Baylor,UALR,HCU
10.Burke Phillion (3PG,10OV) Phoenix,AZ Phoenix Catholic High School Committed:Arkansas
11.Jamison Thomas (2PF,11OV) Naples,FL Naples High School Signed:Texas
12.Mac James (2C,12OV) Kirksville,MO Kirksville High School Signed:Missouri
14.Treylon Payne (3SF,14OV) Little Rock,AR Episcopal Collegiate School Committed:Arkansas State
15.T.J. Norman (3SG,15OV) Las Vegas,NV Bishop Gorman High School Schools in Contention:USC,UALR,FGCU,Florida
16.William Brown (4SG,16OV) Tallahassee,FL Tallahassee High School Committed:Florida State
17.Bud Williamson (3PF,16OV) Chino Hills,CA Chino Hills High School Committed:USC
18.Anthony Johnson (3C,18OV) Naples,FL Naples High SchoolSchools in Contention:Naples,Florida,Huff College,Alabama,Arkansas
19.Greg Taylor (4PF,19OV) Sacramento,CA Sacramento High School Committed:UNC
20.Milton McGee (4C,20OV) Los Angeles,CA LA Prep High School Committed:FGCU
21.Antonio Barton (5SG,21OV) Hometown:Columbus,OH LA Prep High School Committed:Michigan State
22.Chris Williamson (5C,22OV) Chino Hills,CA Chino Hills High School Committed:USC
23.Victor Martinez (4PG,22OV) Santa Fe,NM Fe Episcopal School Schools in Contention:Missouri,USC,Florida,LSU,Auburn,Alabama
23.Carter Clemens (4SF,23OV) Happy Valley,PA Happy Valley High School Committed:Penn State
24.Kam Johnson (5PG,24OV) Little Rock,AR Episcopal Collegiate School Committed:LSU
25.Sean Quills (6PG,25OV) Austin,TX Austin Catholic High School Schools in Contention:Texas,Arkansas,UALR,LSU,Naples,FGCU
26.Kalen Garland (5SF,26OV) Little Rock,AR Episcopal Collegiate School Committed:Dallas
27.Zion Wilson (7PG,27OV) Hometown:Lafayette,LA Naples High School Offers:LSU,Virginia State,Alabama,Auburn,Texas,Naples
28.James Johnson (6SF,28OV) Mouth of Wilson,VA Oak Hill Academy Committed:Michigan
29.Wilson Stockard (8PG,29OV) Sacramento,CA Sacramento High School Committed:Dayton
30.KK Pinson (6SG,30OV) High Point,NC High Point High School Committed:UNC
31.Louis Joiner (5PF,31OV) Gainesville,FL Gainesville High School Committed:LSU
32.Oliver Patrick (7SF,32OV) Atlanta,GA Atlanta Christian High School Offers:Atlanta,Naples,Texas,Georgia Baptist,Georgia,FGCU,AGCU,Alabama,Auburn,Missouri,Arkansas,USC,Dayton,SLM
33.Devin Mitchell (8SF,33OV) Muskegon,MI Muskegon High School Committed:Michigan State

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