High School Throwball

Offseason High School Majors (Top thirty-two teams),Minors (Any other teams but condensed to 16 teams) Schedule 2017-18

*High School Regular Season goes from September twelfth through Halloween*


New Year’s Tournament School Host:Episcopal Collegiate School Location:Little Rock,AR Winner:Episcopal Dates:December 29,2017 to January 2,2018

Spring Tournament Host:Atlanta Christian High School Location:Atlanta,GA Winner:Episcopal Dates:March 30,2018 to April 10,2018

Memorial Weekend Tournament Host:Southern New York High School Location:New York,NY Winner:Episcopal Dates:May 25,2018 to Early June

June Tournament Host:LA Prep High School Location:Los Angeles,CA Winner:TBD Dates:Middle of June through Late June

End of Summer Tournament Host:Spring Lake High School Location:Spring Lake,MI Winner:TBD Dates:Late July through Early August

Labor Day Tournament Host:Naples High School Location:Naples,FL Winner:TBD Dates:Labor Day Weekend through the next week

Sacramento Thanksgiving Tournament Host:Sacramento High School Location:Sacramento,CA Winner:Palo Alto Dates:November 20,2017 through November 29,2017

Charlotte Christmas Tournament Host:Charlotte Catholic High School Location:Charlotte,NC
Winner:High Point Dates:December 9,2017 through December 20,2017

Gainseville Valentine’s Tournament Host:Gainseville High School Location:Gainesville,FL Winner:Highland Park Dates:February 8,2018 through February 15,2018

St. Simon’s Island Spring Tournament Host:Athens Christian High School Location:St. Simon’s Island,GA Winner:Baton Rouge High School Dates:April 13,2018 through Late April

Bentonville May Tournament Host:Bentonville Christian High School Location:Bentonville,AR Winner:Bentonville Christian High School Dates:May 1,2018 through the middle of May

Eugene Beginning of Summer Tournament Host:Eugene Catholic High School Location:Eugene,OR Winner:Chino Hills High School Dates:June 3-Middle of June

New Orleans Summer Tournament Host:New Orleans High School Location:New Orleans,LA Winner:TBD Dates:June 26 through Early July

Chicago Tournament Host:Prep High School Location:Chicago,IL Dates:July 12 through Late July

Minor Tournament Rules
Region host and one top thirty-two team plays as the one seed in each region.

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